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How are they Stealing your Spiritual Energy - The Energy Vampirisation of S*X Energy from S*x Workers S*x Addiction Implant Energy Blockages at a S*X Club absorbed by BM's and Energy Blockage Possession

This is an article, based on a recent report I received regarding an Energy Blockage reptilian hosting situation. The woman observed this situation to be ongoing with her soon to be “ex-husband” for many years, and in her estimation, was due primarily to a psychic cording, linking to Addiction Energy Blockages and energy blockage reptilian attachment that were implanted when her husband repeatedly visited Energy Addiction S*x Blockage S*x strip-clubs.

The formatting is direct from the woman’s (named “M”) own statements from personal correspondence. She has provided several sketches of what she observed in her “husband” usually during S*xual activity, when the Energy Blockage “took control” "Posessed" his body temporarily. The sketches show the iguana-like reptilian Enersgy Blockage attached to his shoulder, and also a dark greenish-grey energy field surrounding his aura, which is really the overshadowed energy body of a larger reptilian Energy Blockage (4th dimensional) outside of his body that entered through energy cords “from the back” of her husband.

“M” also noticed other things that she discovered when doing her own healing work, Meditation, as well as tracing back the origin of the iguana-reptilian Energy Blockage, via a type of Black Magician energy vampire higher level energy blockage technology outside of the body and energy cords faciltating interdimensional access from the Antahkarana column of energy in the infinity of chakras above the head.

 One of the key issues of relevance is the S*x Energy Vampire Black Magician's energy blockage technology and interdimensional access from the Chakras above the Head of humanity cording from energy blockages outside of the body in the Antahkarana connecting with energy cords into places like S*x strip clubs that are targetted with a type of energy blockage technology linked in via Higher Level Control Energy Blockages connected into the building with interdimensional energy cord connections that allow linking and direct energetic access to the persons in the strip club in order to drain their vibrant orgasm energies.

There is also a French Clairvoyant’s perception of how certain ET-looking entities attach to the human energy field and shift the energetics of their system by directly linking into certain chakras and energy centers.

Excerpt from M:

I actually saw this electrical iguana shaped energy blockage over my soon to be X husband’s right shoulder when we were having S*x in 2012. There was also an energetic white cubic form energy blockage that sat behind this iguana form controlling it. I could clearly sense the white cubic form energy blockage but did not physically see with my human eyes. I did see the rest of this with my physical eyes.

During this intimacy with my husband, he suddenly became very robotic and mechanical which was actually not that unusual. However, this time as this started to happen, this electric blue outline of an iguana formed energy blockage appeared over his right shoulder. I was reclined on the edge of our bed and my husband was standing over me having intercourse with me as this was happening.

I then immediately saw a gray, overshadowing reptilian energy blockage take over his body from behind him. I could actually see the energy blockage and then I could see its outline around my husband’s body as this ‘takeover” took place.

It was like this thing had been waiting for the right moment to come in to take my husband over and he just came in and overtook my husband’s consciousness and physical body for the orgasm event. It was very creepy.



As this happened my husband became very robotic as he methodically attempted to finish having S*x with me. However, I immediately sat up and said, “What is that?” as I pointed directly to the iguana shape Energy Blockage that was possessing my husband which was implanted in him when he visited S*x Clubs.


I could tell the Energy Blockage was surprised that I could see it. It moved backwards and started fading in a stunned and annoyed sort of way. It did seem annoyed and surprised that I was pointing at it and basically calling it out. I also made my husband get off of me immediately. This whole experience from when I first saw the iguana shape over his shoulder to the end took about 45 seconds to a minute to happen.

This event was one of several events that included events and evidence that helped me discover and shed light on the traumatizing reality and truth that my husband was not only a S*x addict that had been acting out S*xually for the past 20 years of our 23 year marriage –

I also realized he was energy blockage reptilian possessed or demonically possessed and was driven by what I would call a demonic-reptilian interface energy blockage or a “reptilian holographic insert energy blockage” and other S*xually deviant energy blockages.

Needless to say, I never had S*x with him again after this event. I have also discovered many disturbing details regarding his S*xually deviant behaviors and they were consistently quite sadistic in nature.

He has been driven by a need to violate others with out their knowing it in ways that he knows they would find very invasive and disturbing if they knew what he was doing.

The way he stores memories is also void of sentiment or nostalgia. It is fact based memories and very few details that include emotional memories of meaningful events. A robotic memory is dominant with him.

Later in meditation, after this iguana energy blockage event had happened, I was trying to understand what I had seen and so I asked about it in meditation and was able to see the events and the dynamics of how this had happened. I saw several situations where my husband was doing things that had allowed this Energy Blockage and other
 Energy Blockages and some “alien technology energy blockages” to come into his field.

The main Energy Blockage and the energy blockage technology that was connected to or linked to the iguana/reptile that I saw over his shoulder he had actually “contracted” in a strip club. I was shown or just saw the whole scene of how my husband got this Energy Blockage attachment and the related technology that went with it.

He got this Energy Blockage during a lap dance in a strip club, where he was also paying to be S*xually serviced by a stripper/prostitute. As he was in the midst of this particular event, the stripper was over him and on his lap S*xually servicing him and he leaned his head back and his S*xual field opened up very widely directly over and above his body and even over the event itself.

It opened in the form of what looked like a large hourglass cone shape energy blockage that was swirling a bit as it opened. These very nasty entity energy blockages and cording devices and other things that were inside of the the stripper's energy field or that were connected to her field were implanted, literally dumped into my husband’s energy field during this opening of his S*xual field with her field and the field of the event itself.

I saw that the stripper had gotten some of these energy blockages from her childhood experiences and many more of them were entities and other creepy energy blockages that she had been implanted with picked up or contracted from the many S*xually deviant men that she had serviced and the atmosphere she worked in.


I also knew some of these were actively being directed by and were connected/corded to energy blockages outside of her also living outsideof the planet in the Chakras above the Head. I could clearly see that there was an Energy Blockage Entity that worked through her and that was driving her from outside of her field.

It was type energy blockage technology from outside of the planet in the Chakras above the Head where people that live outside the body.

Like Sauron lived outside the body yet controlled his Orcs, live in External Universes they create high up in the Chakras above the Head where they store all the Energy they Steal from S*x, enabling them to live eternally, without any connection with God by vampirising the Energy of their human cattle for thousands of years.

The political machinations of controlling society by the "oligarchic Principle of Poverty" we are now seeing in Europe as cheap oil is cut off, necessary to prevent humanity evolving, and thus remain under control as it has been for 10,000 years.

It was type energy blockage technology from outside of the planet in the Chakras above the Head where people that live outside the body that was actually linked, corded into her and into her field and even into to the strip club itself and what was going on in this place.


Dark Forces have used Infiltrating Bloodline Phoenician aristocratic Families which have existed running Global Trading Companies for thousands of years before the Birth of Christ. Using emotional rhetorical religious concepts to control humanity, they themselves worship, are corded into through Satanic Ritual, all the Pagan Gods, including Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Bel, Molech, Ashtoreth, Cybele and Attis. In this book we find that over thousands of years, spook, Bloodline Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocratic Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, from their Phoenician Colonies in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice and London, marrying in to, taking over or infiltrating every ruling aristocracy and aristocratic, bloodline family. Their sons and daughters pretending to be natives of Europe, Britain, America, India, Israel and China, using their Satanic Mega Trillionaire inheritances to get into positions of power to manage and control their human cattle in every country in the World!!

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I could see this larger energy blockage technology was there for the purpose of stealing S*x Energy, cording the men or people (there were a few women too) that she was servicing S*xually in these acts of prostitution.

It was some sort of unconscious past life contract she had with black magicians that hovered above this time event.

I could actually see a rounded disked shaped energy blockage hovering in a dimension that seemed to be directly above and slightly to the right of the physical space above the strip club in the Antahkarana and this event field itself. I saw my husband and others physically in the strip club committing these acts.

I also saw the energy blockage technology that was being used to cord these people that were susceptible to these sorts of addictive and/or deviant energy blockage processes. This big energy blockage and its technology hovered above it all and it was there for the specific purpose of cording people.

The things that have happened in my marriage have been traumatizing and at the same time are quite interesting. As I look at it all now in hindsight with a little distance, it is clear that something much larger then my husband’s and my situation is going on.

It makes so much more sense than it ever has before, as the bigger picture is emerging. Something much larger is going on and it is effecting many people - everyone in the whole world.

I have had two “love bite” relationships where I was corded by people that I thought loved me, but turned out to have feet of clay, Only Lust! Only S*xual Cords connecting with S*x Blockages! That have both been very traumatizing and difficult experiences to go through.

I have done much work now to resolve my unresolved trauma. The first relationship was a short, less then two years, a marriage in my early twenties to a psychopath. I am in the process of divorcing my current husband or 23 years now.

He is not a psychopath but does have a splintered soul of many subpersonalities and has he been a very convincing fraud and fake, nice guy.

Realizing how I was fooled by him, who he really was really choosing to be and what he has really had going on all these years has also been extremely educational, eye opening, and enlightening to witness. I have seen a whole new level of some of the darker things that are going on in our world now.

With The Kindest Regards,


“M” continues in next correspondence for more detail:
Hopefully by sharing this information and experience, others will be more able to see and perceive these energy blockages also. I have learned that these energy blockage entities do not like being seen for what they really are. It is a dis-empowering experience for them. Therefore seeing this all for what is, using meditation, seems to be one of the easiest ways to transform and transcend its ability to influence our lives.

One of the things that has surprised me the most about all of this is the dimensionality aspect of it. We have been conditioned to see and perceive the “alien” and “UFO phenomena” in a way that is actually quite misleading and limiting, when it is all Energy Blockages and cords to control us!

I am doing much better and working daily to heal and to be my most whole and authentic self and to move on with my life. That does not mean that there has not been significant amount of unnecessary damage. I do have to say that this “Alien love bite cording” thing and all of the manipulative, deceptive agendas that go along with this on a very practical level–seems to be rather wasteful.

In many ways the experience of having all our lives deviated by this satanic force that is cruel, limiting in annoying ways, seems ultimately unnecessary and wasteful. While I do understand the concept that so many spiritual teachers suggest that we signed up for this suffering to make us stronger–I just do not agree.

Something about that is off. I don’t see this as a grand spiritual lesson that we signed up for before we came here, that is intended to somehow make us better or stronger through being traumatized or through suffering of some kind. I see this as a nuisance, like mosquitos that swarm on a beautiful tropical island.

We may sign up for the vacation and we then educate ourselves about the local parasites and predator that are present in this environment, we keep our eyes open and take action to prevent ourselves from being bitten, harmed or distracted by them. We don’t allow them to deviate us form enjoying a good life or a good vacation.

And yet, you are on the Island and you can't get off! After school and University we are always unhappy due to everyone having these similar bad experiences.

It seems that God wants us to take the next step into meditation in order to master the psychic plane of Energy Blockages, and thus gives us these experiences to force us to Master this dimension.

It is not enough to be told about these experiences.

It is not enough to experience these experiences.

It is necessary to master these experiences by not entering into these paths ever again. "You have been down that road before, Neo, and you know where it ends"

And even that is insufficient!

By entering into this planet, you have entered into one of those roads.

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TRUTH - THE PSYCHIC INFORMATION WHICH RULES THE WORLD FROM THE INFINITE CHAKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD< style="font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 2; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial">
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Meditation has helped me in healing this current trauma and it has addressed the underlying issues, and limiting reactive patterns that were set up for me through early childhood experiences brought on by my Karma in previous lifetimes - See Level 3 of Energy Enhancement where we Master Karma!

I think these Karmic experiences set up survival mechanisms in me that made me more vulnerable and susceptible to being targeted by this type of abuse in my relationships. I knew I needed to learn more!

My natural nature is highly empathetic, compassionate and open, and the blind-spots these Past Life Karmic early traumas created made me an easy target, drew them to me it seems.

Through Meditation I was able to reprocess a lot of the automatic response patterns that I was not aware that I even had. The results have been amazing and confirmable through real-life situations.

During Meditation I had two very factual based memories come up of myself being ritually abused around the age of three months.

This happened while I was in the care of a babysitter who was “prostituting” me out to a clergy type person in Raliegh, NC and my memory suggests that it was actually surprisingly an unsuccessful event for the people doing it.

I think this experience is part of the reason that I am able to perceive the things I am able to perceive now.

It seems I may have been targeted at a very early age by this demonic force.

The abuse only happened twice because my highly intuitive mother, who was 19 years old at the time, quickly sensed that something was horribly wrong and quit her job and took me out of the care of this person.

She did not know what had actually happened however, when I asked both my parents about this time in my life. After the memory came up in meditation, they both confirmed that they had intuited that something was off with this the babysitter and they both noticed that I had become oddly sick and had changed after being in her care for only a couple of months and they both knew they had to take me out of her care.

 Thank goodness for parental intuition. I do not understand why I was targeted at such a young age or continued to be targeted and I don’t think it’s because I am some special person or anything like that. However, something in me knows that none of this is just random occurrence. There are reasons or circumstances behind why people are targeted which always come from the Karma of previous lifetimes

It says in the Hindu Bible, a conversation between God or Krishna, and Arjuna or the good part of you, in the Baghavad Gita Chapter 16


I am rich and born in a noble family. I am the greatest. I shall perform sacrifice, I shall give charity to show off, and I shall rejoice. Thus deluded by ignorance; (16.15)

Bewildered by many fancies; entangled in the net of delusion; addicted to the enjoyment of sensual pleasures; psychopaths fall into a foul hell. (16.16)

Self-conceited, stubborn, filled with pride and intoxication of wealth; they perform Yajna, religious sacrifice, only in name, for show, and not according to scriptural injunction. (16.17)

Clinging to egoism, power, arrogance, lust, and anger; these psychopathic malicious people hate Me (who dwells) in their own body and others' bodies. (16.18)

I hurl these psychopathic haters, cruel, sinful, and mean people of the world, into the wombs of other demons or psychopaths again and again. (16.19)

O Arjuna, entering the wombs of demons or
psychopaths birth after birth, the deluded ones sink to the lowest hell without ever attaining Me. (16.20)

Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates of hell leading to the downfall (or bondage) of THE Jeeva personality. Therefore, one must (learn to) give up these three. (16.21)

Look at 16.19 and 20 again.

I hurl these haters, cruel, sinful, and mean people of the world, into the wombs of demons or psychopaths or pedophiles again and again. (16.19)

O Arjuna, entering the wombs of demons or psychopaths or pedophiles birth after birth, the deluded ones sink to the lowest hell without ever attaining Me. (16.20)

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I asked M,

“I also find it interesting that the auric field color around the ex is forest, darkish-green. Was his color this way most of the time or only when the iguana energy blockage, which looks like it hangs on at the neck area on one side?”

M: The electric blue outlined iguana energy blockage was on my husband’s right shoulder and this is what I saw first. It appeared there and then I knew there was this white, cubic box energy blockage behind it. The iguana energy blockage on his right shoulder stayed there on his shoulder but it started fading as this dark, green-gray reptilian energy blockage showed up.

It came in also slightly from the right and then it seemed to come into my husbands body from behind him. The dark, gray-green form behind my husband’s body is actually the Energy Blockage overshadowing my husband in what looked like an energetic body.

I could see this Energy Blockage in it’s entirety and the part that merged with my husbands body was less easy to see, yet I could still see it and the part that was larger then my husband is what looks like an auric field over my husbands body.

It was a reptilian looking energy blockage and it was actually coming into my husbands body, taking it over and was even very awkwardly animating my husband’s body.

I knew my husband was not there anymore as soon as this energy blockage started taking him over.

Not sure where my husbands consciousness was, but it seems maybe he was beside himself and was not conscious of this as it was happening.

I have ask him if he has any memories of what was happening to him this day and he said he remembers it happening because of my response to it, and the fact that I made him get off me. But he said he has no memory of what was happening to him.

To me it was obvious that he was being taken over and evicted from his body by this reptilian energy blockage for what was going to be a brief, three to five minute grand finalle. I also knew somehow that this energy blockage could not be here, in our world or atmosphere much longer then 3 to maybe 17 minutes at the most in one event.

I knew that this Energy Blockage was continually corded into my husband in his daily life but it remained outside of the human sphere. I knew that this reptile energy blockage was connected to my husband somehow and that it monitored my husband continually and even influenced him and drove his behaviors and choices.

However, this energy blockage could not be here in its physical energetic form for too long.

Not sure how I knew this, I just did.

The energy blockage, in its energetic form, was a little bit larger then my husband’s body energetically at least and the green-gray outline around my husbands body that looks like an aura was the part of the reptilian energy blockage that extended beyond my husband’s body as it took him over.

I could see the whole energy blockage in its 3d energetic form yet it is difficult to draw it as it was transparent and simultaneously multidimensional.

I also know that this Energy Blockage despised me and directed its rage towards me through my husband sometimes.

This is another interesting thing that happened around this. It was not too long after this event that I figured out what was going on with my husband and I insisted he leave our home. I did agree to allow him to do a year of therapy before deciding whether or not to divorce him. However I have not allowed him to move back in our home since the day he was out.

A day or two after I asked him to leave I had a dream where these energy blockages were very aggressively and brutally anally raping me. In the dream I knew they could not really touch me but they wanted me to believe they could. They were even trying to make me have a physical orgasm and I blocked them and I disregarded them.

I gave them no energy of any kind, not even anger.

I simple saw them for what they were.

It seemed like this was a last ditch effort on their part to get me or to punish me or to show me who’s boss.

I knew they despised that I could block them.

I could also sense that they knew if my husband was not physically living with me they would have less opportunity to access me through him in the future.

I know I do still have to be aware and on guard so they do not find a way to get to me.

I also know there is no comparison when it comes to who is more alive, real, luminous and Divinely endowed.

I asked M:

“Did you ever do any internal energy body scanning on yourself to see if any cords links or weird looking energy blockage parasites were present? Oftentimes when I do sessions with people and use hypnotherapeutic methods, and view the energy body, they may see any number of things, from odd shaped energy blockage implants to serpent, snake, octopus, medusa, alien or insect type of energy blockage that act like living beings that feed off of energy internally.

Most of them seem to hook in the sacral, genital or solar plexus areas.

Or they can link in on the back of shoulders, neck and even the heart.”

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The Mind Virus Energy Blockages Collective

M replies:

I found the watercolor sketches of how the alien technology that I saw over the strip club was set up and seemed to work. It may be more confusing then helpful as I did these during my meditation to help me remember the details of what I was seeing.

The actual physical club is represented at the bottom of the drawing.

It looks like a constellation because this energy blockage technology was connected to many similar establishments, businesses of the Matrix, that carried out, supported, and linked into the same constellation of human behavior patterns.

The energy blockages above this are each in different areas of dimensions or dimensional levels and they had specific functions. Sidereal time was involved in understanding how this worked. This was all actually very interesting and I am not sure I can adequately explain it all and I wont try to here because this is long enough already.

The same type of reptilian energy blockage that was corded to and overshadowing my husband was the kind of reptilian energy blockage that was sitting inside the ship - the Energy Blockage in the Chakras above the Head that was controlling all the Energy Blockages, controlling the S*x Workers below it -  seen at the top of the drawing and it was very mechanically and robotically running whatever was going on energy blockage technology-wise inside the ship.


I do think the Energy Blockage in the Chakras above the Head that was controlling all the Energy Blockages, controlling the S*x Workers below it - may represent how the propensity for human deviation is created and continued in human behaviors, somehow through an outside influence or interference that we have been not been consciously aware of in significant ways yet.

M said: The strip club scene inside the Antahkarana cone/ inverted funnel shape linking into the column of Energy connecting all the infinity of chakras above the head was not the 3d physical strip club that my H was in when he was hooked or energy blockage possessed.

The physical strip club that my husband was in, when he was energy blockage hooked/possessed, is at the bottom of the drawing.

There were a lot more then just one physical establishment being linked and driven by this energy blockage technology - the Energy Blockage in the Chakras above the Head that was controlling all the Energy Blockages, controlling the S*x Workers below it.

The energy blockage technology was linking into many strip clubs and other drug and S*x addiction-based establishments and even vulnerable individuals wherever they were, too - all over the planet!

The main theme that this energy blockage technology drove was S*xual deviance and perversion though.

The Antahkarana Funnel shape linking into the column of Energy connecting
the Energy Blockage in the Chakras above the Head that was controlling all the Energy Blockages, controlling the S*x Workers below it is not the 3d strip club, my intuition was that it was inside of a bank on the top floor of a banking building like a sky scraper - the Column of Energy connecting the Infinity of Chakras showing how this technology functioned.

I actually went into the Antahkarana funnel shape linking into the column of Energy connecting all the infinity of chakras above the head in the meditation and have notes about what was going on in this contained space, ( time and space were different and I noticed this and thought it was odd in a predatory sort of way) There was a lot going on inside the funnel shape and part of what was going on included a gross misuse of nature.

The Antahkarana funnel shape was there. I could see it as an important part of the energy blockage technology so I don’t think it was just an analogy or symbolic representation, even though it could easily function that way. It could of had a holographic dynamic to it, especially regarding what was playing out inside of it. It was in the sky and in between the dimensional chakra “splits?”

What was going on, in the bottom red carpeted level of the funnel was definitely happening in a large corporation setting like banking somewhere in the Antahkarana. It was playing out or had played out physically some where and the architecture of where it was playing out mattered.

The male and the female “S*x workers” (that were more like super(ficially) happy zombie slaves) were people living out some lifestyle of sorts. It was an energy blockage template of some kind or it set the energy blockage template for the technology that was linking into and driving human behaviors in our physical world.

Training was going on that was paying out, setting up and normalizing exaggerated deviated patriarchal S*xuality that is really not human or can be deviated beyond what is natural normal human behavior easily.

The dark side tempts humanity with energy blockage traps which need to be rejected and Mastered by transmuting the energy blockage and cleaning and reconfiguring the cords.

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