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Chapter 3.19

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

A Partial Teaching of Meditation.

The Spine must be in Alignment.

Sitting with a straight spine.

Whenever I teach meditation, I always ask the people to get their spines exactly at right angles to the earth. I say, imagine that there is a stream of energy flowing out from the centre of the earth, at right angles to the surface of the earth reaching out towards the Centre of the Universe, the Universal Spirit or the One God who has 10,000 names.

Then, sitting straight, I say sway backwards and forward just two centimetres and feel when the energy flowing in your spine is in alignment with this energy at right angles to the earth. When your spine crosses this energy it is in alignment with this energy. Then you will feel something in your spine. A zap of electricity. Heat. A ping at the base of your spine. A flow of the energy from God.

And when you feel it, I say, stay there in this flow and you are already in meditation.

Then sway your spine from side to side and feel for the same energy. When you find it rest there again and feel the flow. Then your head. When your spine is in alignment with this energy. Then sway your head to get the neck and the back of the head into alignment with this energy. Just a centimetre. Pushing the back of the head up towards the sky. And then from side to side, just a centimetre Do you feel the flow?

Then you have squared the circle.

There is a story about the rain which always flows from heaven. It rains down upon the worthy and unworthy. Both. Some people are like pots. Some of them are broken and sick. Some of them are lying on their side. But only those pots who are upright, gather in the living waters from God.


"The quality of mercy is not strained.

It droppeth as the gentle dew from heaven.

Upon the Earth beneath.

It is twice blessed First by he who gives

And then by he who receives."


- William Shakespeare -



Meditation is a great blessing, if you too can learn how to receive.


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