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Chapter 18.6

The Crown Chakra.

One Last Question.

I am reminded of a story which shows the difference between the intellectual mind and its apprehension of reality. We can be told of Enlightenment 1000’s of times yet still not understand its reality, its presence, its perfume, its savor.

Ramana Maharshi

Please don't die Ramana, "Where can I go?"



Once, there was a ninety year old Saint in Ceylon who was talking to a vast congregation of all his students and friends.

He said,

"Now I have good news for you! My work here is finished and today is the day I will travel on into endlessness, into emptiness, into Nirvana.

Today is the day I will attain my Mahasamadhi. Today is the day I will travel on into Enlightenment and I will never come back. You know, I have been talking to you for 60 years about Enlightenment. The good news is that today I can take one of you with me."

As he looked around the hall no one moved.

No one said anything until at last, one person put up his hand and said, "Well I really can not go with you today. There is the mother-in-law to look after, and I need to send my daughters to University. What I really want to do is ask you one last question!"



This book is for those who want Intellectual satisfaction. It is like reading a book about water but never slaking the thirst by taking a drink.

We are searching for those who really do want to move on the path of Enlightenment. Only real water will satisfy your thirst.

Energy Enhancement techniques are not intellectual but instead are ancient and proven practical means whereby we can drink real water.

Take what is in my hand.



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