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Beyond the Ego Is the Entire Existence.
The Tale of The Waterfall Droplet and It's Certain Meeting with the Ocean.

Getting Out of The Dark Room of the Ego.

The ego is like a darkened room with the doors and windows shut. It is full of selfish desire and aversion. Like Gollum in The Lord of The Rings, when we are in the ego then we are cut off from life with a dark cave full of selfish desires and aversions whose actions and consequences bring only pain and suffering for ourselves and others. Our experience of life is severly restricted and diminished.

We will be proportionately cut off from the river of life depending upon the strength of our ego.

How the ego develops and to what degree is completely intertwined with our upbringing, inherited conditioning, and life experiences.

Loosening the grip of the ego is not easy, but it can be accomplished by a wide variety of techniques.

Helping to get people out of this "ego consciousness" and get back into the Ocean of Life is a large part of The Techniques of Energy Enhancement.

People who have loosened and in some cases completely dissolved their ego are compassionate, wise, loving, patient, tolerant, caring, and understanding. This is because they appreciate and understand what it is like to be stuck in the ego and the great difficulty in becoming aware of the condition and trying to get out of it.

It's a difficult and often painful journey, but it is the only way to find real and lasting happiness.



The Alpha and The Omega. Everybody starts off at the Alpha of the ego and then, with good guidance (inner or outer), eventually experiences the Omega of the enlightened person.

Dont fight with the Alpha, dont identify with the Alpha experiences, dont think I am this Alpha mind. You are not. You are not any of the mind experiences from Alpha to Omega, but to begin with dont identify with the Alpha and stagnate at this awful end of life experiences. The more we identify with the Alpha experiences then the longer we get stuck with them.

We think "I am horrible. I am not well. I am no good." but really it is just the passing Alpha state. When we realise this then we can let it go. Beyond the Alpha is the Omega. Beyond both is Eternity - everybody's Real Identity.

Realise that everybody is a lotus (enlightened being, the One I) but to begin with we are covered in the mud of ignorance (avidya) and alpha-ego misidentification.

A mahatma (great soul) realises the generic human process (from Alpha to Omega) and does not judge the muddy expressions. Ah. Its only the alpha-ego-mud. It will pass. Perhaps I can help to hasten its passage and help to nurture and unfold the Buddha nature in myself and others.

First start with yourself.

There is nothing worse than a hypocritical preacher/teacher. A Mahatma has complete faith in the process of life and the reality of enlightenment in all beings and thus is at peace with the world play.



The ego is simply a thought-form in the Universal Mind (the chittam) that simply says mine and thus takes everything personally. The ego is a purely subjective experience, thus is always afraid or arrogant, full of pride, full of separation and drama.

For the ego, life is one long nightmare of fear, confusion, drama, loneliness, and illness that ends in the horror and fear of death. The ego, by its very nature, is alienated from the common objective enlightened perception and experience of life.

The ego is the attached and personally subjective experience of the arising of the Alpha and Omega conditions of the human experience.

When negative (alpha) conditions arise then the ego says mine and thus gets attached and full of desire, aversion, struggle, suffering, pride, guilt, confusion and fear.

When positive (omega) conditions arise then the ego says mine, gets attached, and desire for more, lust, greed, possessiveness, shame, fear of loss and other negative conditions arise.

The ego is like an eddy of flotsam in the Eternal River of Life. The Ego forms a set of subjective desires, aversions, opinions, preferences, and habits that consciousness (the universal awareness) wrongly misidentifies with and believes to be a real and existing self. The ego is just bundle of flotsam that awareness misidentifies as me. This misidentification is just part of the universal Alpha ignorance (avidya).

This ego identification is wrongly assumed to be a real and existing self. This is the puzzle of egoism. This egoistic state creates all the unhappiness, pain of separation, and experience of being a totally separate being on an alien planet in a lonely and indifferent Universe. Its the number one delusion that all other delusions arise from - and it's just part of every single human beings life journey. The pain of separation is a well documented and completely acknowledged part of life. People have been developing techniques to overcome it since the dawn of human history. Now, the very best of these techniques have been synthesized into the one of the most powerful and Complete Life Management and Enlightenment Solutions the world has ever seen. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement.



This ego identification creates an inner war as the eddy of flotsam feels split off from the Eternal and Infinite Ocean of Life. Its ok. Its just a deluded state of mind. It can easily be remedied by simply dissolving the identification with the ego.

What happens then? Well, quite simply everything goes back to normal! Enlightenment is the ordinary state. The whole of existence is in the enlightened state but this little mis-identification with a bundle of flotsam creates all this pain and fear of separation. When we experience the avidya of the ego state then we are like the capital I that becomes a little i.

How does this happen? Well, we get spotted! Its the removal of that little painful spot which is the whole purpose of Sadhana. When the spot is removed then we are back as the capital I that which we always have been, always will be. It was only the mis-identification with a tightly bound bundle of flotsam that produced all the fear and darkness!

When we simply dissolve, remove, destroy the tightly bound and subjective ego then we remember that we are pure, eternal, unbound, infinite consciousness which is experiencing some conditions in the chittam the Total Universal Mind. life is experienced in an objective way.

Instead of me we experience The. Anytime we begin to take life personally (as the subjective me, the ego) then we simply change the me to The. Then all the fear and darkness leaves. Until fully enlightened, then the ego is always in a state of possible arising. Even the enlightened are always humble enough to realise when they sometimes "get spotted!" So we need to keep knocking the spot off it. Just being aware of the ego and how it works and make sure we don't make any egotistical claims about any aspect of life.

One technique is that of Karma Yoga which simply states that whatever we think or do, then remember that it comes from existence, we are simply the guardians and expressions of it, and offer all the merit of the achievement back to the Source. Bingo! No Ego Arising! Everybody happy.

It's the same awareness that we need to nurture when negative conditions arise. We have to learn not take life personally - from the Alpha to the Omega.



The ego is the Universal enemy of Enlightenment. It's good to learn how to be free from it. For freedom from the ego is liberation from all sorrow and suffering. It's only the ego that takes the alpha and omega conditions personally with that thought-form of attachment that simply thinks "mine."

First there is no mountain.
Then there is a mountain (the ego experience)
Then there is(the objective non-personal experience of life)


We become non-attached to the expression and conditions of the Universal Mind (the seven chakras) - THIS. We still love, honour, respect, and obey the expressions and functions of the seven chakras, but we are not afraid of their arising and changing. We do not claim them to be our Real and Unalloyed Self. We know we are THAT the Eternal Pure Universal Awareness, pure, blissful, all loving, infinite, consciousness, that exists beyond all the expressions of the Total Universal Mind (the seven chakras).

In the base chakra, there is the experience of birth, there is the experience of growth, there is the experience of maintenance, there is the experience of pleasure and pain, there is the experience of decay and death. But we KNOW that we are not this one expression of the mindstuff. Its just a condition arising and passing, an experience of the Universal Mind. And this objective, ego-free experience is the same for all the expressions of all the chakras.



Not any of this Arising and Passing of Experiences in the Universal Mindstuff (chakras 1,2,3,5,and 6)


I am THAT (chakras 4 and 7).
 Pure, unalloyed, blissful, eternal, infinite awareness that is beyond all names, forms, conditions and experiences in the Mindstuff (the Chittam)


The Cessation of the Changes in the Universal Mindstuff
Is Enlightenment
Realisation of The Eternal and Infinite Within Us All
This is Enlightenment


The ego is that which shadows eternity.

The alpha and the omega is inside of everybody. Its the very nature of the dualism of the Chittam. So we dont take it personally. Its just the Mindstuff from Alpha to Omega. The enlightened are not attached to any of it. Its the attachment that causes all the pain that becomes the tightly bound bundle of the separated ego.

Life is very beautiful. Life is very ugly. Those free from the ego and attachment accept it all as arising and passing conditions of the Universal Mindstuff, and they know that I am not THIS. I am THAT. The enlightened accept is all with devotion to the Mystery of it all. Existence is a complete Mystery, it is astonishing that it is happening at all. At this point we can be but mysterious creatures of devotion to the unknown source of it All.



Inside each human being is the Entirety of Existence (the seven chakras).

The Alpha is the raw, unrefined, painful, separated, selfish, ego expression of the Mindstuff.

The Omega is the Enlightened Mind of Love/Wisdom co-operating, ego-free, contributing to the well being and enlightenment of All.

Yet, the Enlightened remain unattached to it all. Following and obeying the Great Way (the Alpha to the Omega), unattached, always aware of the egos attachment ways, but unafraid as they have complete faith in the process of Life and are guided by the unchanging light within.



The whole purpose of Jiva (sense of being an individual soul) in Avidya (the Alpha-ego-mud state) is to produce the Nectar of the enlightened, ever wondering, ever delighting, devotee. This is the human process.

When we realise this then we simply throw away the husk of the ego and drink the Nectar of the Milk of Wonder, Enlightenment, and Devotion.

Dont hold onto the husk! The husk has done its job, its use is over. Throw it away and appreciate every breath of life.


Covered in Mud!

The Lotus of the No Me will certainly arise

The Objective experience of Tathagata

Is inevitable.

Money back guarantee.

24 hour delivery.


Let us honour with compassion, love and respect the great difficulty that the droplet (chakras 1 to 6) in the waterfall experiences concerning its certain and inevitable meeting with the Ocean of Blissful Formless Eternity - but let us not get too overly obsessed with it!



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