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Chapter 9.4

The Second Chakra.

To Go Beyond.


In the Zen tradition we chant the Heart Sutra to increase our energies. The last sentence of the chant says "Gyate, gyate, paragyate, parasamgyate, bodhi svaha!"

The translation of this is "Gone, gone. Gone to the other shore. Landed on the other shore. Letís go!"Ö

Öor even "Gone, gone beyond. Gone beyond the beyond. Letís go!"

Without loosing the ropes of attachment, no matter how much practice we do we cannot attain complete freedom to ride the holographic wave of awareness, of integration.


There is a good method.

  • Get some paper and write down everything that you call "mine." My house, my money, my country, my race, my children, my wife, my parents, my body, my intellect, my this and that.

  • Know that every "mine", when it is threatened or taken away from you, will explode into the pain and negativity held in the second chakra.

If the above list was very long then know that you are very far from your goal. As you reduce the list you know you are coming closer to the "other shore."

Disappointment, The Pain of Bereavement, Divorce and Leaving, are at the top of this list.

Methods of reducing this list, of having the choice of connection and how to connect correctly are the subject of the Techniques of Energy Enhancement.





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