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The fifth question:
Question 5

TANTRA AND YOGA HAVE A CERTAIN MAP OF THE INNER MAN. It will be good if you understand that map -- it will help you, it will help you greatly.
Tantra and Yoga suppose that there are seven centers in man's physiology -- the subtle physiology, not in the body. In fact, they are metaphors. But they are very very helpful to understand something of the inner man. These are the seven chakras.
First, and the most basic, is MULADHAR -- that's why it is called MULADHAR: MULADHAR means the most fundamental, the basic. MUL means the basic, of the roots. The muladhar chakra is the center where sex energy is right now available, but the society has damaged that chakra very much.
This muladhar chakra has three angles to it: one is oral the mouth; the second is anal and the third is genital. These are the three angles of the muladhar. The child starts his life with the oral, and because of wrong upbringing, many people remain at the oral, they never grow. That's why so much smoking, chewing gum, continuous eating, happens. This is an oral fixation they remain in the mouth.
There are many primitive societies which don't kiss. In fact, if the child has grown well, kissing will disappear; kissing shows the man has remained oral. Otherwise, what does sex have to do with lips? When for the first time primitive societies came to know about civilized man's kissing, they laughed; they simply thought it ridiculous. Two persons kissing each other: it looks unhygienic too; just transferring all sorts of illnesses to each other, infections. And what are they doing? And for what? But humanity has remained oral.
The child is not satisfied orally. The mother does not give her breast as much as the child needs; the lips remain unsatisfied. So the child will smoke cigarettes later on, will become a great kisser. will chew gum, or will become a great eater. continuously eating this and that. If mothers give their breasts as much as the child needs, then the muladhar is not damaged.
If you are a smoker, try a pacifier -- and you will be suddenly surprised. It has helped many people. I give it to many people. If somebody comes and asks me how to stop smoking, I say, Just have a pacifier, a false breast, and keep it in the mouth. Let it hang around your neck, and whenever you feel like smoking just put the pacifier in the mouth and enjoy it. And within three weeks you will be surprised: the urge to smoke has disappeared."
Somewhere the breast is still appealing. That's why man is so much focussed on feminine breasts. There seems to be no reason... why'? Why is man so much interested in feminine breasts? Painting, sculpture, film, pornography -- everything seems to be breast-oriented! And women are continuously trying to hide and yet show their breasts -- otherwise, the bra is just foolish. It is a trick to hide and show together; it is a very contradictory trick. And now in America, where every foolish thing goes to its extreme, they are injecting chemicals into women's breasts, silicon and other things; they are stuffing breasts with silicon so they become bigger and can get the shape -- the shape that ungrown-up humanity wants to see. This childish idea! But man remains somehow oral.
This is the LOWEST state of the muladhar.
Then a few people change from oral and they become stuck at the anal, because the second great damage happens with the toilet training. Children are forced to go to the toilet at a certain time. Now, children cannot control their bowel movements; it takes time, it takes years for them to come to a control. So what do they do? They simply force, they simply close their anal mechanism, and because of this they become anal fixated.
That's why so much constipation exists in the world. It is only man who suffers from constipation. No animal suffers from constipation; in the wild state no animal suffers from constipation. Constipation is more psychological; it is a damage to the muladhar. And because of constipation many other things grow into the human mind.
A man becomes a hoarder -- a hoarder of knowledge, hoarder of money, hoarder of virtue -- becomes a hoarder and becomes miserly. He cannot leave anything! Whatsoever he grabs, he holds it. And with this anal emphasis, a great damage happens to muladhar because the man or the woman has to go to the genital. If they get fixated at the oral or at the anal, they never go to the genital -- that is the trick the society has used up to now not to allow you to become fully sexual.
Then anal fixation becomes so important that genitals become less important. Hence, so much homosexuality. Homosexuality will not disappear from the world -- until and unless anal-orientation disappears. The toilet-training is a great, dangerous training. And then, if some people become genital, somehow they are not fixated at the oral and the anal and become genital, then there is great guilt created in humanity about sex. Sex means the sin. Christianity has thought sex so much a sin that they go on pretending and proposing and trying to prove a foolish thing, that Christ was born out of a miracle: that he was not born out of a man/woman relationship, that Mary was a virgin. Sex is such a sin that how can Jesus' mother have sex? It is okay for other ordinary people, but for Jesus' mother to have sex -- then how can Jesus, such a pure man, be born out of sex?
I was reading:

There was a young woman who did not seem very well, so her mother took her to the doctor. Mother did all the talking -- she was that sort.
"She's pregnant," said the doctor.
"Doctor, I must call you a fool. My daughter has never so much as kissed a man! have you darling?"
"No, mama, I have not even held a man's hand."
The doctor left his chair, walked to the window, and gazed at the sky. There was a long silence, then mother asked, "Is there anything wrong out there, doctor?"
"Not at all, not at all. Only the last time this happened, a star appeared in the east -- and I don't want to miss it this time!"

Sex has been condemned so much, you cannot enjoy it. And that's why energy remains fixated somewhere: oral, anal, genital. It cannot go upwards.
Tantra says man has to be relieved, destructured from these three things. So Tantra says that the first great work has to happen in the muladhar. For oral freedom: screaming, laughing, shouting, crying, weeping, is very helpful. That's why my choice of encounter, gestalt, primal and that type of groups -- they are all helpful to relieve the oral fixation. And to relieve you of the anal fixation, PRANAYAM, BASTRIKA -- fast chaotic breathing -- is very helpful, because it hits directly on the anal center and makes you able to relieve and relax the anal mechanism. Hence the dynamic meditation is of tremendous value.
And then the sex center: the sex center has to be relieved of the burden of guilt, condemnation. You have to start relearning about it; only then can the damaged sex center function in a healthy way. You have to start relearning to enjoy it -- without any guilt.
There are a thousand and one types of guilt. In the Hindu mind there is a fear that semen energy is great energy -- even if a single drop is lost, you are lost. This is a very constipatory attitude -- hoard it! Nothing is lost! You are such a dynamic force, you go on creating that energy every day. Nothing is lost.
The Hindu mind is too much obsessed with VEERYA -- with semen energy. Not a single drop should be lost! They are continuously afraid. So whenever they make love, if they make love, then they feel very much frustrated, very much depressed, because they start thinking so much energy is lost. NOTHING is lost. You don't have a dead quota of energy; you are a dynamo -- you create energy, you create it EVERY day. In fact, the more you use it, the more you have it. It functions like the whole body. If you use your muscles, they will grow. If you walk, your legs will be strong. If you run, you will have more energy to run. Don't think that a person who has never run and suddenly runs will have energy -- he will not have energy. He will not have even the musculature to run.
Use all that has been given to you by God and you will have MORE of it!
So there is one Hindu madness: to hoard. This is on the lines of constipation. And now there is an American madness, that is like diarrhoea: just throw, go on throwing -- meaningfully, meaninglessly, go on throwing. So even a man of eighty years continuously thinks in childish ways. Sex is good, sex is beautiful, but is not the end. It is the alpha but not the omega. One has to go beyond it. But going beyond it is NOT A CONDEMNATION! One has to go through it to go beyond it.
Tantra is the most healthy attitude about sex. It says sex is good, sex is healthy. sex is natural, but sex has more possibilities than just reproduction. And sex has more possibilities than just fun. Sex is carrying something of the ultimate in it, of Samadhi.
The muladhar chakra has to be relaxed -- relaxed from constipation, relaxed from diarrhoea. The muladhar chakra has to function at the optimum, one hundred percent, then energy starts moving.
The second chakra is SVADHISTHAN -- that is the HARA, the death center. These two centers are very much damaged, because man has been afraid of sex and man has been afraid of death. So death has been avoided: Don't talk about death! Just forget about it! It does not exist. Even if sometimes it exists, don't notice it, don't take any note of it. Go on thinking that you are going to live for ever -- avoid death!
Tantra says: Don't avoid sex and don't avoid death. That's why Saraha went to the cremation ground to meditate -- not to avoid death. And he went with the arrowsmith woman to live a life of healthy, full sex, of optimum sex. On the cremation ground, living with a woman, these two centers had to be relaxed: death and sex. Once you accept death and you are not afraid of it, once you accept sex and you are not afraid of it, your two lower centers are relaxed.
And those are the two lower centers which have been damaged by the society, badly damaged. Once they are relieved... the other five centers are not damaged; there is no need to damage them because people don't live in those other five centers. These two centers are naturally available. Birth has happened: the sex center -- muladhar. And death is going to happen: svadhisthan the second center. These two things are there in everybody's life, so society has destroyed both centers and tried to manipulate man, dominate man, through these two things.
Tantra says: Meditate while you make love, meditate while somebody dies -- go, watch, see. Sit by the side of a dying man. Feel, participate in his death. Go in deep meditation with the dying man. And when a man is dying there is a possibility to have a taste of death -- because when a man is dying, he releases so much energy from the svadhisthan chakra... he has to release because he is dying. The whole repressed energy on the svadhisthan chakra will be released because he is dying; without releasing it he will not be able to die. So when a man dies or a woman dies, don't miss the opportunity. If you are close by to a dying man, sit silently, meditate silently. When the man dies, in a sudden burst the energy will be all over, and you can have a taste of death. And that will give you a great relaxation: Yes, death happens, but nobody dies. Yes, death happens, but in fact death never happens.

While making love, meditate so that you can know that something of Samadhi penetrates into sexuality. And while meditating on death, go deep into it so that you can see that something of the deathless enters into death. These two experiences will help you to go upwards very easily. The other five centers, fortunately, are not destroyed; they are perfectly in tune -- just energy has to move through them. If these first two centers are helped, energy starts moving. So let death and love be your two objects of meditation.


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