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Chapter 9.3

The Second Chakra.

The Story of Attachment.

If you become attached to any Energy lower than the very highest, then you will find the problem of the next story...

A story...

Once upon a time there were two boatmen. They knew how to row, but they did not own a boat. They had been drinking and decided to ‘borrow’ a boat and go to a neighbouring town on the River Ganges. At about midnight they came to the shore and saw a new boat there. The moment they saw the boat they were happy.



"We have a boat. Come on, get in."

They found the oars and started rowing. All night they were just singing a song as they rowed. Slowly, dawn came.

As you may know, people normally come to take a bath in the Ganges in the early morning. The boatmen saw a couple of people coming whose faces were familiar.

"That’s strange," they thought. "How did they get here so easily? We’ve been rowing half the night."

Soon there was a little more light, and they saw familiar buildings.

"Hey," they called to the bathers; "we are still in the same place. What happened?"

The bathers replied, "What did you expect? Whose boat is this?"

"We just wanted to go to the neighbouring town and come back soon. We have been rowing the whole night. Why are we still here?"

"You fools," they said. "You forgot to undo the knot of the rope attached to the shore. All the while you were tied to the shore."



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