Transcript of How Devi Dhyani made Pink Floyd Sacred - Part 2 - Incredible talk with Satchidanand


Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani Sacred Pink Floyd Part 2

Video of How Devi Dhyani made Pink Floyd Sacred - Part 2 - Incredible talk with Satchidanand

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Song: 0:00 Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone home?

Come on now

I hear you’re feeling down

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again


I’ll need some information first

Just the basic facts...

Satchidanand 0:50 And he says, “I’ve been mad for fucking years.”

Devi Dhyani 0:55 Absolutely.

Satchidanand 0:55 Absolutely open around the twist. Why do you think he’s saying that?

Devi Dhyani 1:04 Because he is dissociated.

Satchidanand 1:07 I never would have thought that. How is he dissociated?

Devi Dhyani 1:11 Blockages.

Satchidanand 1:12 Blockages. Drugs?

Devi Dhyani 1:15 Drugs. Blockages, what happens when we are born, we work with/as a divine essence. But later in the life, the blockages, experience and this trauma, they start to dissociate us and also the education.

Education is organized to dissociate humans. In the old Matrix, now I think it’s tendency will be for unity, the new tendency and Eric Fromm is talking about the search of the human for love. We get the unity to love, and the difficulties to find the real love because each one we are not one. We are like a legion. 'My name is Legion" Demon.

In one of us, a thousand people form the dissociation, that period, implanted and all, we are not only one and this search for love... The real search for love, is, he propose, meditation and he’s talking about the role of searching for love like a use drugs trying to get the unity and the connection and the relative to, you use drug to get the connection, you get worse, more dissociated.

And the love of a partner sometimes is get you more dissociated because the other guy got a lot of subpersonalities, you got subpersonalities, they don’t match and they split, split the couple and split because of the subpersonalities inside of each of us.

And the other search for love is through the religion or through the hope of getting help from the authority.

If you want to get unity through authority, like government, you are lost because their aim is to dissociate you. And Eric Fromm is talking about, he is talking about what Hitler was talking about, The Fatherland and the love to the Fatherland, and if you tried to love your Fatherland, you are also having no good result in this search. Because the state they Coordinate with the idea to dissociate, not to unity to integrate.

Always get integrated through meditation.

Eric Fromm says that in the book is called "The Art of Love", which is very, very interesting. And it shows how the people are looking for different ways to be connected and with no good result.

Satchidanand 5:08 It’s interesting that this song by Pink Floyd is called Time. And in Jupiter Ascending,

they say the only valuable thing in this universe is not commodities, it’s not things. He says, “It’s more time.”

These demons who live in the center of the universe, the Abrasax family, the Abraxas Demon, they say, “I have lived for 100,000 years. Just like changing your lightbulb, all I need to do is to suck the energy of 100 people, and I can live for another thousand years.”

Simple, all you got to do is to avert your eyes, from the fact that you have killed 100 people in order to live forever.

Devi Dhyani 5:58 Close your eyes. don't look at other side. Don’t look.

Satchidanand 6:01 Don’t look at what you’re doing. Just close your eyes, look in another direction, and you can live forever. And the aim of the black magicians, the aim of the evil people, for thousands of years has been to live forever.

At the end of this song, Time, we’ve got these three ladies and they're wailing away, saying, “Oh, we’re going to die.”

And this is the thing that these people hate. But the only good to do is to take the energy from 100 people by killing them. And they can live forever.

You know, thousands of years ago, these evil people learned how to leave the body by taking loads of drugs, by meditating, by improving their psychic bodies. And they learned how to leave the body and live out of the body, like Sauron, like the Devil out of the body, in private universes in the center of the universe in the chakras above the head.

And all they need to do is to use Earth as their farm, where they farm the human animals. And by implanting them with implant energy blockages and connecting to these blockages by means of psychic streams of energy, they can suck you dry, they can steal your spiritual energy, they can reduce your lifespan by giving you all sorts of diseases that are caused by these energy blockages.

They can addict you to all the things that are supposed to give you love, they will addict you to drugs, which burn the candle at both ends, whereby they suck the energy that you’ve created by taking the drugs and they suck you dry, and you die young.

And then there’s the sexual implant blockage, whereby you’re connected to another human being in search of love. Like Devi said, with this, Fromm guy and they suck you dry, they suck the energy of the orgasm, they suck you, they take the energy from you, and you die young.

And in order to do that, you know, it’s not such a simple matter to avert your eyes, to close your eyes to what you are doing. No, in order to do this, in order to kill millions of human beings, you have to be a psychopath.

And the whole purpose of satanic ritual is to turn you into a psychopath. They have special rituals where they take psychic daggers and they place them in the petals around your heart center. And they take the energy of the heart, and they place it into a murdered sacrificed animal or child.

And they place it in a canopic jar sealed with tar and put it into a Heart Site in the country whereby they stop your empathy, whereby they take the energy of the heart, they cut off from the heart.

And I don’t know whether you’ve ever seen the videos that Alex Jones took in Bohemian Grove, in California. It’s about 4000 acres of Redwoods. And in the center, they have this 40 foot Owl, Moloch, the God of burning people alive.

And they have an altar in front of this Moloch figure. And in it they put a child - the image of a child - they say, “And they burn this image to death.” While all the presidents, all the captains of industry, all the top people in the United States, all Satanists, they stand around, and they go, “Oh, that’s so great. I want to cut off from my heart to enable me to do the horrible things I need to do in order to capture humanity, in order to enslave humanity, in order to rape humanity of all of its money, in order to rape humanity of all of its spiritual energy.”

The other thing a Satanist has to do by performing the Satanic Rituals is to cut off from the energy of God by placing blockages above the crown chakra.

And so a black magician cuts off from God, cuts off from his heart, in order to be able to do the nasty things he’s got to do, to take the energy from 7 billion people on earth.

To take that energy by killing them, by sucking them dry, by means of implant energy blockages. Time, the tolling of the Division Bell, bring the faithful to the knees.

Cry, “Oh yeah, I was going to die.” Whereas death is the gift of God.

It says so in The Lord of the Rings, “It is what Illuvitar gave to humanity that makes them different from the Elves who lived forever.

Makes them different from Sauron and Morgoth,” who live forever.

It is the gift of God, why is it a gift? Because without it, we would never evolve. It’s so easy to go to the dark side. And if you don’t go fine, the next time you’re going to clean white sheet, you had your memory wiped, and you have a clean start to learn how to be good.

Every lifetime you’re given that clean start, whereby you have a chance of choosing the good side, the natural side, the side that will take you to God instead of falling, as so many of us do when we fail the test and going to the dark side.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it talks about these people who live out of the body as celestial deities, or in nature. And it says, “Yet, even these people, no matter how much they try with their black magic, and their cutting off from the energy of God, from that cutting off from the energy of the heart.

Even these people will fall, they will eventually die, they will make a mistake. They will be ganged up upon by the other black magicians, they will fall and they will die the real death and they will be reborn with all of that horrible karma they need to overcome in order to have a good life.”

We had a student, PhD, a Doctor of Psychology, and she was in-charge of an institute in Ireland. And she was wondering why she was born into a family which abused her sexually, which did horrible things to her when she was young.

She was wondering why her mother abused her sexually. She was wondering why her father abused her sexually. She was wondering why her grandfather abused her sexually.

And when she came through Energy Enhancement. She contacted the center of the earth. She got a rush of Kundalini energy going up her spine and into the head chakras. And she opened the third eye. When she was doing the Third Level of Energy Enhancement, the Karma Cleaning Process, when she was going back through this lifetime and cleaning out all the Energy Blockages.

She was going back through the lifetime previous to that and cleaning out all the Energy Blockages and she was going back through one hundred different lifetimes, a thousand different lifetimes back, back, back, cleaning out all the energy blockages, cleaning out all the nasty stuff that she’d ever done. And she came to a place in Greece 3000 years ago. And she was a beautiful girl. This was a female, beautiful girl, blond hair, blue eyes and she was a Priestess in the Temple. And she was a healer.

One day, a Black Magician came by and he looked at her and he fell in love and he connected with by streams of energy from his base chakra and he seduced her by connecting with her base chakra, the unconscious.

This is not the conscious mind where you know what’s happening. This is the unconscious mind where nobody knows what’s going on, unless you’re integrated, unless you can feel these things, unless you’ve been enlightened for a while.

And he connected with it. And he implanted her with the sex addiction virus, the sex addiction blockage. And he seduced her. He brought her to the dark side. And for 10 lifetimes, she did all the things that Black Magicians do. She did all the rituals, she did all the sex, she killed people. She tortured them to death. She did horrible things to them. And then after 10 lifetimes, this Black Magician fell out of love with her.

And like I said, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says, “Even those who can leave the body and live a celestial deities, even they will die.” And she was ganged up on by this Black Magician, who broke her base chakra, who put blockages into her, sufficient that she would be born into a psychopathic, abusing sexually abusing family for one hundred lifetimes.

And she said to me, “I have been born into a psychopathic, sex abusing family for one hundred lifetimes. And just now I’m getting the spiritual energy sufficient to raise out of that, which is why I’ve come to you, Sachi. I have come to do Energy Enhancement, which is the only thing, the intellect can’t do it.

So far, going to university, passing all the examinations, being really interested in psychology, becoming a PhD in psychology and getting my doctorate, saved me. My brother is taking drugs, heroin, and he wants to commit suicide. My sister, abused like me, taking drugs, like heroin, wants to commit suicide.

And all of this evil karma, all of the things that I did one hundred lifetimes ago, all of the bad evil things that have happened to me, abuse, drugs, prostitution in one hundred lifetimes up till now overcame me and I got a little bit of spiritual energy by doing some good things.

And now I’m here energy enhancement to clean using the Karma Cleaning process, all of my past lifetimes, to take away all that evil come to become a clean white sheet again.”

The intellect cannot help you. The emotions, the negative emotions cannot help you, the physical body cannot help you. The only thing that can help you is Energy Enhancement Meditation.

She’d been sucked dry for one hundred lifetimes like a prize cow donating all of her energy in short, abusive lifetimes of drugs, and sex and prostitution.

And this is the degeneration that the Black Magicians want for every person on this planet. They want to suck you dry. And unless you know how to avoid that, unless you know about energy blockages, this will be your fate.

Everybody has these energy blockages. A man has blockages like a dog has fleas, everybody has them. But some people because they’ve got a bigger, more juicy spiritual body can resist that.

But they all have energy blockages. And some people fall and degenerate like Orcs. And some people rise above it. And don’t fall prey to these blockages. Even though they’ve got them inside. They resist them because they know what’s right, then they know what’s wrong.

But the only solution in the end is to be capable psychically of transmuting these energy blockages and getting rid of them, removing them from your psychic body. So that only the angels remain. And as you remove all the energy blockages within your system. So you remove the trauma surrounding the energy blockages and release the trapped angel that lives in the center of each energy blockage or demon.

We heal the demons. We take the angels and we say, “Hey, would you like to join my energy body?” And the little Angel would go, “Oh yes, I’d like to join you energy body,” and they leap in, and they increase the power of your chakras, they increase the power of your energy body.

It's the new method of evolution, not through serendipity. Not by accident, but by a process of augmentation of the energy body by means of doing good deeds, by removing your own energy blockages and then starting to remove the energy blockages of every person in the world.

To make a difference, to learn how to transmute evil into good. To only be capable of doing the right and good thing. And then become more intelligent about it, to do it, so that it’s more effective.

This is what we’re all learning to do, trying to be better people. And there’s no end to the evolution that is possible to be a human being.

It never ends. There’s always more. It’s an exciting world. It’s so nice to be able to connect with God, to feel the energy flow down into to know that you are on a path with heart. Time.

Devi Dhyani 21:18 No. is Money. Past Time.

Satchidanand 21:25 You’d like to say something about this one, Devi?

Devi Dhyani 21:28 Money, one of the key of Dissociation, it's the Matrix. Through money they can get many things from humans, you got money, and the one give you the ability to eat every day, to have a house.

Satchidanand 21:46 I remember, you got your little bag there, and you totally get around on the stage.

Devi Dhyani 21:50 Yeah. For the reason, that prostitution, prostitution on sex, prostitution on your Soul, because money...

Satchidanand 22:04 To gain the world and lose your soul.

Devi Dhyani 22:07 Yeah, do a deal with the guy on the left.

Satchidanand 22:14 I am on the left!

Devi Dhyani 22:15 No, on the left side of evolution and this is... The song is talking about money. And money is... Money is a need, money is the way they catch you, much... You lose your freedom, by getting involved with the Money. And money is survival in this reality.

Satchidanand 22:57 There was Diogenes back in ancient Greece, lying by the side of the river, naked. And he’s just enjoying himself in the sun. And Alexander the Great comes down with a cohort of his troops. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. And he says, “Hey, my man, is your name Diogenes?” He’s a British. Alexander, the Greek. It helps the story. “My man, you called Diogenes?” He says, “Yes, I am Diogenes.” “Oh well, I’m so glad to meet you. I’ve heard so many good things about you. I’ve heard you live in a tub.”

He says, “Well, you know, at night when it gets a bit cold, I’m living in my tub. But now it’s the sun is shining. The sun is coming down upon my head. And I’m lying on the beach by the side of the river. And I’m enjoying myself in the presence of God.”

And Alexander said, “My God,” he said, “This sounds so wonderful. I’d love to come and join you.” And Diogenes said, “Well, just take off all your clothes and come and lie down here by me then. There’s no problem.”

“Well, well, I’ve got all these troops to look after. And I have to go and take over the world. But when I’m finished, I’ll come back by the side of the river, and I lay down beside you naked in the sun. How’s that Diogenes?”

And Diogenes says, “No chance, mate.” Alexander, the Great goes off. And he conquers the world. And when he dies, I think he was poisoned. It seems to be the fate of most politicians, who do the wrong thing. According to the guys in-charge of the world. And he said, as he died, “I want to be buried in a coffin with my hands outside the coffin.

Although I’ve got a great mountain of gold, although I’ve got a great mountain of jewels, although I’ve got 100 concubines. I am leaving this world dead with nothing. I have no thing in my hands.”

And Diogenes said, “You should have come by the side of the river and lay down beside me, mate, I would have sorted you out.”

And poverty seems to be a problem for so many people yet Diogenes never had nothing. All he had was the sun. And he used to bathe in the sun every day. And he used to remain in contact with the sun every night and his Tub.

He was living in the light of God. And one day, days, Diogenes said, “Well, look, I’m living on nothing. I’m an example to humanity here how to live. You don’t need nothing.” You know what he did?

He said, “To prove it to you. I’m going to sell myself as a slave.” “What? Diogenes, you’re going to sell yourself into slavery!?” He said, “Yes. I’m going to sell myself into slavery.”

And he got up on the block. And the guy who was selling the slaves said, “This is Diogenes. He’s a nice guy. How much would you give for him?”

Why he said, “I’ll give you two bits.” There's a guy buys him. Buys Diogenes, “Well, there, bye bye mate, you bought me. I think Great.”

And he puts Diogenes in-charge of his business. And Diogenes makes millions of pounds for him.

Eventually, after a couple of years, the guy said, “Diogenes, you’re a pearl.” He said, “I’m going to give you a freedom. You’ve been so good to me and my family.” He said, “This is the only gift that I can give to you.”

Diogenes said, “I don’t care. I can be a slave. I can be free. What’s the difference? What’s the difference!? I’m in the light of God, I can do anything. The other guy gives him his freedom.”

Devi Dhyani 26:42 He was a free spirit.

Satchidanand 26:43 He was a free spirit. He was an example. He didn’t care because he could overcome everything. Because he was in contact with God, because he was illuminated, because he didn’t need anything.

All he needed was God. And he proved it again and again and again. So don’t fall to the dark side. These guys will give you the world but you will lose your soul. They will make you do nasty things for your money. Ronald Bernard speaks about it. You can see him on my against Satanism video site.

All sorts of bad things that to avoid. This is your path without meditation.

Do not fall to the lies, of the Father of Lies.

Cleave to the light, be good, do good, talk good. Be nice. It’s Much Better. What’s this song about?

Devi Dhyani 28:02 Us and Them. This song connected with the others and us. Dissociation and the search for the connection. They are always saying the same thing...

Satchidanand 28:32 You means David Gilmore knew what he was saying.

Devi Dhyani 28:36 I think so.

Satchidanand 28:37 Do you think David Gilmore is a spiritual person?

Devi Dhyani 28:40 I think so.

Satchidanand 28:40 Who would have thought it?

Devi Dhyani 28:41 Yes.

Satchidanand 28:44 And I said, make Pink Floyd sacred. You didn't really have a lot to do.

Devi Dhyani 28:55 This say, the member of Pink Floyd, they are all Arcturianos. From another star system.

Satchidanand 29:09 But you know when Richard Wright died from cancer, I think the heart went out of Pink Floyd.

Devi Dhyani 29:14 Yeah, because he was really... They were very good together and got some separation.

Satchidanand 29:22 You know sometimes when your best friend dies, you absorb their ghost, it’s another energy blockage which can suck your energy system, it degenerates you.

You removed the ghost from Robin Gibb, didn’t you?

Devi Dhyani 29:43 Yeah, I like him.

Satchidanand 29:45 You like him a lot, didn’t you?

Devi Dhyani 29:46 I like him.

Satchidanand 29:48 So, you thought you’d help him?

Devi Dhyani 29:49 Yeah, the Bee Gees. I love them the Bee Gees. I like them when they were singing and suddenly, the Bee Gees? What is the name of the lead singer? Was it Barry Gibb or Robin Gibb. He lost his brother and I helped him for a long time trying to remove the ghost...

Satchidanand 30:13 You removed the ghost, you took the ghost up to heaven, and then all of a sudden he was okay.

Devi Dhyani 30:18 He become a Reiki Master.

Satchidanand 30:20 That’s right. He become a good human being, doing good things.

Devi Dhyani The Bee Gees. And I love the Bee Gees.

Satchidanand I remember going to see Bhimsen Joshi, the Indian Frank Sinatra back in 1989, was New Year’s Eve in Madras. And we got a free ticket to go and see Bhimsen Joshi, because really, he’s an example of a singer, who I really admire. I just loved the way he sang. I love the song as he’s singing, I loved his voice. I liked his energy, but you know, he had a very bad reputation for being angry, and being an alcoholic.

And during the performance, I think I absorbed a ghost from him. And after that point, he became a different person. And he formed his own academy in Pune. And he started teaching so many different people.

How long did it take me to lose that ghost that I absorbed from him?

Devi Dhyani 31:21 You took a long time somebody came to heal you - Margarita de la Mar Tirado from Colombia.

Satchidanand 31:29 But that’s what happens. Human beings, they’re connected. It’s called the Mastery of Relationships. When somebody close to you dies, sometimes they go in search of love, and they come to you because they love you. And they totally depress your energy system. A little bit like the Succubus but different.

Devi Dhyani 31:51 They don’t know what to do. They are afraid to go down or up.

Satchidanand 31:58 And because people don’t want to know about energy blockages, they don’t believe in energy blockages. They don’t understand how important it is to remove the energy blockages. They never learn how to do, it is the simplest thing, it’s not rocket science, is it? Simplest of things. You can learn how to do this in two cracks of a lamb's tail and so necessary, it can save your relationships, it can save your life.

Devi Dhyani 32:43 And here I start to dance Indian dance.

Satchidanand 32:47 Really!?

Devi Dhyani 32:48 Yeah.

Satchidanand 32:50 Oh wow. Using your Bharatanatyam.

Devi Dhyani No, not exactly,

Satchidanand You’re doing it so beautifully. How nice. What song is this, Devi?

Devi Dhyani 33:06 Us and Them.

Satchidanand 33:07 What do you think they’re teaching in this song?

Devi Dhyani 33:11 They say the dissociation between us and them. Us and Them. Dissociated, structure. And the way to come out is to connect to the Center of the Earth and the center of the Universe. To open the Heart. The Holy Trinity. They don't say that specific thing.

Satchidanand 33:34 But you are using it to say that, you’re trying to teach it through your dance, aren't you Devi? It’s filled with symbolism. It’s filled with a psychic message.

Devi Dhyani 33:44 And it gives energy to people.

Satchidanand 33:46 And you give energy to people, trying to help them.

So beautiful. Okay, we’ll be doing a work today. In the same way we did with Jeff Beck. We have Miriam here. We have Devi here. We have me here. And we three voices. We’re going to do an overlay on Pink Floyd. In the same way that we did with Jeff Beck. Sacred Jeff Beck, the dance that Devi did.

Here is the dance sacred Pink Floyd. And we did a voiceover on, I think four or five of the songs out of the whole gamut of songs for Sacred Pink Floyd. We did a voiceover for “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” But then as we moved into, as you’re coming to now "Comfortably Numb", as we moved into “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” as we moved into “Marooned”, it was a purpose behind putting in place of those songs because they are very spiritual and while we were singing, I think it was, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

We’re getting really ecstatic with the voiceover and I was going to ecstasy - The Heart of the Sun - The Heart of the Sun - The Heart of the Sun - with myself and as this was going on, “Miriam had an experience,” that she wants to recount now. So tell us what went on Miriam, Devi will translate for you. She doesn’t want to be shown because she’s said, she isn’t looking good today. So she just wants to stay behind the camera.

Devi Dhyani 36:06 Miriam, this is Satchi, quent su vista, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun and Marooned Que paso una Liberacion.

Miriam says, she got the beautiful experience and very strange experience at the center.

Miriam says, she wasn’t... The same show we did on the singing we propose and she followed. Seeing the way, we feel in the heart and let the singing let you guide.

Satchidanand 37:18 Being spontaneous, do not follow the teleprompter.

Devi Dhyani 37:25 Don’t follow the technique, don’t follow anything. Let your heart...

Satchidanand 37:30 Sing.

Devi Dhyani 37:31 Direct you. She felt a lot of liberation when we were singing the last song, which is the name is Marooned, in this propio performance is the last marker I did from the connection from Shine On you Crazy Diamond to Marooned.

Shine On you Crazy Diamond to express we are a divine essence coming from God, the life is taking us, I’m going to different direction, and at the end we finish in enlightenment. Marooned is enlightenment, the real integration, after all the experience, we integrate the experience and we can get enlightened, real enlightened, or more consciously enlightened, because when we want to get reborn, reborn like it, very innocent beings, but after all the experience, we get the enlightenment with a experience and consciousness.

Miriam says, she feels with a lot of gratitude, for the proposal to sing in freedom, to sing with the heart, with not technique anything, no previous practices, anything. We came up spontaneously and she felt very much grateful. And with a lot of enriquisimiento. Because of the experience of seeing, not technique or anything, she’s a very good singer. But she’s she learned how to sing with music, she is very technical in professional life. And I’m not, I never learned how to...

Satchidanand 40:32 Professional singing life, Miriam is a great Tango singer.

Devi Dhyani 40:37 Yes, she’s a great singer, professionally, with a lot of knowledge of music. Myself no! I sing by my Heart.

Satchidanand 40:54 What I would like to say is that there’s a purpose in putting, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun at the end of Pulse, because Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun is not part of Pulse. Also Marooned is from the Division Bell, but it’s not part of Pulse. And we put it in that certain order of Comfortably Numb, where a person loses their soul, and feels so upset about the fact that they’ve lost their soul.

And set the controls for the heart and the sun comes from an experience of David Gilmore, taking 500 milligrams of LSD and shooting straight out of his body and going up into the center of the universe. And the experience of doing that made him understand that we need to Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

Devi Dhyani 42:05 And the curious thing Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun was one old song they made one of the first songs Pink Floyd did. And what I did I put Pulse and what I did at the end...

Satchidanand 42:23 A sha-Manic connection with the Earth and then shooting up out of the earth into the center of the Sun, like a spaceship - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, for the Heart of the Soul.

Devi Dhyani 42:40 This is a shamanic dance in relative what I show this dance is to go to ground, to transmute in the center of the Earth all the negative experiences transmuted in the center of the Earth.

Apply the formula VITRIOL which is Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies - there you will find the - Occultem Lapidem - the Philosophers Stone in the center of the Earth - the Alchemical formula, you go down, transmute it, and go up, get connection with the center of the universe, and this opens the Heart in automatic way.

Satchidanand 43:29 "When I was a child, I had a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye. And then I turned but it was gone."

He caught a fleeting glimpse of the soul when he was young. And he turned and it was gone. He lost it.

There he was doing the performance and getting hyped up on drugs Comfortably Numb, and guitar cries.

It gets so angry, just cries to say, like the broken reed, Jalaluddin Rumi, it gets these reeds, and he cuts it, and he cuts off the reed from God.

And he takes the reed and turns it into a flute.

And then he plays and the flute is connected with God again, because Krishna plays the flute. It’s been reconnected with God. We are a Chispa - a spark - of the divine. And we have to reconnect with the divine in every moment of our lives.

And when you say, “Set the controls for the heart of the sun,” you are saying, those people that have lost their soul. This is the way. This is how you reconnect.

This is how you feel the breath of Krishna flowing through you again and making sweet music in the world.

So with all of this, we were singing, we were in ecstasy, we were emoting, we were energizing and what happened.

Devi Dhyani 45:06 She got an experience.

Satchidanand 45:08 I am asking her.

Devi Dhyani 45:10 But she already said it. Her experience was..

Satchidanand 45:20 Can you explain a bit more?

Satchidanand 45:55 Translate, Devi.

Devi Dhyani 45:57 She said, she was feeling so much grateful about the case we invite her, to join with us singing and she said, her experience is very grateful for her. Because she says she learned from us a lot. She said, “This is not only a most simple dance from dancing,” and she said, “This is not only simple dance.” from an early age - two years old - I was dancing and she says this was not a simple dance...

She said, “I apply a technique of liberation when I dance with a movement.” She said, I liberate the ambient with the dance and I do a healing through the internal and external ambient of people by my dance.

She said, “The energy you can feel came through. She said, “Some kind of liberation of energy came up.” But it is difficult for her to explain exactly what happened to her. But she felt an energy going up from her.

Satchidanand 48:41 Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun.. The Heart of the Sun. The Heart of the Sun.. . I was just saying that. I’m just feeling so good to say, so nice. And the feeling was just so good. The Heart of the Sun.

Because when you have great music, you know, I think that “Comfortably Numb” is one of the most loved guitar solos ever. And it’s not just because it’s a great guitar solo. It’s also because of the meaning of the sun. The cry of the Reed that has been cut off in search of his connection with God.

He’s been cut off from cry of the Reed of Jalaluddin Rumi.

This is what we’re talking about with “Comfortably Numb.” It’s just such a beautiful song. I’ve never heard anything like it. And then when we follow that with Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

And you’ve got this beautiful drumming, sort of really in contact with the earth. The shamanic dancing of Devi, the wild ecstatic movement of the hair. And after that, it’s Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun and traveling up, we’re going up into the center of the universe, we’re connecting with our Souls.

And then we get to Marooned at the end of it, sort of approaching it now. And Devi is with the wings, she’s turning, like the Whirling Dervishes of Jalaluddin Rumi, which is the direction of the spiral of energy, which connects with the center of the earth. Anticlockwise. Widdershins.

She turning, she’s connecting with the center of the Earth, which is not just turning to be in the center of the Earth, she’s turning to connect with the energies of center of the Earth.

Because she is in the center of the universe. She is Marooned. She is One. She’s the only One. She is on an island. That’s another story. Another album by David Gilmore, On An Island, she’s Marooned.

What this means, is that she is One, she is in the center of the universe, there is only One, there is a fusion between her and God.

This is Marooned, this is the solution to Comfortably Numb, it’s Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, and there you are One.

Devi Dhyani 51:29 And to be one you need to be integrated. And to be integrated, you need to liberate your Blockages. Integrate yourself.

Satchidanand 51:45 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun The Heart Of The Sun. The Heart Of The Sun. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. The Heart Of The Sun. The Heart Of The Sun.

So this is the meaning of the finale. The great finale at the end of Sacred Pink Floyd and we’re hoping to make it even more sacred, even though it is so sacred, is done by a guy who loves the idea of being in touch with God and everything he does, he helps to make that the case.

So we love it. We hope everybody else loves it. We want to spread the energy of God by means of our art.

This is the purpose of art. Art is not just to show all the bad and evil things of the Frankfurt School of Music to suicide by, as Adorno says, the architecture to suicide by is the rest of the Frankfurt School said, “All the horrible paintings,” Miles Mathis says, “It just used to move money around the globe, is a form of financial escaping the tax codes.” Transactions, yes.

There is no art in these things. Art is the infusion of energy. And the emanation of energy from the art into the people so that they can feel something, so that they can feel the connection with God, in the same way as the person is experiencing that in doing what they do.

Great artists do this, great dancers do this, great musicians do this. And we feel that. This is why this form of art is so popular, because they know this is what the third Zen Patriarch, Sosan said, in his "Great Illuminated mind of Sosan".

“They know, people know, they know everything, but they choose not to follow it.”

This is because of the energy blockages. Everybody knows.

Devi Dhyani 54:17 Because of the controllers.

Satchidanand 54:20 Because of the black magicians who want to secure energy, their life depends on keeping you under control and the mind control.

And for hundreds of years, they have been spreading fake news in everything that they do, which has just been exposed by Donald Trump fake news.

This is a lie. It’s from the father of lies. That’s what it is, fake news, let’s not talk about that.

We’re talking about the expression of great art. This is what we’re talking about. We’re talking about music because you can only dance to great music, you can’t dance to the idiot music that they built these days. How can you have a great dance to idiot music? You can only dance to great music, yeah, this is the point of it.

Devi waving her hair around, totally mad, in the center of the universe.

I remember when Devi was dancing to Ravel’s Bolero, to music that Ravel stole from the Sufis from the Whirling Dervishes of Jalaluddin Rumi.

And there is Devi with her wings and she’s dancing the dance of the whirling dervishes. I remember, there was one guy, and he said, “You turned 800 times,” he counted every time you turned to the music of Ravel’s Bolero and I remember in Sacred Jeff Beck.

I remember the Sacred Jeff Beck; you were dancing at the end to the music of Ravel’s Bolero. And Miriam, and me and you were chanting. In the same way as we chanted all the ending of this to Ravel’s Bolero, and there was Devi turning that she does 800 times.

Every turn is a turn of the screw to take you deeper and deeper to the center of the earth. So you can burn up all of your trauma, all of your pain and rise like a Phoenix renewed, rebirthed up into the Center of the Universe.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

And then you are arrived, you are Marooned, you are One with God.

And there’s such a quietness there even though you’re turning there is just quietness, the ecstasy, with energy in the center of the Universe.

Can you hear it?

Can you see it?

Devi Dhyani 1:00:16 I remember, Satchi say, “Why you don't you dance Marooned?” “I thought I can't dance Marooned because I need to fly to dance this Marooned.” And appear the Wings, the wings I can have the idea to dance Marooned.

Satchidanand 1:00:37 Because when you dance Marooned, you got to be in the center of the universe, you have to fly.

Devi Dhyani 1:00:41 them in this way. Because my idea when I will hear this music, it is flying.

Satchidanand 1:00:51 I think it’s the highest expression of David Gilmore and Richard Wright. When they made this particular song, it’s one of the ones I love the most. But you know, I love everything that he did. You know, we did the whole thing On An Island, you dance to most of the music of Gdansk,

which I think is the finest performance On An Island that has ever been made. It’s such a beautiful music, the whole thing, it takes off.

But with all songs is the meaning and significance of why they are making the song, that also counts as well as the art of the music, of the guitar solo, which lifts you up, which takes you closer to God....

And here is the previous part…

Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani talking about the Sacred Pink Floyd Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani Part 1

Transcript – Pink Floyd One talk Transcription of Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani talking about the Sacred Pink Floyd Sacred Dance by Devi Dhyani

Sacred Pink Floyd Dance Part One





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Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts, 52 FREE! BOOKS and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.