Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires behind MKULTRA Mind Control Programs Bimbosleep Bimbofication and Sissi Hypno Sissification created by Tavistock Institute and the Nazi CIA Stanford University

BLM supporter and transgender, Kimbrady Watson Carriker has been identified and arrested as the shooter in the Philadelphia mass shooting that left 5 men dead and 2 children injured.

Once I see a transgender, I assume I am looking at a guy who was surfing a lot of porn videos, and ended up on some kind of hypno-porn which transgendered them. And once they are hypno’d it means they have let people inside their head, and they might as well have had a therapist “guiding” them. Because I suspect a lot of that hypno stuff online came straight from the MK Ultra crew, either as an experiment, or an operation, there is no telling what these people can be made to do. It is nutty times. You have these psychos in Cabal, who are all kinds of brilliant, developing all these technologies and techniques that are just all kinds of powerful, and their sole goal seems just chaos, destruction, and evil.

I have had the same thought. In fact, though DEI is used as the reason (or maybe the ‘cover story’) for recruiting, maybe the real reason the military and government seem obsessed with hiring and promoting transgenders is exactly what AC said. They are hypnotizable to the extent they will even subject themselves to removal of their genitals (we’ve all gotten so used to this conversation it no longer shocks, but seriously, what in the world). I bet you could get them to do literally anything.

An invisible hand - the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires - sits behind humanity, exerting control over the human will. This hidden virus scours the earth, looking for hosts who will adopt its Satanic Mind Control ideology, and wage war against dissenters. You cannot leave a captivity that you cannot see.

Mind Control is ruled by the Ass, the Bottom, the Anus, Uranus, the Base Chakra, the Muladhara Chakra, the seat of nerve plexuses connected into the cerebrum which rule the human body and mind.

As I have explained in my article on Fritz Springmeir’s book, How to create a completely Mind Controlled Illuminati Slave...

The thousands of years old technology from before even Ancient Egypt which was just a colony of the controlling 10,000 years old Satanic Phoenician Empire worshipping Baal, Baphomet, Cybele, Attis - all the old Satanic Gods - and using the Satanic Mind Control Rituals which are programs to control the human mind, just like the modern MKULTRA programs of sissification and Bimboisation today..


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Since that time the methodology of Mind Control has been updated and refined by the years of scientific investigation started by Mengele in the Nazi concentration camps ending up with the transfer of Nazi Scientists into the CIA through Operation Paperclip and the Vatican Ratlines then into MKULTRA which controls via Hypnotism, Drugs and Trauma including Sodomy particularly of the children in pedophilia...

Thus in order to destroy free will, and institute total control over humanity, Satanism over 10,000 years has instituted Sodomy Rituals and pedophilia to control the upper levels of society by the use of institutions of public schools like, "Whipping and Fagging" all boys schools like Eton - founded as a mind control institution in 1438 by the King - where the Sodomy rape ritual sorted the boys into the Prussian Frederick the Great aggressive masculine homosexual rapine Penetrators, perpitrators, as in the 3000 years old Phoenician Colony of Thebes in Ancient Greece the "Band of Thebes" particularly successful Army of Gay Lovers, and the weak effeminate homosexual slaves or women or young boys.

Prussia Gate
Urania - Part I
During the first six months of President Trump’s first term in office, he sought counsel with his Generals on a very strange issue. That issue was transgenderism: Trump’s tweets could be viewed as the beginning of an extremely unusual war. It would be a war that sparked complete outrage within the Alphabet Cartel (which we know as LGBTQ+). When the bumbl…
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All successful Generals, Politicians, Priests, Policemen, Professors came out of this background which then when refined by the Sodomy Ritual Secret Societies - the foundation of elite mind control for centuries - the 33rd Degree Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Illuminati and hundreds more - all based on the Mind Control Sodomy Ritual and Pedophilia supplied by Renfields like Jimmy Savile for the elite Draculas.

Remember, the purpose behind Satanism is total control of society by mind control, perversion and poison to dumm down humanity so they can be vampirised of their spiritual energy eternally because if humanity is allowed to evolve, to learn how to heal the mind, to psychically dissolve all these hundreds of lifetimes of mind control programs in the psychic body, the vampires can no longer exist!

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The Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire founded Mindgeek is the company behind the top five bandwidth consumption companies in the world: Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube,, and TrannyTube. Hypno porn and sissyhypno are on all these websites, and all offered free access at the beginning of the pandemic to populations in lockdown. Search analytics reveal that more people searched the term “Pornhub” than “coronavirus” or “Donald Trump” from November to December of 2020.11 On average, a mind-boggling 15 terabytes per day are uploaded to Mindgeek’s platforms. That’s about half of the content available on Netflix, uploaded daily.

It might surprise you, then, to know that Mindgeek has not yet made more than $480 million in revenue in a single year. To put that into perspective, the company that owns the five most visited sites in the world didn’t make as much money as Kylie Jenner last year, who made $590 million.12 With the largest audience in the world, you might expect them to make more money. Information on Mindgeek’s financial backers shows that early investors include the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire JP Morgan and Cornell University.

Programs like the Tavistock MKULTRA Bambi Sleep Program and other similar material are also free or very cheap despite their high production value. Why? The only conclusion is that there must be a motivation besides profit.

If you still need further proof that feminization hypnosis could have anything to do with millions of men now seeking to transition into women, consider the Wachowskis. Larry and Andy Wachowski are the writers and directors of the mega-blockbuster Matrix series. When they moved to LA after the success of The Matrix, Larry Wachowski was married to his college sweetheart, Thea Bloom. Shortly after moving to California, Larry got involved in the BDSM Bondage and Sado Masochism based on Masculine Master and Feminine Slave club scene where he became personally involved with a dominatrix who, it is rumored, may have exposed him to ketamine and sissyhypno porn - Drugs, Hypnotism and Trauma MKULTRA MIND CONTROL!

This eventually resulted in Larry’s full Satanic Castration Ritual transition to Lana in 2010, followed six years later by his brother Andy’s transition to Lily.

Another prominent but controversial figure in the transgender community is Andrea Long Chu, author of the book Females. Chu explains the sissy porn phenomena this way: “at the center of sissy porn lies the asshole, a kind of universal vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed. Getting fucked makes you female because fucked is what a female is. Sissy porn did make me trans.” Chu did a speaking tour at major universities in 2018 to promote his book, where he discussed at length how sissyporn made him trans. Chu has since undergone Satanic Castration Ritual gender re-assignment surgery.15

Sissyporn is a masochistic genre where the listener or viewer receives repeated messaging intended to humiliate, break down, emasculate, and feminize males in order to complete the Satanic Trans Castration Ritual.

This is exactly what was done to test subjects of MK Ultra brainwashing.

It’s difficult to understand the appeal of such material, until you realize how porn addiction works. The addictive nature of pornography means that the more often it is used, the more extreme the content must become over time to produce the same response. In the same way that heroin users need larger doses over time to get the same high, porn consumers need more extreme content.

Porn addicts report starting with what would be considered “normal” porn, with the average age of exposure now being 11 years old for American boys. The more often porn is used as a masturbatory aid, the more the viewer needs to push the boundaries of the content to experience the same effect. This pushes the viewer into more and more extreme genres of porn.

Redtube has stated that demand for trans porn has grown dramatically since 2013, which seems to be the year that the MKULTRA Sissy Porn Program was introduced as well. Redtube reports that male users are 455% more likely to search for trans porn than women. Trans porn is one of the fastest growing categories, becoming the fifth most-searched term in 2018 on porn sites.

Most viewers find sissyhypno through trans porn, and once they do, they are increasingly open to its messaging because the brain responds to porn the same way it does to drugs. Experiencing sexual pleasure while receiving repetitive messaging creates strong triggering associations in the brain. The messaging introduced through sissyhypno uses a female AI voice repeating phrases like “You’ve always been a woman. You’ve been a woman much longer than you realize.” Or “You’re not really a man. You’ve always been a woman, haven’t you?” and then “Just by listening to me right now, you have already become a woman.”

The messaging becomes stronger and more forceful as the recording or video plays, and begins instructing the subject to wear women’s clothes, or makeup. As the subject progresses deeper into these programs, they are encouraged, and finally instructed to transition via hormone therapy and Castration Ritual surgeries.

Sometimes the program preys on lonely men, telling the listener they will always be a "beta male" who will have to watch "alphas" take girls out on dates. It says all girls get lots of sex and attention, and that by becoming a girl, they, too, can have attention and sex. If they try to remain a male, they will be denied sex and attention their whole lives and be nothing but a lonely incel (a term for involuntary celibacy). All the while this messaging is reinforced by remixed trans porn video clips of men dressed like women engaged in sexual activity in a traditional female role.

Remember that in the infamous MK Ultra mind control experiments as in the army, the same type of negative messaging was used to break a person down before re-programming them.

The Tavistock MKULTRA Bambi Sleep Program differs from sissy hypno somewhat in that it’s stated goal is to turn anyone, regardless of their original gender, into a “bimbo.” The term "bimbo" in this context means a dumbed-down, feminized, sex object. This is yet another sub-genre called “bimbofication.” The bimbofication process involves actively lowering intellectual capacity through drugs and hypnosis, while undergoing a physical transformation consisting of cosmetic surgeries, dressing, and acting like a brainless sex doll. Again, it’s hard for most people to understand the appeal. Bimbofication is sold in the same insidious way as sissification, only it can target females as well as males.

It is marketed as a way to reduce your worry and anxiety in life by becoming what amounts to a human blow-up doll. The messaging in this program sounds like this: “It’s so relaxing, so happy, just to be a dumb fuck puppet. Such a good girl. Such a pretty girl.” As the messaging intensifies, it includes instructions to submit to degrading sex acts and turn off your brain. It commands that you cannot resume normal activity, such as using the bathroom, eating, or sleeping until you perform these acts. Many even go as far as to fetishize sex slavery, prostitution, and porn work. One feminization website based in Europe called even encourages porn and sex work as a means to pay for the transition. The website reads “Becoming a bimbo requires more than feminization training. It requires cash. Lots of it. Concretely, if you’re starting from zero (i.e. a totally flat chest etc.) the surgeries alone will be tens of thousands. Then you have the wardrobe, gym, car, toy dog, dental work, beauty treatments, hairdresser and much more. solution: sugar daddy, bank loan, escort work (regular work just isn’t an option… bimbos don’t work!)”

Bimbofication and sissification are closely related, and most people who use one, use the other as well. You can find YouTube videos of popular trans women discussing how helpful these programs are for men who want to transition into women. They promote the use of these programs to help “erase” your male personality and whatever masculine tendencies you may still have and transition your mind into that of a female.

You might have noticed that these people seem to believe that to be feminine is to be dumb and sexually dominated, or even humiliated and abused. This has led to criticism by the few feminist academics who are aware of such material, and rightly so. Organizations like the ACLU and Amnesty International have both launched major campaigns using transgender people as posterchildren to legalize sex work and promote “sex worker’s rights." These materials attempt to program the minds of the users into that of a sex slave who fetishizes being exploited, then encourages them to sell their bodies as means to pay for gender transitioning. It’s difficult NOT to conclude that this might be intended to help normalize and legalize prostitution, and ultimately sex trafficking of human beings.

People who have used these materials often post “success stories” online including before photos of a normal man or woman, and “after” photos of extreme plastic surgery. These people get huge implants, fat transfers, face lifts, facial feminization surgery, exaggerated lip fillers, and more. There are no shortage of horror stories either. Many users report not being able to reverse the programming, and suffering adverse side effects like debilitating cognitive decline, inability to perform their jobs, failing marriages, and compulsive addiction. Some users even report being unable to use the bathroom without program triggers allowing them to. There are multiple online support groups for users of Bambi Sleep who are afraid and desperate after trying without success to undo its programming.

With many thanks to...

Rachel’s Newsletter
MK Ultra, Transgenderism, and Feminization of Men
*WARNING* This post contains some graphic and potentially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion advised. The number of people who identify as transgender has seen a swift, steep rise in the last decade across the west. While government and health agencies admit it is difficult to gather information on the transgender population, they estimate that…
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The other programs like the old British Empire Prostitution programs where young girls are bought or abducted and inculcated into prostitution by means of trauma. Child Trafficking. Many girls are beaten up even ending up in hospital before submitting. Presently there are more slaves like these on this planet than ever in history, 30 million people in an industry larger than the drug industry.

The old Roman Slave program involved house slaves who ran the other slaves, invariably women, more passive than men, Psychologically, physiologically, more able to follow orders.

The Romans captured villages during war then killed all the men above 10 years old in front of the women. They then told the women, rebel and we will kill you and the children, then put a woman in charge.

George Orwell was the son of the guy in charge of Opium Production in India for the British Empire. He was aristocracy. His real name was Eric Blair, like Tony Blair and he went to “whipping and fagging” Eton with teaching by the guy who wrote the Satanic Plan for Humanity, "Brave New World" Aldous Huxley.

George Orwell wrote his book "1984" as a reply to CS Lewis' book "That Hideous Strength" where CS Lewis wrote that the aim was taking over humanity by Demons.

Orwell consciously took out the idea of Demons being in charge of Mind Control purposefully when he wrote 1984.

Fritz Springmeier wrote, "Mkultra Mind Control is the layering in of Demons".

It is very important for the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires who have worshipped Demons for 10,000 years that humanity knows nothing of Demons.

The Eye of Sauron is the Eye of Horus… representing the Vagina and the Anus…

As Tolkien wrote, "I shall draw you Saruman as poison is drawn from a wound" as he removed Mind Control Saruman from the psychic body of King Theoden.

Further, the idea that Satan, Lucifer, the Angel cast out of heaven by God is represented by Sauron in the Lord of the Rings is a Demon who lives out of the body and is seeking to return to the physical plane and that Orcs are Demons reincarnated in their evil Orc forms as they ar taken over by their Demons...

Before the Dracula Demon can enter your house, he must first be invited in...

In the House of the Strong Man, Sodomy is the Key...

Propaganda, Social Media, facebook, twitter, reddit, movies, netflix, Disney is Mind Control with Tavistock and CIA input to install lies like Climate Change, LGBTPQ - P for Pedophile, Sustainability, and World Government United Nations Agenda 2030 - all the programs above to bring in total totalitarian Control.

To reduce the energy level, the richness, of human society, to create poverty, neo feudalism, slavery, and thus to kill the evolution of humanity.

To institute the old 10,000 years old Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire, "Principle of Poverty"


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