Chapter 8: Be true to love, Question 1



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The first question:
Question 1

CERTAINLY! TO BE A BEE IS EVERYBODY'S POSSIBILITY. Everybody can grow into being a bee. An unpatterned, alive, spontaneous life, moment-to-moment life, is the gate to it, the key to it. If one can live not out of the past then one is a bee, and then there is honey all around.
I know it is difficult to explain this to a frog. The question is right: "What is honey anyway?" The frog has never known about it. And he lives just at the root of the plant where flowers bloom and bees collect honey, but he has not moved in that dimension.
By'frog' Saraha means a person who lives out of the past, encaged in the past, in the memories. When you live through the past, you only apparently live, you don't really live. When you live through the past you live like a mechanism, not like a man. When you live through the past, it is a repetition, it is a monotonous repetition -- you miss the delight, the joy of life and existence. That's what'honey' is: the joy of life, the sweetness of just being herenow, the sweetness of just being able to be. That joy is honey... and there are millions of flowers blooming all around. The whole existence is full of flowers.
If you know how to collect honey, if you know how to be joyful, you become an emperor. If you don't know, you remain a beggar.... These birds singing here -- honey is showering! The bee will collect; the frog will miss. This sky, this sun, these people around you -- everybody is carrying infinite sources of honey, everybody is flowing with sweetness and love. If you know how to collect it and how to taste it, it is all over the place. God is all over the place... The taste of God is what Saraha calls'honey'.
The bee has a few things and those have to be understood -- and they are very dangerous things. One: the bee is never attached to any flower. That is the most profound secret -- the bee is not attached to any flower. It has no nuclear family -- no wife, no husband. It simply moves wherever ANY flower invites it. It has freedom.
Man has become confined to the family. Tantra is very much against family -- and the insight is great. Tantra says it is because of family that love has been completely damaged, that the sweetness of life has completely been poisoned. People are clinging to each other. People are trying to possess each other -- not to enjoy but to possess. Possession has become the enjoyment. There has happened a great shift: you are with a woman not to enjoy her, you are NOT enjoying her; you are with a man not to enjoy the man, you are NOT enjoying at all -- but to possess. Politics has entered, ambition has entered, economics has entered... Love is not there.
Love knows no possession. I am not saying you cannot live with a woman for long -- you can live for lives together -- but there will be no family. By'family' I mean the legal possession; by'family' I mean the demand. The husband can demand from the wife; he can say, "You are obliged to give me love!" Nobody is obliged to give anybody love. The husband can force the wife to love him. When you can force somebody to love, love disappears -- then there is only pretension. Then the wife is fulfilling a duty. Then the husband is fulfilling a duty. Duty is not love! Love is honey: duty is white sugar. You will suffer from diabetes sooner or later. It is poison, it is pure poison -- white sugar. Yes, it tastes similar, a little bit like the honey, but it is not honey.
The family is very possessive. The family is against man, it is against society, it is against universal brotherhood. The boundary of the family is your imprisonment. You may not feel it because you have become accustomed to it.
Crossing the boundary of a country, have you not felt humiliated? Then you know that the country was not your country -- it was a great prison. Getting out and coming in you will know -- at the checking post, at the airport. You will know while passing through the customs that you are a prisoner; freedom was bogus, just holy cow dung. But living in a country, if you don't cross the boundary you will never know about it. You will think you are free. You are NOT free! Yes, the rope is big, you can move around, but you are not free.
And so is the case with the family. If you start crossing the boundary then you will know you are imprisoned. If you start loving the neighbor then your family will be against you. If you are happy with some other woman, your wife is your enemy. If you are dancing with some other man, your husband is mad at you; he would like to kill you -- and just the other day he was saying, "I love you so much... I can die for you."
Just cross the boundary! and you will know that you are a prisoner. Never cross the boundary, and you can live in blissful ignorance that everything is okay.
It is attachment, it is possessiveness, that has destroyed your capacity to go to many flowers, to taste all the flowers. Just think of a bee only collecting honey from one flower -- that honey will not be very rich. The richness comes out of the variety. Your life is boring; it is not rich.
People come to me and they say, "I am bored! What should I do?" And they are doing everything to get bored, and they are thinking that boredom is happening from somewhere else. Now, you are living with a woman you don't love any more, but your scriptures say: once you have promised, you have to fulfill the promise -- be a man of promise! Once you are committed you have to fulfill the commitment. Now, if you are bored, nothing is surprising. Love has disappeared!
It is as if you are forced to eat the same thing every day: how long will you be able to enjoy it? You may have enjoyed it on the first day; yes, the second day; the third day -- but then it will start getting on your nerves. Then for ever and ever..... then you will start getting bored. And because man is bored he invents a thousand and one ways to distract his mind: sits glued to the chair before the TV for six hours -- what stupidity! Or goes to the movie, or listens to the radio, or reads the newspaper, or goes to clubs where bored people just like you gather together. Somehow one is trying to distract oneself from the boredom that has happened out of the relationship.
Try to understand....
Tantra says: Be a bee -- be free! Tantra is not saying that if you love a woman then don't be together with her -- be together with her! -- but the commitment is towards love, not towards the woman; the commitment is towards love, not towards the man. This is a BASIC difference: you are committed to love! you are committed to happiness! When love is disappearing, when happiness is gone, then say thank you and move.
And such should be the case with everything in your life. If you are a doctor and you are bored with your job, then you should be capable of dropping it any moment -- whatsoever the cost. With risk, life becomes adventure. But you think, "Now I am forty, forty-five, and how can I drop out of the job? And it is going very well financially... " but spiritually, psychologically, you are dying! You are slowly committing suicide. Then it is perfectly okay: if you want to destroy yourself and save the bank-balance, then it is perfectly okay. But the moment you feel that the job is no more a satisfying job, DROP out of it! This is the Tantra revolution. The moment you see that something is no more appealing, has lost the quality of allurement, of enchantment, is no more magnetic, then don't cling to it, then say, "I am sorry." Then feel grateful for the past, for all that has happened through the person, through the job, through anything! but remain open in the future. This is the meaning of being a bee.
And Saraha says: Only the bee knows that each flower is full of honey.
But I am not saying go to the opposite extreme -- there are people who can go to the opposite extreme. And man is so stupid.... Just the other day I was reading about a commune in Germany: Action Analysis Commune. Now, there is a rule in their commune that you cannot sleep with the same woman two nights together. Now, this is again foolish. It seems man is such an idiot that you cannot help him. If you sleep two nights consecutively with one woman, the commune throws you out.
Now, the one extreme has proved wrong -- this is another extreme... will prove wrong! The first extreme was repressive: you have to sleep with the same woman for years, for your whole life, with the same man -- not knowing WHY, why you continue. The society says so, the state says so, the priest and the politician say so -- that on the stability of your nuclear family the whole society depends. This insane society depends on the insane family; the insane family is the unit, the brick, out of which this whole prison is made.
Insane politicians depend on the insane family. Insane religions depend on the insane family. They have been repressing you; they don't allow you to move away from the woman or the man or the relationship. They say you have to be with it, otherwise you are a criminal, a sinner. They make you very afraid of hell and hell-fire.
Now, the opposite extreme, that you cannot stay with the same woman the next night again. This too is again repressive. If you want to be with her the next night also, then...? Then it will be repression. With the first, love disappeared and boredom entered. With the second, intimacy will disappear and you will feel very alienated, like an island. You will not feel your roots anywhere.
Tantra says: Just in the middle is the way. Be in that place, be with that person, be in that job, where you are enjoying otherwise change. If you can enjoy one woman for your whole life, it is beautiful, it is tremendously beautiful. You are fortunate, because then intimacy will grow, your roots will go into each other, your beings will become intertwined. By and by, you will become ONE person, one soul, and that is a great experience! The highest peak of Tantra will be known through it. But this is not family -- this is love affair. You have gone into the very depth of love.
Now these kind of people -- this A.A. Commune -- these kind of people are dangerous! They think they are doing something very great. They are simply reacting. The society has done something wrong, now they are reacting too much and going to the opposite extreme -- which will be again wrong. Man has to be balanced somewhere, first thing.

SECOND THING: Saraha says UNSTRUCTURED, UNPATTERNED STATE OF BEING. If you live through habit, you cannot enjoy life because the habit is of the old. How can you enjoy the same thing again and again and again? Your mind remains the same, then there will be boredom. You can even change the woman and the man, but YOU are the same, so fifty percent is always the same. There will be boredom.
So first Tantra says: Never get obsessed with any person, remain free of personalities. Second Tantra says: Remain free of your past -- then you are a hundred percent free like a bee. You can fly anywhere. Nothing holds you. Your freedom is utter.
Don't persist in your past pattern. Try to be inventive, try to be innovative! Be an adventurer, a discoverer. Enjoy life through new ways; FIND new ways to enjoy it. In fact, go on finding new ways of doing the same old thing, but find new ways. There are infinite possibilities.
You can come to the same experience from many doors, and each door will give you a different vision. Then life is rich, there is sweetness, there is joy, there is celebration. That is what honey is. Don't be confined in the pattern of a frog. Yes, the frog can hop a little, jump here and there -- cannot fly and cannot know that each flower is carrying divine fragrance. What Saraha means by'honey' is a poetic metaphor for God, that each being is carrying divinity.
People come to me and they say, "We want to know God -- where is God?" Now, the question is just absurd. WHERE IS HE NOT? You ask WHERE He is; you must be dead blind. Can't you see Him? Only He is! In the tree and in the bird, in the animal, in the river, in the mountain, in man, in woman... everywhere He is. He has taken so many forms to surround you, to dance around you. From everywhere He is saying "Hello!" and you don't listen. From everywhere He is calling you. From everywhere He is inviting you: "Come to me!" But you are somehow keeping your eyes closed, or you have got blinkers on -- you don't look anywhere.
You just look in a very narrow way, in a very focussed way. If you are looking for money, you only look for money; then you don't look anywhere else. If you are looking for power, you look only for power and you don't look anywhere else. And remember: in money; God is not because money is man-made and God cannot be man-made. When I say God is everywhere, remember those things have not to be included which man has made. God cannot be man-made. God is not in money. Money is a very cunning invention of man. And God is not in power; that too is again a madness of man. Just the very idea to dominate somebody is insane. Just the VERY idea that "I should be in power and others should be powerless" is the idea of a madman -- a destructive idea.
God is not in politics and God is not in money and God is not in ambition -- but God is everywhere where man has not destroyed Him, where man has not created something of his own. This is one of the most difficult things in the modern world, because you are surrounded by too many man-made things. Can't you just see the fact of it?!
When you are sitting near a tree, it is easy to feel God. When you are sitting on an asphalt road, you can go on searching on the asphalt road... you will not find God. It is too HARD. When you are in a modern city, just cement and concrete buildings all around, in the jungle of cement and concrete you will not feel God -- because man-made things don't grow. That is one of the problems: man-made things don't grow -- they are dead, they don't have any life. God-made things grow. Even mountains grow! The Himalayas are still growing, still getting higher and higher. A tree grows, a child grows.
Man-made things don't grow -- even the greatest. Even a painting of a Picasso will never grow. So what to say about a cement, concrete building? Even the music of Beethoven will never grow, so what to say about technology, about man-made machines?
Watch! Wherever you see growth, there is God -- because only God grows, nothing else. In everything only God grows. When a new leaf is coming in the tree, it is God coming out of the tree. When the bird is on the wing, it is God on the wing. When you see a small girl laughing or a small boy giggling, it is God giggling. When you see tears flowing from the eyes of a woman or a man, it is God crying.
WHEREVER you find aliveness, yes, there is God. Listen carefully. Come closer. Feel carefully. Be cautious! you are on holy ground.
Tantra says: If you drop your blinkers -- mm? -- that's what Tantra means by'unpatterned' life-style.... If you drop your blinkers, if you start opening your eyes as wide as they are destined to be, suddenly you will see that you can see in all directions. You have been befooled by the society to look only in certain directions. The society has converted you into a slave.
There is a great conspiracy. Each small child is damaged -- immediately, the moment he is born, the society starts damaging him. So before he becomes alert' he is a slave and crippled, crippled in a thousand and one ways. When a person is crippled, he will have to depend on the family, on the society, on the state, on the government, on the police, on the army -- he will have to depend on a thousand and one things. And because of that dependence he will be a slave always, he will never become a free man. So the society cripples -- cripples in such subtle ways -- and you don't know. Before you are able to know anything, you are already crippled.
Tantra says: Regain health! Undo whatsoever the society has done to you! By and by, become alert and start undoing the impressions that society has forced upon you -- and start living your life. It is your life, it is nobody else's business. It is utterly your life. It is God's gift to YOU, a personal gift to you, with your initials on it. You enjoy it, you live it! And even if you have to pay much for it, it is worth paying. Even if sometimes you have to pay for your life with your life, that too is perfectly good.
Tantra is very rebellious. It believes in a totally different kind of society, which will not be possessive, which will not be money-oriented, which will not be power-oriented. It believes in a different kind of family, which will not be possessive, and which will not be life-negative. Our families are life-negative.
A child is born and the whole family tries to kill all joy of life. Whenever the child is joyful, he is wrong; and whenever he is sad and long-faced and sitting in the corner, everything is okay. The father says, "Good! Very good boy." The mother is very happy because he is no trouble. Whenever the child is alive, there is danger -- and everybody is trying to kill the joy of the child.
And basically all joy is related to sexuality. And the society and the family are so afraid of sex that they cannot allow the children to be sexually joyful -- and that is the BASE of all joy! They are VERY restrictive: the children are not allowed even to touch their genital organs, they cannot play with them. The father is afraid, the mother is afraid... everybody is afraid! Their fear comes from their own parents; they are neurotic.
Have you not seen? A child is playing with his genital organs and immediately everybody jumps on him: "Stop! Don't do that again!" And he is not doing anything -- he is simply enjoying his body, and naturally the sex organs are the most sensitive, most alive, most pleasurable. Suddenly, something is cut in the child. He becomes afraid. Something in his energy is blocked. Now, whenever he feels happy he will feel guilty too; now guilt has been put inside him. And whenever he feels guilty he will feel that he is a sinner, he is doing something wrong.
This is my observation of thousands of sannyasins: whenever they are happy, they start feeling guilty. They start looking for the parent who must be somewhere around, and who will say "Stop! What are you doing?" Whenever they are sad, everything is okay. Sadness is accepted, misery is accepted -- joy is denied.
And the children are somehow prevented from knowing the joys of life. The father and mother are making love -- children know it. They hear the sounds; sometimes they feel that it is happening -- but they are not allowed to participate in it, not allowed even to be there. It is ugly, it is destructive. The children should participate. When the father and mother are making love, the children should play around; they should feel happy with father and mother making love. They should know that love is a beautiful phenomenon -- not anything ugly, nothing to be made private, nothing to hide, nothing to be kept secret. It is not a sin! It is a JOY.
And if the children can see their father and mother making love, thousands of sexual diseases will disappear from the world -- because their joy will erupt. And they will feel respectful towards the father and the mother. Yes, one day they will also make love, and they will know that it is a great celebration. If they can see father and mother making love as if they are praying and meditating, there will be a great impact.
Tantra says that, that love should be made with such celebration, with such great religious awe, reverence, that the children can feel that something great is happening. Their joy will grow -- AND there will not be any guilt in their joy. This world can be tremendously happy. But this world is not happy. It is very rare to come across a happy man, very very rare. And only the happy man is sane. The unhappy man is insane.
Tantra has a different vision, a totally, radically different vision of life. You CAN become a bee. In freedom you become a bee. A slave, you are a frog. Free, you are a bee.

Listen to the message of freedom. Get ready to be free. About everything that creates bondage you have to be alert and beware.


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