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Chapter 3.18

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

Energy Enhancement Meditation and The Squaring of the Circle.



The Squaring of the Circle is an ancient Masonic phrase whose meaning, hidden, is seen, once one understands a little about meditation. It means that which is always square, at 90 degrees, to the earth, again symbolised by a circle. Why has 90 degrees always been called "The Right Angle?".

Why does the word "angle" resemble the word "angel" ?

There is a energy in the centre of the Earth which is always travelling outwards in every direction from the centre of the Earth. This Energy Is Kundalini Energy.

When it comes out of the surface of the Earth it is always at "Right Angles" to the surface. It is a verbal representation of the Ankh symbol. Since most of the lore of the Masons was passed down from the symbolism of Egyptian times, is it strange that the symbol of the Ankh should be used?


Energy Enhancement and The Squaring of The Circle

"That which is always at right angles (the right angle) to the earth is
the human spine in meditation."


However, until we meditate regularly, our spines are very rarely exactly at right angles to the earth. We have not squared the circle.

No amount of intellectual knowledge will compensate for not learning how to meditate and regularly, every day, practicing meditation. Getting our bodies and nervous systems used to the high voltage electricity, which emanates from God. The energy which attunes us to our soul and our soul path. That task we are meant to perform in this lifetime. That which gives meaning to our life. That path with heart which evolves and mutates every day as we become stronger and more capable.

As our energy systems become more evolved and transparent to the higher and higher frequencies which flow through this multiverse.

Striving towards our evolution. Because it is possible to evolve, to get better, to learn to become better than that which we are. Away from the limited wolf children which we were born. To grow our acorns, which we were born, towards the oak trees, we are meant to become. Towards the rose trees, which the rose hips, can become.

From the seed towards the perfume of the flower, which spreads outwards to attract the people who can receive that fragrance. Those of you who have noses to smell let them breathe in the perfume of enlightened beings. Those of you who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Not to be satisfied with all your talents, your jobs, your houses and your cars. But to strive ceaselessly for a higher meaning. A higher frequency. A higher energy. A higher capacity to do and to be.

There is a Zen story about the student climbing up a 100-foot pole. And no element of these teaching tales should be missed. Please notice the similarity of the 100-foot pole to the Ankh or the Sword in the Stone. After many arduous efforts he eventually gets to the top and looks down at the Master sitting in Meditation below. He asks what next? The Master replies, "Take one step higher!"


Statue of a Buddha - "An Awakened One"


We can strive towards the ideal of the Bodhisattva, the enlightened being, unafraid of death, who remains behind on this planet to give the chance of enlightenment to the others who remain here. Those like the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and all the thousands of unknown enlightened beings who regularly pass though this caravanserai, this temporary encampment, which we call life.


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