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Chapter 3.20

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

Another Partial Teaching on Meditation.

Sitting and Grounding in Meditation: The meaning of the Sword in the Stone.

And why does every Master of meditation say to his students that they must sit in meditation in these stupid, uncomfortable poses called the lotus posture or the "Easy" pose.

Easy Lotus Meditation Posture.

They say that eventually you must be like them, in a state of meditation 24 hours a day, whilst washing the dishes and doing your normal daily life. So why do they say that you must practise getting into a state of meditation in this silly sitting position? Why not meditate in the bath? Why not meditate whilst lying in bed? Why do we have to put ourselves through this uncomfortable trial?

The answer lies in the Base Chakra whose symbol in Hindu literature includes the Kundalini serpent coiled, sleeping, three and a half times around a Shiva Lingam.

The Base Chakra.

The Shiva Lingam corresponds to the Spine. The Kundalini serpent corresponds to a higher level of energy, which is needed to clean the negative energy or pain from all the rest of the Chakras. If you are selfishly sleeping, it is only active in the lower three chakras. The fourth chakra, the heart is not yet active. The first Initiation of Alice Bailey has not yet been taken. It only becomes active when the base chakra becomes active by its being or its starting to be cleaned. And how do we start to clean it? By sitting!!

Sitting places the legs, knees and hips, all attached to the base Chakra, under a slight strain which causes all the negative energy to become activated. Thus, we start training in the Grounding of Negative Energies just by sitting!

Hindu Masters always sit and expect all their students and guests to sit with them, sometimes for hours whilst they wait for the Master or whilst the Master talks. They do not allow you to show your feet to the master. They say that bad energy comes out of the feet and it would be very bad manners to show your feet to them. Thus, through compassion, they insist on activating all your negative energy in the base chakra, only when it becomes active can it be Grounded.

The Sufis say that bringing an unformed man into the presence of the wise, is like throwing a dead dog into a pool of rose water.

We feel the waves of negative energy emanating from the sitting student. The amount of Grounding a Master must do for His students beggars belief. They sit and through them doing the job, the student gets the idea on the psychic plane and starts to do it for himself.

Energy Enhancement techniques start with sitting meditation but graduate on to more advanced guided visualisations of the Kundalini Kriyas and the five Elemental paths of the ki of Taoist Masters, including "The Earth Path". And those of Alchemy - The creation of the Philosophers Stone– from VITRIOL, "The right leading of the Released Kundalini Energy along the Path of the Soul!"

Zen Masters sometimes sit, for 15 hours a day with their students. Normal Seshein or Retreat or literally "A time when we try Harder" makes students sit in Zazen Literally "Sitting Meditation", for 6-8 hours per day for a week.

I could sit for sessions of 30 minutes when I first started to sit. After one week with Zen Master Hogen, I could sit for one hour. I could feel him cleaning my base chakra every time I sat for years after our first meeting.


"Can you feel my breeze blowing?

Even from 10,000 miles."

- Haiku by Zen Master Hogen -


Yes Master Hogen I can! And all thanks to you! For all your blessings upon me.

When I visited Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he was giving Darshan twice a day. Each time we had to sit cross-legged in the boiling Indian sun for hours whilst waiting for him. I used to meditate at this time but many westerners became annoyed and left. They did just not understand his compassion. His methodology.


Swami Sivananda; "You could be enlightened!"

Swami Sivananda said that if you could sit for 3 hours without moving, then it is possible you could be enlightened.

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