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Chapter 18.5

The Crown Chakra

Ickarus and Daedalus.

The Ancient Greek Myths again display a prescience about human evolution. This story talks of Daedalus who was an inventor, the designer of the Labyrinth wherein was kept the half man/half bull, Minotaur.

Daedalus had invented wings or birdís feathers held onto the body with wax. With them, he flew over his city. Ickarus, his son, saw this and was eager to join him in his flight so Daedalus made him some wings. Just before the flight, Daedalus warned him not to go too high, otherwise the wax on the wings could melt. And what do you think happened? Of course he went too high then fell to his death as the wax melted.

This story purports to be a story warning not to evolve, not to go too high up the Antakarana otherwise the sun will burn you, the wax could melt, the ego feathers could come apart. You could die. Well, the Sufis have a phrase, "Die before you Die!" By this, they mean that the selfish personality should be destroyed so that the Soul, the Causal Body can take over. You can become a soul infused personality. You can become Enlightened. The real meaning of this story is that the Sun, Sol, The Soul can burn away and melt the selfish self. This story is the methodology of Enlightenment taught in the techniques of Energy Enhancement Level 1.

This good news, should be tempered by this true story. Once we had a student who was eager to contact her soul. So on the full moon night- a night of high power and potential when the Buddha and the Christ send high energies down to the meditators of the Earth, she followed the techniques of Energy Enhancement to find her soul. She reported the light burning brighter than 10,000 suns. She reported that she felt frightened because as she went into this Sun, she felt that her personality was melting away. She did not continue and never dared to go back again.

Energy Enhancement Techniques are Ancient techniques, which work. We should know how they work and gently work at loosening the wax. "Make haste slowly" as Napoleon is reported to have said. It is not enough that we meditate, we also need to gently loosen the bonds of attachment. It is this, which we do in Energy Enhancement Level 2.


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