Logan - "Beware Of the Light"

Logan Esoteric Movie Review by Satchidanand - Slow Poisoning, Brain Damage, GMO, Fluoride, MRNA Sterilisation, MRNA Myocarditis, MRNA Pericarditis, MRNA Vaccines, MRNA Prion Spike Protein created Altsheimers, MRNA Cancer, Poverty, Racism, Slavery and Genocide - All Gone - He is Risen!!


Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani talking about the Sacred Pink Floyd Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani Part 1


Transcript – Pink Floyd One talk Transcription of Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani talking about the Sacred Pink Floyd Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani


Sacred Pink Floyd Dance Part One






Sometimes people reading the Truth get depressed by it.

For people with big hearts though, the truth gets them started with an Implacable Opposition to Absolute Evil.

The Battle of Armageddon can only be won by sufficient Angels to fight against the Demons.

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What's so tragic about the film Logan is that it's so ignorant. The Movie Makers got it wrong. Trump was President and Capitalism was Revived!! For a moment all was possible…

In this Movie Wolverine representing the old dead capitalist order dies. They got it wrong and this Movie could easily be fixed.

All movies are written two years in advance and by this time Globalist Communist Maoist Chinese Agent Hillary Rodham Clinton - named after her father, Hugh Rodham, who took over the Chicago mob after Al Capone - "I wanted you to become President, Michael" - The Godfather - was supposed to be in charge of a dying America, Covid, Lockdowns, the Deathvaxx, No Petrol, No Gas, No Vegetables, No Eggs, No money, War with Russia - instead of Bidet...

Instead Trump boosted the economy, made America self sufficient in Energy, closed the border, and it was up to Biden to fulfill the dream of Hilary, Obama, Soros, the Satanic Phoenician Mega-Trillionaires Rockefeller and Rothschild, the Black Nobility and King Chucky III.

Rather like Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series whose memes were given to him and to all science fiction authors by Naval Intelligence and the CIA, we find we are dumfounded when that which was predicted does not come to pass.

Clearly, the real villain is the Transigen company, representing the Monsatan Company and because they are a company, the filmmakers think this is a cute way to strike an anti-Trump punch; because Monsatan uses our food and water to poison people, thereby destroying mutants except those they create in their labs,

Monsatan GMO has the same poisoning effect on the new mutant crystal children.

Transigen bares a striking resemblance to real-food modifier giant Monsatan, who happens to be a big-time donor to the Clinton Foundation or there is this article where Hillary accepted $325,000 to "coach" Monsanto employees on how to avoid being honest.

There is also this article about how the Obama-Clintons-Bush drug criminal enterprise have pushed for GMOs in our diet, but always had organic food at the White House.

It is now extant that the elites have planned eugenics and human genocide since 1850.

They created No-Soul Satanic Atheism and Communism by Ambassador Urquhart paying British Agent Karl Marx to write Das Kapital from his office in the British National Library in London.

This resulted in the Russian Revolution with British Agents Lenin and Stalin (60 millions dead).

This resulted in the Chinese Revolution with a Yali - Yale Educated, 33rd Luciferian Degree Freemason Chairman Mao (100 Million dead including innocent buddhists who are prosecuted, blood typed and executed by organ harvest and whose organs are sold to rich aristocratic oligarchs who now live to 100 and have eight heart transplants to keep them alive. Whose life extension includes regular blood transfusions of stem cell rich babies and children.

Using interbreeding between the Pilkington, Huxley, Darwin, and Galton families they created geniuses like Julian and Aldous Huxley but also inbred cretins.

Even the geniuses created by these families were of the psychopathic variety, gushing over experiments in Soviet Russia they had seen of hospital wards filled with human patients with the top of their craniums sawn off and wires implanted in their brains!!

So, the no-soul communists can do this because for 10,000 years Satanists have been teaching humanity is an animal, is a beast which has no soul, no imago dei and thus can be treated like Slaves.

This is very much like the Papal Bulls of the Catholic Church from its Satanic Temples beneath Saint Peters Cathedral, founded by the Capet Dragon Kings of Paris France, from its underground Satanic Temples beneath the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Papal Bulls are written on human skin of heretics or children, say the same thing and more. Humans have no soul, no mind, no body say the Catholic Papal Bulls.

In fact says Saint Augustine in agreement with Satanic Babylonian Empire Superagent Aristotle, "The Poisoner" of Alexander the Great, "Slavery is their natural State"

Indeed our Lord and Master Aristocrats - Aristo from Aristotle and Crats - to rule by - the Aristotelian teaching propounded by Professor Pompo-Nazi at the University of Padua that Humanity has no soul.

Only Imago Viva Dei - Man is the Living Image of God!! - and the concept of the Soul can protect us from being treated like Animals, treated as Slaves.

So these concepts of interbreeding with animals as has secretly been going on in underground laboratories Worldwide for 50 years ( the Island of Doctor Moreau by head of British Secret services H G Wells and the Resident Evil series), and interbreeding with aliens (The Guardians of the Galaxy). The creation of soulless Androids (Blade Runner). The creation of Robots and Artificial Intelligence (I Robot) are at the forefront of the Battle for the Soul which has been going on for thousands of years.

Where elites use philosophy to prove that they themselves, by virtue of their divine right are a different species from humanity and therefore have always had this divine right to rule. To call humanity slaves.

And because the Aristocrats believe and have always believed that they have the divine right to call humanity their slaves, they...

1. Poison us with GMO
2. Poison us with Monsatan Roundup Pesticide and Rat Poison Fluoride in the water.
3. Poison vaccines to brain damage the babies reducing humanity’s IQ by 20 points on average.
4. Poison vaccines to sterilise little girls.
5. Poison Vaccines to paralyse people. Understand that eugenocidalist Bill Gates can no longer visit India because of a law case where his vaccines paralyzed 459,000 children.
6. Created Atheism and Communism by Ambassador Urquhart paying Karl Marx to write Das Kapital from his office in the British National Library in London, resulting in the Russian Revolution with Agents Lenin and Stalin (60 millions dead), resulting in the Chinese Revolution with Yale Educated, 33rd Luciferian Degree Freemason Chairman Mao (100 Million dead including innocent buddhists who are prosecuted, blood typed and executed by organ harvest and whose organs are sold to rich aristocratic oligarchs who now live to 100 and have eight heart transplants to keep them alive. Whose life extension includes regular blood transfusions of stem cell rich babies and children.)
7. Created the United Nations not to create World peace except in the Roman sense of, "They created a desert, and called it peace - Tacitus" but to enslave the World through Satanic Globalism.

Together with the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Health Vaccine Organisation, the Pharma Industries’ creation of Autism Pharmageddon, 50% of children are now on medication, Modern Druggy Medicine, Agenda 21 and 30 to create a poverty stricken underclass living in coffin apartments in 15 minute super Cities and to destroy the family by pushing a socialist, safe space, LGBTQPedophile Agenda.

In other words, the very problem the makers of the movie Logan wants to vilify and peg at the door of the conservatives, whites and Christians are issues created by thousands of years of Satanic Aristocrats and their no-soul satanic fascist capitalist socialist candidates - yes the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires created satanism, fascism, communism, and capitalism, championed in every Government in the World from Europe to USA to South America to Africa.

It does not matter which system - it only matters that an Infil-traiting Satanist is not in charge of the System!

They will never admit it though, will they?

This isn't something particular to capitalism, this is particular to satanic no-soul socialism and all the underground temple satanic secret societies.

The Pope is the Godfather front man for the Black Nobility and the Rothschilds are the front man investors for the Vatican Bank.

The 500 trillion dollar Vatican Bank owns Blackstone and Vanguard - nearly all, 70% of the Fortune 500 International Companies, Banks Worldwide, and 100% of Central Banks like the Federal Reserve..

Ever wonder how they have gotten away with millions of cases of pedophilia, never mind the Human Sacrifice which goes on in the catacombs, the underground Satanic Temples, underneath St Peters in Rome.

The Popes, the American Presidents, the Pentagon, The CIA and the FBI and the Mafia are all the same group whose aim is Control in the same way this World has been controlled for 10,000 years by raising one empire, and failing another, and profiting from both...

The real Aim of the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires is not money except as a tool, but eternal control of humanity.

These businesses are merely doing their satanic business and paying government not to enforce regulations and oversight.

When the government is in charge of everything, there is no one to enforce regulations and oversight, because the government isn't going to govern itself or keep up checks and balances, just as we saw in all the Presidents after the Assassination of JFK and during the disastrous eight years of the Obama Administration and now the Biden Administration.

Politicians give these organizations money when they are in power (like Hillary Clinton and the $600 million missing from the State Department while she was Secretary of State) and then those organizations give a percentage of it back to the politician in the form of a "campaign contribution," like to the Clinton Foundation which has been given sixty-nine Billion Dollars for services rendered.

Congress votes 100 billion for the Ukraine War and Zelensky invests it in Sam Bankman Fried's FTX money laundry who then distributes it to the usual suspects.

That's "cronyism," that's Corruption, ubiquitous in capitalism, fascism, communism and no-soul socialism.

In fact when corrupt we have neither capitalism or no-soul socialism or communism or anarchism or bolshevism or globalism - we have only corruptionalism!!

More than that, we have illogical Satanism!!

Pushing the No-Soul Agenda of human slavery for 10,000 years from its underground satanic temples in Paris, Rome, and Oxford University. Benjamin Franklin joined the Hellfire Club with its underground Satanic Temple like most of the English politicians of the day.

There are underground satanic temples beneath Oxford University.

The motorway (a motorway just to Oxford!!) takes them up from London to their group dinners and Satanic rituals.

Most headmasters of schools have Oxford MA's and promote intelligent psychopaths to Oxford and destroy the careers of the crystal children, the new Xavier-Savior mutants of heart, conscience, morality, and Christ-like psychic powers.

These Crystal Children are the real mutants and are born like cuckoos in every family.

The psychic powers of Crystal Children are not aimed at Killing Better like the mutants in the X-Men Movies.

The psychic powers of Crystal Children are not based upon DNA or it would be possible to breed them.

Instead the crystal children's powers of Heart, Empathy, Conscience and purpose are based upon their evolution over many lifetimes.

Crystal Children are not beginners.

Crystal Children have been here many times before.

Crystal Children have been down every road.

Crystal Children know where each road ends

Crystal Children are not psychopaths, they can not be turned to the Dark Side, they are incipient Jedi Masters, Illuminated Enlightened Masters because they respond to Spiritual Energy, To Intuition, To Wisdom, To Goodness, To Light!. -

Thus Crystal Children do not fit with normal humans.

Thus, they just need space to find their own path and can learn most from one who has walked the path - One who can create a Buddhafield One who can teach the Ancient Techniques of Meditation and Soul growth. A Charles Savior if you will.

These Oxford University Satanic Rituals hold the group together in sin. Very much as the Mafia (Mazzini authorises fire and assassination MAFIA created by British Agent Mazzini) Assassinate someone to, "Make their Bones"

But because they are so quick to blindly follow orders, they don't question anything or do any research, they just open their mouths and swallow whatever is fed them, and they count upon us to do the same.

These secret organisations and their Satanic underground temples are the cause of all wars, all poison, all genocide, all Satanic transhumanism and eugenics..

Leonardo Da Vinci of the Medici renaissance went to France at the end of his life to teach the French King about the wealth creating methods of the renaissance.

Later the same renaissance methods took root in America in 1776 - which is now in the process for the last 60 years of being taken down.

With the help of Leonardo Da Vinci, France became the richest country in Europe which was a threat to the Satanic World State based on poverty and slavery.

Thus the Satanic Venetian Empire which took over England with its agent, William of Orange, wanted to run operations to take down the French Empire, and later the American Empire.

The Seven Years' War of 1756-63 had stripped France of its once formidable maritime capacity. Lord Shelburne - head of Drug-Slave-Bankster British East India Company and Prime Minister of England sought to destroy France as a wealthy, scientific, economic and military rival on the continent.

From the outset, the French Revolution Jacobin Terror was a British East India Company - British Foreign Office-orchestrated affair.

The bloody massacre of France's scientific elite - the destruction of the wealth creation of Science - was systematically carried out by French hands, manning French guillotines, but guided by British strings.

British Agent Jacques Necker, a Geneva-born, Protestant, slavishly pro-British banker, had been installed through the efforts of Shelburne's leading ally in France, Philippe Duke of Orléans, as finance minister. Necker's daughter, the infamous Agent, Madame de Staël, would later run one of Shelburne's most important Parisian salons.

Although Necker had failed to block France from allying with the Americans during the American Revolution, he did succeed in presiding over the depletion of the French treasury and the collapse of its credit system, as in the USA today.

Economic crisis across France was the precondition for political chaos and insurrection, and Shelburne readied the projected destabilization by creating a "radical writers' shop'' at Bowood staffed by Satanic Psychopathic British Agents Bentham, the Genevan Etienne Dumont, and the Englishman Samuel Romilly.


The Vast Majority of the Low IQ Public comprising Dumb Sheep and Dogs know nothing of this.

This information is written for the most alert and aware.

It is written for those who are capable of becoming enlightened.

Speeches were prepared by Bentham and translated and transported by diplomatic pouch and other means to Paris, where leaders of the Satanic Left wing Jacobin Terror, Jean-Paul Marat, Georges Jacques Danton, and Maximilien de Robespierre delivered the fiery oratories.

Records of East India Company payments to these leading Jacobins are still on file at the British Museum.

Satanic Psychopathic British Agent Bentham was so taken up with the events in France, that on Nov. 25, 1791, he wrote to National Assemblyman J.P. Garran offering to move to Paris to take charge of the penal system.

Enclosing a draft of his Panopticon - Big Brother is watching you surveillance - Concentration Camp proposal, Satanic Psychopathic British Agents Bentham wrote: ''Allow me to construct a prison on this model--I will be the jailer. You will see by the memoire, this jailer will have no salary--will cost nothing to the nation. The more I reflect, the more it appears to me that the execution of the project should be in the hands of the inventor.''

At the same time, Satanic Psychopathic British Agent Bentham was proposing to assume the post of chief jailer of the Jacobin Terror, which sent many of France's greatest Renaissance scientists and pro-American republicans to the guillotine or to prison.

Bentham's Panopticon scheme was a slave labor camp first designed by him in Russia in 1787 while he was visiting his brother, another Shelburne spy.

Asked by Prince Potemkin, the prime minister of Catherine the Great, to help procure a steam engine to build up Russian industry, Bentham argued that human labor--not steam power--ought to be sufficient.

His design, complete with elaborate architectural drawings, called for criminals to be worked to death as slave labour, the indigent, and the retarded--along with their children--to be placed in jail cells equipped with primitive machinery run by a central power source, which in turn would be fueled by swings, merry-go-rounds, and see-saws in the children's cellblock.

A scene from Marquis de Sade.


Marquis de Sade was a Psychopathic Pedovore Satanist of the Oligarchic ruling class. Perhaps the end result of many lifetimes of perversion he was a pathetic addict of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Highly intelligent and of an excellent family he showed that without mastery of addiction, intelligence does not bring wisdom and purpose - only an explanation of the psychopathic ruling elite and its Illuminati Rituals.

“There is nothing that sets bounds to licentiousness…The best way of enlarging and multiplying one’s desires is to try to limit them.” - Sade

Sade is a pedovore propagandist for perversion and degeneration, in his books he hopes to persuade you, the reader, to become like him, as all Satanists offer Christ all the money and power in this world and Sade cannot understand why Christ says, "Get thee behind me Satan"

The energy expended by the children playing with the toys would drive the factory. A central guardroom equipped with two-way mirrors would permit one guard to oversee the slave labor of hundreds. Above the main door of the Panopticon was to be a sign, reading: "Had they been industrious when free, they need not have drudged here like slaves.''

During his tour of Russia and the Ottoman Empire, when he devised his Panopticon scheme and wrote In Defense of Usury, Bentham wrote in his diary: ''It is an old maxim of mine that usury interest, as love, should be free.''

Satanic Psychopathic British Agent Bentham's, "In Defense of Pederasty" in 1785 an essay on the subject of pederasty--arguing against any sanctions against homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism, Pedophilia, masturbation, and bestiality - Free Love!!

Satanic Psychopathic British Agent Bentham dismissed the harsh penalties then in force against pederasty as the result of irrational religious fears born of the Old Testament destruction of Sodom and perpetuated by society's "irrational antipathy'' to pleasure in general and to sexual pleasure in particular. Christian morality, like every other expression of natural law, had no place in Satanism...

These Renaissance destruction programs never let up.

The Satanic creation of Human poverty and slavery are a full time job.

Thus the Assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by poison just after he succeeded in making USA the richest Empire ever!! And his wish to then enrich the whole world which was never followed up - IT HAS TAKEN EXACTLY 70 YEARS - 1947 TO 2017 - TO DESTROY THAT RICHNESS!!

And the Assassination of John F Kennedy with his dreams of a fusion powered economy, irrigation of California and Arizona sufficient to support another 300 million people and his project to the Moon, Mars and beyond - TO THE STARS!!

All renaissance projects.

No, "You Africans can not have Air Conditioning or Cars - the World would just blow up!!" from Obama.

No!! We want a high energy, high richness economy!!

We don't want that dystopic predictive program of Logan, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Watchmen.. Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

There are two minor details of Logan substantiating this: first, Professor X tells Logan a mutant waits for him at "the statue of Liberty," and, indeed, it's at the Liberty Motel which has a Statue of Liberty logo where Logan picks up Laura.


This is the end of Part One…

PART 2 OF Logan - "Beware Of the Light" NEXT…



19. AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 4 - SATANIC HOMO OCCULTISM, SATANIC HITLER - THE HOMOSEXUAL ROOTS OF FASCISM - Black Magician Homosexual Hitler created homosexual Cults based upon Black Magic - taught to him by Guido von List and the Armanen Order, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels and Ariosophy, The Thule Society, Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Because the Torah and the Bible prohibit Homosexuality, in order to introduce Satanism and its Satanic Sodomy Rituals, Hitler decided to destroy Judaism and Also he changed Christianity - Jesus - into a Sun God associated with Odin by sending all clerics to the death camps along with all the Ritual burning holocaust six million Jews.

After that Hitler allied with Islam because Islam promotes a warrior Spartan Pedophilia and Sex Slavery of Women - "Women for breeding, boys for love" See, Thousands of child prostitutes in every city of Britain - Rochdale child sex abuse ring https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rochdale_child_sex_abuse_ring

Hitler's NAZI is National Socialism, an offshoot of No-God Communism - You can see this plan occurring in Western Civilisation everywhere, NOW!!




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