Yuko Sato Eighth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon,  Removing the Subpersonalities and Mastering Relationships with the Family


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In this Eighth episode from Yuko Sato

After all the work of clearing out the psyche of Energy Blockages connected to and supported by Black Magicians. The Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon - see the following episode - was complicated by it's connection with an Ancient Satanic Organisation over many lifetimes also controlling evil subpersonalities within Yuko Sato and controlling subpersonalities in all the people around Yuko Sato - all relatives and friends -  trying to control her, pervert her, degenerate her, deflect her from her mission on this planet - Mother Father, husband, daughters, Aunts, Uncles in this lifetime and in all previous lifetimes.

The Satanic Phoenician Mega-Trillionaire minions of the Dark Gods they worship who live out of the body and live eternally by consuming the spiritual energies of humanity.

Here we see their advanced spiritual technology... The ritual creation of demons like the Bloody Red Witch Demon programmed in Ritual to pervert and deflect the spiritual direction of their victims like Yuko Sato into jealousy and revenge on the people they interact with and to vampirise their spiritual energies.

The evil satanic connection and control of every subpersonality to pervert and deflect the spiritual direction of their victims like Yuko Sato and by extension - EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET!

It would seem that the purpose of being planted on this Planet - after learning how to control the physical body, the emotions, the intellect, and the intelligence is to learn to use Meditation - Energy Enhancement Meditation - to open the Third Eye through advanced Meditational Techniques like the Kundalini Kriyas, Alchemical VITRIOL, and the Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism to protect against the perversion of the Energy Body through the implantation of Energy Blockages by the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Elite minions of the Dark Gods.

Only by the purification of the Energy Body by removing All Energy Blockages can we learn Only to do the good and right thing. Through constant testing. By constant rejection of the Dark Side who offer the World at the cost of your Soul. Only by all this can God learn to trust you. So that he can entrust higher and more important missions to his beloved sons and daughters to help with the evolution of humanity.

No other Meditation Course other than the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course teaches the Spiritual Techniques necessary to clean the psyche of Energy Blockages, Demons, and Subpersonalities necessary to evolve sufficiently to defeat the Satanic Dark Gods who live out of the body, Eternally, by stealing Your Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Energy of All Humanity.

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Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter

Against Satanism - Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires have ruled the World for 10,000 years, their Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, from their Phoenician Colonies in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice, and London.

This is the story of Yuko Sato who came to see us for the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in 2004 whilst we were teaching in Escala a small coastal village in the sight of the Pyrrenees just north of Barcelona.

So far there are seven experiences of meditation, this is the eighth.

Yuko Sato does the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in Spain 2004

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Yuko Sato Eighth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Removal of the Bloody Red Witch Demon,  Removing the Subpersonalities and Mastering Relationships with the Family


Everyone is Already the victim of these Implant Addiction Energy Blockages.

Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter
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Here is one of our Students Yuko Sato working with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Advanced Meditational techniques using the Kundalini Kriyas, Achemical VITRIOL, and the Taoist Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi to increase her Spiritual Energy, Open the Third Eye to see Energy Blockages on the Astral Plane and by Using the Seven Step Process and Merkaba Psychic Protection remove Energy Blockages and implant addiction blockages from the Psychic Body and All of her Past Lifetimes.

The Astral Plane is a Psychic Plane of Virtual Reality which is viewed through our cultural lenses. As Sosan the third Zen Patriarch says, "They Know!" and our students are not beginners, they have many lifetimes of experience navigating the Astral Plane. Many Times my students teach me!

Many times we get help on the Astral Plane from Spiritual Teachers and Angels as we remove our Traumatic experiences so our messy history painting can become a clean white sheet..

"This afternoon, I invited my ex-husband and my daughter for Sushi brunch at my place. I was amazed at how much I was calm and relaxed this time.

Because I had removed huge blockages from both my ex-husband and myself from our throat chakras I also seemed to have removed my self-importance. Also, because I had removed blockages from my past and future timelines on which my daughter was there I was able to have a  relaxed conversation with my teenage daughter!

I was Impeccable!

Any of their negative attitudes didn’t affect my mood at all. They were quite the same as always, for instance, my ex-husband often used his iPhone and my daughter sometimes didn’t reply to me.

I had just changed somehow by using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

I could see the situation above, objectively from a different perspective without the trauma from previous memories. I focused on their presence when I enjoyed making Sushi for them and spending time with them. I stopped thinking about myself and why they did such things.

It was pretty good." 

And now in this 8th episode, "Yesterday, my kendo teacher said to me, I have a great spirit in fighting recently. It surprised me. And my daughter started learning Kendo with me. I had a great talk with her after the Kendo lesson yesterday. Finally it made me so happy. Meditation lead me to the new direction."

Utilising the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process to remove energy blockages and the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Karma Cleaning Process Yuko has cleaned her Antahkarana, all her previous lives and made contact with the Buddha Maitreya and his monks living in the chakras above the head whose aim is to help all meditators who come to them.

Using these Energy Enhancement Meditation Course techniques and an open third eye Yuko has removed a lot of her Trauma and negative emotions associated with her divorce.

Yuko Sato 14feb2023 Stalking and Tracking Re: Self-importance Re: Special people Re: Sub-personality and my Ego Re: Review part 2

Miroku Bosatsu statue at Koryu-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan | Buddhist art ...

Dearest Satchi,

Yes, I am great. I have been blockage hunting for a week. I grounded difficult blockages and inner children and it took a few days, but it hasn’t finished yet. I found a string to my chakra below my root chakra. So, I will take a look tonight.

Yesterday, my kendo teacher said to me, I have a great spirit in fighting recently. It surprised me. And my daughter started learning Kendo with me. I had a great talk with her after the Kendo lesson yesterday. Finally it made me so happy. Meditation lead me to the new direction.

Yesterday, I had a dream after a week of without dreams. You were in my dream and we were meditating together. In this dream, I identified two people were stealing my energy. They were two female friends who I knew from the past life. They did because they had jealousy. It was interesting because it related to my last meditation which I wrote a long review below.

Your Energy Enhancement Meditation Course video helped me a lot. I learnt the basics again. Thank you.

I know you will go to India. I saw this in my dream!!! Love and Light Yuko

On February 8, Wed

My dog, Inca made me wake up at 2:22. She wanted to go outside. “What’s the hell happened to her?” I am sorry for my language. Unbelievable, it was minus 7 outside. I felt gushing sudden anger under pain in the sleepiness against Inca, “Why now?” Because I offered an evening walk before dinner, she didn’t want to go out. So, I followed her preference. Then, at 2 o’clock in the morning, these two irresistible black eyes were staring at me. Everything could be negotiable, so I talked to her through her eyes, but she insisted to go out. Otherwise, she said that she would not go to sleep. Despite considerable reluctance and anger, I dressed well preparing for a nippy outside. This negative feeling rang a bell. I was familiar with this since when I was small. Aha! Thank you, Inca! As you said, Satchi!

Every blockage leaves tracks.

Stalk the tracks.

Stalk the blockages...


I found the track for the blockage which could lead me to a hidden inner child. l set me off for the adventure in freezing cold. It was deathly quiet yet there was mellow light from the two days late full moon. We walked the usual walking path through a dreamy atmosphere being bitten by freezing coldness. I started meditation while walking. Inca was sniffing and stalking the track to the hidden memories when my inner-children had split from my Soul due to heavy pain and trauma. My lovely doggy, Inca was showing how to stalk seriously and sniffing even the smallest track enthusiastically. “What a spirit, Inca! It’s good to have you in my team!” We were gradually getting closer to my hidden inner children.

This mysterious inner-child hunting started after cutting off the cord connected to 10 billion people in the world. As I told you in a previous email, I did it 3 days ago and I haven’t connected this soggy end to my soul yet, instead, I cut the cord again, for sure, the next morning and reconnected it to the centre of the earth and burnt all negativity.

Then, I focused on cleaning connections with my family, close friends and people I met in my life. Sensing horizontal communications between chakras was not easy for me. The type of energy or quality of energy that was not the same as the one from the universe and the centre of the earth. I was not sure about it. But I just kept circling the connection, did 7 steps then burnt them to purify all connections. Sometimes, Angels were freed from their prisons as lights which came up and I brought them into my Antahkarana to augment my psychic body.

The result for three days was impressive. I gradually could feel horizontal connections and received energy at the left side of my chakra. Moreover, I live in the same life, I mean I didn’t move to the place I live, didn’t change my job, didn’t change my circumstances, but I could see from a different perspective like in the dreamy atmosphere. This new concept of using various perspectives gave me a calm state of mind. Yes, I am calm. My mind was not busy at all.

I wonder how much attachment did bother me? How many worries did make me sick? How many delusions did make me suffer? A lot! It might be equal to the number of blockages I burnt in the centre of the earth!

Satchi, thank you! Endless burning blockages like “Thomas and friends all Engines Go!” as its reward, I found calm in my mind. Furthermore, I am experiencing sensations in my crown chakra and the back of my head. It kept awakening in my mind like cold air biting my face. There were two significant changes in my mind and body.

Firstly, I stopped having a dream at night, or I might have it, but it was weak, and meaningless to remember it. Only for 3 nights so far, but I had it almost every day before. I feel so different when I get up in the morning.

Secondly, I felt a strong sensation in my crown chakra and the back of my head, during meditation and sometimes, outside of meditation. Especially, when I watch your video, or when I read something interesting, I felt this sensation.

I just remembered, for the last two years, I felt a similar sensation in my root chakra, strangely at the same time after lunch and late evening every day for a while. It was irresistible. But it stopped. Now, it started on my crown chakra and the back of my head.

After we came back from a hunting night walk, I felt crisp, of course after breathing the fresh cold air. I crossed my legs for meditation and dealt with memories called blockages.

I started the normal procedure at my fingertip. I aligned my body and head, which is crucially important. To create protection, Merkaba was the best, clear auras and compress it to make a blade. I am ready to cut the cord again. I cut it and connected it to the centre of the earth, asking my mind computer to burn a vast amount of negativity, automatically.

Meantime, I started undoing the memories attached to the sudden anger “Why now?”. There was my mother at the end of the cord and on the other side of the end there was my daughter.

I started with my mother. My strict, impetuous mother always asked me to do a particular thing just right now, when I was not ready to do this. I asked her “Why now?”, then she scolded me “Don’t ask me, just do it now. Because you should have done it before, You are lazy.”

I collected every memory and circled them. I felt negative feelings from my mother attached to them. Those negative feelings made me so nervous, and panicked. There were so many which were the moments my sub-personality was split off from my Soul. It didn’t matter, I just did the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps.

Then, suddenly one scene popped up. It was the scene I was telling my mother this truth. It was just a few weeks before she passed away. The scene showed me that a blockage of sin was created. Finally, I found this long tracking.

In this scene, I said to her “I could not do any more to fulfill your desire. I have tried hard since I was small. You rarely praised me, instead, you blamed me as a "lazy girl". I told this to my mother who was diagnosed with ALS and lost so much weight and muscle using a respiratory device. She was just listening and said, “I am so sorry to abuse you. I will confess.”

I projected energy onto myself and my mother. I received energy filled with a confession from my mother and dissatisfaction from my sub-personality. At the same time, I felt a mixture of regret and anger. I hugged both and brought them to the centre of the earth. They need to be purified. I was holding them until they burnt. Finally, they became angels and flew up to my soul to expand, enhance and evolve my energy body..

After this grounding, I felt pressure on the right top of my solar plexus. I grounded the connection and I focussed on looking at the area of pressure. It was filled with stagnant negativity in dark grey without shape.

I tried to push it all out, but it didn’t move. So I poured white energy from the highest place I could reach. It worked to neutralise negativity.

Sooner or later it had translucent quality. I could see through the bottom. Suddenly, I was caught by a twinge of energy with countless scenes where I was green with envy for the people who had good, kind helpful parents, brothers and sisters. It told me the moment my inner child split off from my soul. I started to search for her or them, highly likely several of them.

At the same time, somebody, probably a sub-personality, kept whispering to me, that we didn’t have such a nasty inner child. We didn’t envy anybody, we accepted all we had, right? Good girl. My sub-personality tried to discourage me to find the inner child filled with unconscious envy. I told her “Be quiet!” and I circled her with my sword. I kept focusing on searching for a split part of me first. I would ground this sub-personality later. I must not lose this track.

The energy started flowing in the Solar plexus but stopped in my second chakra. I looked it through my third eye. It was filled with sticky energy. I pushed it away by breathing like a pump, - Bhastrika pranayama - once all the old energy was ejected, I massaged it.

The energy started to flow. Now, I could see through them with clear transparent energy. I found three balls in a line, one each from these three chakras. Three were connected together. I cut the bottom and top. I sent energy from brow and heart chakras, Bingo! They were inner children.

The inner child from my third chakra had impetuousity like my mother. She learned this skill through endless experiences with my mother and started acting like her to soothe herself because this was the only way to exist. She did it in my past relationships and with my daughter. She showed anger at everybody who showed laziness and started attacking. Oh, dear! Anger again….

The second inner child from the second chakra was green with envy. She was like “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. She drove me unhappy in all relationships. She made me all sorts of negative feelings until I feel depression, then, I ran away from the relationship.

The third inner child from my first chakra was filled with fear. She was scared of being alone, getting older and dying miserably. She forced me to regret the past. She needed security and love. Probably, she was the one to rush for a marriage.

I knew that my ex-husband had some addictions and strong ego. She tried not to look at these problems, or she convinced me that I could get over those. Because I believed it was a true love. Yet, after divorcing, she was sending the negative energy to me to regret it. It was obvious this inner child didn’t care about me.

Inner children are soulless virtual machines which once programmed keep on doing what they do - Poor me, violator, selfish competitive black star…

I had found the three big enemies who destroyed my past relationships.

They could play their roles one after the other as a good team in order to feed themselves endlessly. If I didn't get rid of them or unite them to my soul, they would do the same thing for the rest of my life. I circled them and cut the above and bottom. It’s times up today. It took long already. I opened my eyes and stretched my legs. I need a good preparation.

In the evening, I went to Kendo practice. There was a new young man who hold a sword over his head called “Jodan”. It was unusual. Usually, we hold a sword in front of our hearts. Fighting against him was such a challenge because he was protecting his head all the time, there was no gap to hit his head called “Men” which was my favourite strike. Also, there was a long distance to hit his wrist above his head than the position in front of his heart. Therefore, I had to cut the side of his body called “Dou”. However, I was not good at hitting Dou, he had the agility to protect his body and attacked my head much more quickly than me. Moreover, he was in his early 20s and was Czech, there was no similarity between us, he was like an alien to me. Oh, my God!! What could I do?

“Stalk!” It came to my mind. OK, I stalked Dou, there was no other way left, was there? Satchi. So, I tried Dou many times. When he protected his body, I tried his head. During the practice, I had an extraordinary experience. His style of holding his sword became to look like his Antahkarana to me. Every time I attacked him, I felt like I was a BM! It was devastating to cut it. If I were a real BM, without getting his Antahkarana, I would die without charging energy. I would be overwhelmed or worse.

This experience taught me how important it was to proceed with the process of removing a Black Magician thoroughly. Otherwise, he or she would return whatever it took, and whatever gap arose, just as I did!

And, it provided me with the realisation that giving shocks to far-off BMs might be efficient to succeed in removing blockages. And also protections are necessary. Because my young opponent just did against me so well.

I was observing the situation, learning and analysing it with connecting my Antahkarana during this Kendo practice. Then, the practice ended. With the teacher's call, we meditated for a while, whilst I felt a strong connection to my Antakarana. Then, I bowed to him to ask his advice.

He gave me interesting advice, firstly he said I fought well today. I succeeded in some difficult techniques which were at the level of the second or third dan. But I did a basic mistake which made a detour returning to my original position after hitting. His comments surprised me. I thanked him and the young man.

Back to the basics, Yuko! My Antahkarana was vibrating to tell me this. OK, I will go through the basic technique both Kendo and meditation. Before going to sleep, I meditated about the detour.

The next day, I decided to go back to the basics. I watched the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 2 videos. There are a lot of important knowledge and some new powerful techniques which I was searching for!

I did all exercises in the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 2, they were so useful to refresh my regular activities. I cleaned the aura with golden light and removed blockages above my crown chakra, including where I saw a temple with monks, Future Buddha and Buddha, the place I met some people, the pagoda I met my higher self, and even tested the Virgin Mary.

I reviewed the techniques against Black Magicians connected to and controlling every one of my/our energy blockages. Energy Blockages are the way in which the tendrils of the Black Magicians enter into our energy bodies to pervert, degenerate and control.

After that, I cleaned between my root chakra and the centre of the earth. It took a couple of days, but at last, I felt good and strong. So, I was ready to tackle my strong three inner children with Impetuousness, Eagerness and Fear of loss or be abandoned.

They were still there, where I circled them. I haven’t started any relationships since I divorced. Furthermore, I cut the cord of 10 million people from my root chakra and cleaned the connections of close people.

So, they didn’t need to take charge and looked like dormant inner children. I protected myself and charged energy from the highest place I could reach, higher than Sirius. Now, I was holding my sword above my head like my young opponent protecting my Antahkarana! I’d learned from my Kendo practice.

I started with the impetuous one. I projected energy up and down from below and heart chakras to it. Immediately I felt stress between my heart and solar plexus where I found her. There was a dark cloud starting to form something. I pushed it out by golden light and cut the top and bottom. I saw a visualized structure connected to the chakra below the root chakra.

OK, I circled this cloud and start stalking the connection. I found a blockage in the chakra below the root chakra. It was a straw man which was hammered by a peg.

I circled it and projected energy. It came from a long time ago. So, I asked my mind computer to show me when I got this. It showed around 15 black spots from the past to the future.

I used my brow chakra to see some of the black spots, I could see this same straw man in my chakras in my every past life.

Wow, it would be tough work. All looked like the same straw man with a peg, so it came from the same source. So I gave shocks a couple of times and compressed all dots into one and I circled it in white light.

I decided to take a look at another of the two inner children. I could see a similar state and connected to the same straw man with a peg in the chakra below the root chakra.

I cut the top and bottom of the straw man and try to find minions and a BM. I found many minions who connected to my three inner children. I cut the top and bottom of all connections.

It was difficult to find the BM, during a long search, my leg hurt and there was some pressure in the second and the third chakras. I circled all and cut the top and the bottom.

Then, suddenly, my fear in my inner child was growing and became a high mountain. I heard the voice of the BM, “You cannot find me because this fear was so big that you could not defeat me.”

I went up and created an atomic bomb and dropped it on the mountain. It broke into pieces. Suddenly my visibility enhanced and my eyes caught the BM!

It was a Red Witch, again. Furthermore, she was using my traumatic inner children as her minions. I could see my mother, my father, my brother, my ex-husband and some friends who gave me hard time. There were some more people I’d never seen. The Red Witch Demon was influencing, controlling through their inner children subpersonalities, the people who gave them traumatic experiences, such as my grandfather who abused my father when he was small, my mother’s aunt who bullied my mother’s family for being poor.

Oh, my God! The universe! I will ground all Karmic mass to have a new life. Please help me to give me a maximum power. I prayed for God and I connected to the universe and focused on my breathing with mula bandha. I gained energy. Yes! I could do it. Let’s go!

I projected energy to all of them, around 20 of them, up and down, cut the top and bottom by my magic sword. I asked my mind computer to show all blockages related to these people and this Bloody Red Witch who cursed my life.

It showed many black spots in my timeline. I circled all black spots and put them into the washing machine which I created in order to wash my timeline with Shakti and golden powder. It was a great invention, right, Satchi! I touched the start button and left the washing machine to run.

I looked at Bloody Red Witch. What the hell was this witch? I had grounded her once, but she came back again. I had to use a different technique, a new one. I stopped time and circled her and her 20 minions and cut the top and bottom I grounded all together with many straw men from my chakras.

The straw men were filled with jealousy. All burned in the centre of the earth. Then, I did the 7 steps in 4 dimension world. I completed all processes much faster. It was great.

The Bloody Red Witch became a beautiful angel with strong wings and minions of all my traumas became shiny Angel lights. I brought them to Sirius to augment my spiritual body.

Now I could ground my three inner children. I send them energy from a higher place in the universe. Everything was caused by the jealousy of the straw men. I sent all my love to these inner children and burn them in the center of the earth. They became one angel with a beautiful smile. I went up to my soul with her.

Yuko Sato 15th Feb 2023
Dearest Satchi,

Very good, Yuko,
Thank you. I hope so. I enjoy meditating so much, so I have no time practicing Ashtanga Yoga, haha…. I hope it is OK.

Soon no blockages!

I hope so, but I believe it will be long way, though….
Recently, I feel very calm, less dynamic, or perhaps balanced. Because I burnt so much anger recently, so less anger I feel less conflict and drama in my daily life. It delivered a new state of mind I’d never experienced. But I was a bit worried that I would become lazy or the blockages would make me demotivated. So, I meditated about laziness, just for sure in this morning. I will write about it later.

How did the work go with your brother?

Not yet. He will be the last one to meditate about. I sensed that it connected to my hidden resentment in today’s meditation. I would like to clear my chakras above the crown chakra before tackling this issue.

And the lipstick?

Aha, read the below. I did it last night and this morning.

Sirius - its a major sun system where the Christ and Satchidananda live. Above that is the Avatar of Synthesis. The Dogen tribe of Africa knew there was a Sirius B there without telescopes. The Freemasons have the Helical rising of Sirius as well as the Hindus but I forget the festival - ah Shivaratri!

Alice Bailey talks about the Black Lodge on Sirius apart from the location of the Christ.

Thank you. Your advice was reflected into my meditation.

Yes. Good questions.

It seems another synchronicity. I meditated on the lipstick this morning. The reason is blatantly obvious. I saw the Bloody Red Witch AGAIN and it took a couple of days to accomplish the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps.

She was attached to the lipstick when I met her for the first time. Now I perceive that there are many strings attached to her and these strings connect to a Mass Satanic Organization through many past lives.

This Organization uses many minions (even my sub-personalities) to hold me.

During meditations, I cut innumerable connections and strings attached, but it was not enough. I noticed that the Bloody Red Witch loves jealousy which contains anger as a driving force. I removed various blockages that sensed anger from the place between the solar plexus and the heart chakra.

I could assume that the Satanic Organization also uses resentment to stir up my emotion not to focus on meditations. Even I felt a bit demotivated. It's high time to execute her and the lipstick.

Before this, I will write about the blockage hunting in the chakra below the root chakra last night.

I went back to the scene after I metamorphosed three inner children into a strong, beautiful angel and I pinned the string. I found it and stalked it. It connected to the chakra between the root chakra and the centre of the earth. Let’s call this chakra “Earth chakra” - Kundalini Chakra - because the closest chakra to the centre of the earth and it located inside the earth, right?

Bingo! I found a blockage shaped like a round ball. I cut the top and tried to cut the bottom, but something lay buried. By the way, this Earth chakra is coloured black, but healthy black, not covered by blockages, I hope. Don’t you think so?

If it is covered by blockages, Oh my God! I need a week to clean all! I was convinced that it was coloured black because I could see golden light coming through like a backlight or magma.

The blockage I found had a different texture. I looked at the blockage through my third eye and it looked like orchid buds. And the blockage I could see was the top part and the rest were buried down. Yes, it was a giant orchid plant rooted in the earth.

What the hell was it? It was feeding my inner children. The bud was like an incubator for my inner child. Once the flower bloomed, the new inner child would be born.

Wow…. It was a highly impressive system. I must remove it by root, otherwise, I never get rid of my inner children. I traced this orchid including its roots carefully with a dagger my great-grand mother gave me last year.

I projected golden energy, perhaps I could use blue light for aura cleaning. Now, it looked like impressive art. I push it out, cut the bottom and circled it. It took time and I felt distracted. It was a really bad blockage. I could feel enormous negativity.

Despite it, I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps to it.

I found minions who dressed beautifully in luxurious ancient style. Most of them were women like in the harem. I cut the top and bottom and sent energy up and down.

Next was. AGAIN! a Bloody Red Witch, but she was different from the one I saw. She was beautiful in a red gorgeous dress like a queen. It seemed like there was a Bloody Red Witch organization which cursed me so badly. She put red lipstick on her lips. Red Lipstick!

Anyway, I sent golden energy, she doesn’t move at all. She was absorbing energy and grew like a mountain. I went up to the universe to create an atomic bomb. Then I saw the string from her to Sirius chakra. So, her controller lived in the Sirius chakra. Is it possible?

I dropped the bomb on this red queen. She shrunk. I cut the top and bottom. Next! I looked at her controller in the Sirius chakra. It covered half of my Sirius chakra. Until I found this controller, I imagined Sirius was a world, because I visited the world before. But, as you explained to me, it was a solar system, so it was like Sirius constellation? I got it.

I found this controller in my chakra located in the Sirius solar system. It covered the right side of my Sirius chakra. I traced it with my spiritual sword and pour energy directly from Sirius. It started to melt. I cut the top and bottom. I tracked the string from this melting controller. I was completely out of the Sirius solar system. I was in the middle of nowhere in an unknown space and I found blockages up to a million. I cut the top and bottom. Then, I moved even farther to circle up to infinity. I did.

Then, now I grounded all with strong determination. I want to burn all and I imagine all were completely burning. Then, it happened. Red magma from the centre of the earth swallowed all at once. All has gone.

I waited for a while, counting breaths with peace. After I transformed my impetuous inner child, I feel calm and at peace. Suddenly, brilliant light came up and a beautiful winged white queen appeared. I looked below from my Sirius chakra.

Without the massive controller, I could see through to the centre of the earth. Now, I could circulate energy so dynamically. All chakras were transparent and functioning well, vibrating, glowing and shining differently, but all were perfectly synchronized with each other in a pre-established harmony. Wow, I was amazed at how beautifully God created us. I expressed the very deep gratitude to God. Thank you.

Then, I went to sleep.

The next morning, I meditated about the lipstick which the Bloody Red Witch Queen put on. I received your email which reminded me of it at the same time.

I will write it later.

Love and light


I was enjoying this I found last time we visited India

We go again to India April - June 2023!











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Kerala and Ayurveda

Taj Mahal

Energy blockages are innumerable.
Let us vow to end them all!!!!!
Zen Vow


Take good care of yourself and Devi
I attach the photo of the handwriting Heart Sutra in calligraphy by my mother. I am thinking to do the same. I am trained to handwriting in Calligraphy. It will protect you from evil spirits.

Love and light


The easy blockages go first. The big blockages have more energy to hide!

Blockages are endless
Let us vow to end them all!
Zen vow

Great Vows for All
However innumerable all beings are,
We vow to enlighten them all;
However inexhaustible our Energy Blockages are,
We vow to end them all;
However immeasurable the Dharma Teachings are;
We vow to master them all;
However endless the Buddha's Way is,
We vow to follow it.
May you find Love, Light and Realization

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .
Dearest Satchi and Devi,














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