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The Gay Pride Castration Ritual was Part of the Satanic Cybele and Attis State Religion of the Roman Empire.

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Xeno-Estrogenous chemicals like Atrazine, BPA, and Nonyl Phenol have been consciously added into the water supplies all over the World as proposed by Holdren...

John Paul Holdren (born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1944) is an American scientist who served as the senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science and technology issues through his roles as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House.

In 1977, Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich, and John Paul Holdren following the 150 years old plans formulated in seances with Demons by Galton, Huxley, Darwin, and Pilkington who founded the Fabian Society andthe World Government United Nations, co-authored the textbook "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment" which recommended the addition of xeno-estrogens to drinking water to sterilise the population because, "there are too many people"

The result of adding these chemicals to the water supply is gay frogs and a total collapse of the frog population. Similarly with humans is the malformation of the brain where males feel attracted to males or both males and females and women feel attracted to other women or both men and women resulting in a future collapse of the human population.

Further, teachers in schools find out who these people are and instead of adding testosterone to their medication to cure their chemically induced gender dysphoria, they persuade them to undergo the horrific Hellraiser Castration Ritual.

Horrific! If you have ever gone online and watched the operations or even the cartoon of the operations? This can give you nightmares!

CATHOLICISM AND SATANIC CYBELE AND ATTIS WORSHIP and its castrated Galli Gay Pride Homosexual Pederasty Priests - the State Religion of the Roman Empire - morphed into the Catholic Church.

“The boy, whose name was Attis, was unaware of the love Cybele bore him, but since she was a goddess, Attis’ opinion didn’t count for much. In time, Attis saw the king of Pessinus’ beautiful daughter, fell in love, and wished to marry her. The goddess Cybele became insanely jealous and drove Attis mad for revenge. Running crazy through the mountains, Attis stopped at the foot of a pine tree. There Attis castrated and killed himself. From Attis’ blood sprang the first violets. The tree took care of Attis’ spirit. Attis’ flesh would have decayed had not Zeus stepped in to assist Cybele in the resurrection of Attis.”

In Catholicism at the top levels - not explained to the Hoi Polloi, the masses of the common people, Cybele was Mary. Adonis or Attis was Jesus and Molech, the God of burning alive, immolation, the Holocaust, was God.

The Black Death. The Sodomy Ritual, Pederasty, Inquisition - The Horror Holy Medieval Inquisition - 50 million tortured burned dead, - burning alive, breast rippers, strappado, rack etc. Fascism and the Holocaust burning alive in ovens.

The Catholic Church is controlled through the Gang Kings, Queens, Black Nobility of Europe each sending one of their blood relations to be Cardinals on the board of directors of the Catholic Church with the Pope as it's CEO.

The Jesuits, The Knights of Malta. Its Vatican Bank is fronted by the Rothschilds, has 500 Trillion Dollars, and through Holding Companies like Vanguard and Blackrock…

pushing fake climate change, ESG, and digital currencies, controls 70% of Fortune 500 companies, controls 70% of all banks Worldwide, controls 100% of all central Banks, consciously creating all depressions, all austerity, all Wars, all famine genocide, False Flags and the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, or the September 11th “Terror Attacks”.


The Tauroboleum of Satanic Cybele and Attis


Cybele and Adonis – the Satanic State Religion of the Roman Empire – with its Gay Pride homosexual, pedophile satanic rituals, and its castrated homosexual Galli priests and Russian Skoptsy and Amazon Breast castration.

All of this points to how Satanic Ritual has been used to create a psychopathic Bloodline overclass, control the lower orders and degenerate society for thousands of years whilst hiding behind Christianity.

Satanic Ritual Castration - removal of genitals - hysterectomy - and breasts - masectomy (See Angelina Jolie)


Both sexes are displeasing to Cybele's holiness, so she keeps a middle gender between the two, ceasing to be a man without becoming a woman. (Prudentius, Perist.1059-1073)

Originally, the Galla castrated themselves in a Satanic Castration Ritual - they cut off their genitals in a religious frenzy, so they could no longer perform sex acts as men.

The Sacred Celibacy of Catholic Priests derives directly and solely from the continuation of the rituals and ceremonies concerning the worshipping of the Satanic Goddess Mother, the Queen of Heaven variously known as Inanna, Athena, Cybele and to the Satanic… Mary, Mother of God.

These rituals date back to at least 1500 BCE and when Cybele was brought to Rome as the Magna Mater (Great protector) in 204 BCE to Vatican Hill, the rituals of sacred celibacy from which Clerical Celibacy of Catholic Priests is directly derived.

Absolutely nothing concerning the Sacred Celibacy of Catholic Priests has anything to do with the early church fathers, their rules or the behaviour of the Apostles. Early church fathers were recognized as being married, as were the Apostles.

Even when celibacy began to be forced upon priests of the church from the middle of the 12th Century by Popes of the Roman Cult faction, it was for clergy of lower rank than Bishops. Bishops, Cardinals and Popes continued to father illegitimate children with abundance up until as late as the 17th Century. It was only the lower clergy who were gradually forced to adopt the extreme rights and practices of the pagan Goddess Cybele and her eunich son Attis.

The word "Celibacy" is first recorded in English from the 17th Century and claimed from the 12th Century Latin cælibatus "state of being unmarried" and cælebs "unmarried".

However, a much older Latin word coeleb meaning "bachelor" existed prior to the creation of these 12th Century forms, which strongly indicates the assumed etymology for Celibacy has been deliberately corrupted.


Instead, the word is much more likely formed from the combination of two ancient Latin terms celo "to hide, conceal, keep secret" and liber "child, offspring" (liber also later corrupted to mean book). Hence, the true meaning of Celibacy as 1st formed by the Roman Cult probably means literally " to hide, conceal and keep secret children and offspring".

This is crucially important as it indicates that as early as the 12th Century when the Roman Cult first introduced the Cybele practice of non-marriage of its priests, it did not demand they become modern equivalent of eunuchs but to merely "hide" their offpspring as permanent bachelors.

The Galla Gay Pride and Sodomy Rituals

The celebrations of Attis around the Day of Blood, were also significant as the time upon which new initiates to the priesthood of Cybele showed their utmost devotion in cutting off their own genitals in a bloody frenzy and celebration.

The Galla, also later written as the Galli were the lowest rung in the order of priestly service to Magna Mater on Vatican Hill. The most senior was the High Priestess and then later the High priest under Emperor Claudius. Subordinate were the Archgalla (later the role of Bishops and Cardinals), followed by the priestesses, the sacred prostitutes who were "Brides of Attis". The lowest being the ordinary Galla (Galli).

On the Day of Blood (dies sanguinis) the Galla initiate forever discarded his male attire; henceforth he wore a long garment (stola), mostly yellow or many coloured with long sleeves and a belt. On their heads these priests wore a mitra, a sort of turban, or a tiara, the cap with long ear flaps which could be tied under the chin.

The chest was adorned with ornaments, and sometimes they wore ornamental reliefs, pendants, ear-rings and finger-rings. They also wore their hair long, which earned for them the epithet of "long-haired," they sometimes dedicated a lock of hair to the goddess.

By preference they had their hair bleached. On the day of mourning for Attis they ran around wildly with disheveled hair, but otherwise they had their hair dressed and waved like women. Sometimes they were heavily made up, their faces resembling white washed walls. The galli were also very conspicuous when they showed themselves in the city outside the temple precincts.

With a procession of enthusiastic followers they wandered about begging; in exchange for alms they were prepared to tell people's fortunes (vaticinari); they performed their dances to shrill music of the pipes and the dull beat of the tambourine. When the deity entered into them and they were possessed by divine power they flogged themselves until the blood came."

The origin of the Galla and their forced celibacy

While popular mythology connects the behaviour of the Galla (Galli) displaying extreme devotion primarily emulating the god Attis in cutting off their genitals and becoming women, there existed a much older and deeper function.

It relates to secret mysteries and powers believed that priests might access if they forever eliminated the distraction of male sexual urges.

In Sumerian-Akkadian myth the Galla were daemons of the underworld, who disposed of the corpse of the dead. Literally they were the servants of Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld.

When Inanna's father, Enki, heard that Inanna had descended to the underworld and did not return, He took dirt from under his fingernail and from this made Kurgarra and Galatur [that which repels Galla] and sent them to the underworld where Inanna's corpse was given to them.

"The Kurgarra sprinkled the food of life on the corpse.

The Galatur sprinkled the water of life on the corpse.

Inanna arose..."

But when,

"Inanna was about to ascend from the underworld

When the Annaua, the judges of the underworld

seized her. They said:

`No one ascends from the underworld unmarked.

If Inanna wishes to return from the underworld,

She must provide someone in her place.'"

Inanna agrees and the large Galla and the small Galla follow her to the world above where she sends her unfaithful husband, Dumuzi, to take her place.

"The Galla were demons who know no food who know no drink,

Who eat no offerings, who drink no libations,

Who accept no gifts.

They enjoy no lovemaking.

They have no sweet children to kiss.

They tear the wife from the husband's arms,

They tear the child from the father's knees,

They steal the bride from her marriage home."

In other words, they were the daemons of death, and it appears that the castrated Galli-priests of Attis performed much the same ritual of sending the castrated Adonis-Attis-Dumuzi to the underworld.

The importance of Sacred Homosexuality and the Galla (Galli)

The other most important aspect of the Galla, the Catholic Priests and the continuation of the worship of Cybele is the distinction of what is Celibacy and an abstinance of sex. Originally, the Galla cut of their genitals, so they could no longer perform sex acts as men.

This did not preclude them from having sex -quite the opposite, it opened the door for sacred homosexual acts where there Galla were sodomized during various ritual and celebrations a similar vocation to the Dog Priests of Ancient Egypt.


Such homosexuality was considered so sacred that the promotion of homosexuality outside of a religious context was frowned upon by the priests and supporters of Cybele. Open homosexuality was considered an afront to its sacred and ancient nature.

This policy has continued today with the Roman Catholic Church strongly against open homosexuality, while sacred homosexuality between its clergy and pedophilia remains as strong as it has been since the days of the Galla.

Most people believe that a powerful ancient satanic goddess is concealed behind Eulogia, and that their secret patron goddess unveiled is actually the Queen Mother of Babylon, Goddess Ishtar – and another name for Lucifer’s Consort, the Goddess Cybele (the Succubus, Sexual Implant Blockage Demon Lillith).

The Cult of Cybele was sanctioned by the Roman Senate. State Religion of the Roman Empire. Known as the Great Mother or Magna Mater - Mary the mother of Jesus, the Greeks identified her with the Goddess Rhea (Mother of the OLYMPIANS) and Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest).[45]

The Cult of Cybele and the Cult of Moloch (CHILD SACRIFICE) is related to the secret ancient Roman/Venetian Satanic (Brotherhood) Death Cults.[46]

Negro Divine Nine & the Ninth Satanic Circle

The Eucharistic celebration/ritual involves ancient secret Satanic Cannibalistic Rites. Cannibalism means the consumption of a victim’s flesh and blood to consume their spirit and essence.. [47] At one time in the world, cannibalism and human sacrifice had been a state of mankind before God Osiris ended the savage/barbaric practices to further separate Man from the BEAST.[48]

However, the rituals of sacrificing a human being for the purpose of their blood, including rituals associated with self injury in order to cause blood loss had been the primary secret domain of worship of the Mother Goddess/Cybele for nearly ten thousand years.[49] The secret worship and blood sacrifices of Cybele has survived in ultra secrecy.

Some rituals of the Catholic Church are still tightly entwined with ancient Roman blood rituals of the Cult of Cybele. The worship of Attis or Adonis (known across the ancient world as the Good Shepherd, the son of Cybele), Jesus, had always been interwoven with the worship of his mother, the Queen of Heaven.[50]

Its Vatican Bank is fronted by the Rothschilds, using Vanguard and Blackrock Holding Companies promoting slavery projects like ESG, Digital Currencies, Carbon Taxes, Diversity, has 500 Trillion Dollars, controls 70% of Fortune 500 companies, controls 70% of all banks Worldwide, controls 100% of all central Banks, consciously creating all depressions, all austerity, all Wars, all famine genocide.

Behind the shroud and Black Mass (False Worship), Catholics pay homage to some of the most secret supreme demonic deities. Attis is hidden behind Jesus; Cybele is secretly behind Mary; Dagon/ Ba’al/Molech behind “God”.[51] Of all the ceremonies and festivals associated with Attis, the most important was known as Black Friday or Dies Sanguinis (the Day of Blood) on or around the 25th of March, nine (9) months before the solstice festival of his birth on 25th December.[52],[53]

Like the ‘Christ’, Attis arose when "the sun makes the day for the first time longer than the night.”

During the ceremonies of the Attis’ Day of Blood, new initiates to the priesthood of Cybele castrated themselves in imitation of the castrated god and presented their severed genitals to the goddess along with those of the gelded bull sacrificed at the Taurobolium. Sacred reeds like the Fir Tree, Christmas Tree, were placed in the urethra to prevent it closing up.


Both sexes are displeasing to Cybele's holiness, so she keeps a middle gender between the two, ceasing to be a man without becoming a woman. (Prudentius, Perist.1059-1073)

The State Religion of the Roman Empire was that of Cybele and Adonis or Attis.

Cybele loved the beautiful shepherd Atys, and made him her own priest on condition that he should preserve his chastity inviolate, only worshipping Cybele. Atys broke the covenant with a nymph, the daughter of the river-god Sangarius, and was thrown by the goddess into a state of madness, in which he unmanned himself. When in consequence he wanted to put an end to his life, Cybele changed him into a fir tree, (The fir tree, reed, represents the column of Energy, the Antahkarana connecting Earth with God, the Penis) which henceforth became sacred to her, and she commanded that, in future, her priests should be eunuchs or as in the Catholic Church, celibate, or the Jews and Islamists, circumcised.

The Christian polemicist Prudentius, 348 — c. 410, writes about the Dendrophoria festival of Cybele and the transition ritual of her cultic servants, the Galli who castrate themselves in order to offer themselves for Sacred Ritual Sodomy as Dog Priests:

Propitiate the Mother goddess. Frenzy and wild whirling are thought to be the rule of her mysteries. The hand that spares the cutting is held to be undutiful, and it is the barbarity of the wound that earns heaven.

Another makes the sacrifice of his genitals; appeasing the goddess by mutilating his loins, he unmans himself and offers her a shameful gift; the source of the man's seed is torn away to give her food and increase through the flow of blood.

Both sexes are displeasing to her holiness, so she keeps a middle gender between the two, ceasing to be a man without becoming a woman. (Prudentius, Perist.1059-1073)

"What are profane, if these are sacred rites? Or what is pollution, if these are ablution?" 2Those fundamental cognitive orientations by which men order their lives (Spiro1987: 18).

The explanandum in this article is the self-castration of Cybele's Galli.3

Such Ritual Damage to the body allows even more easily the implantation of the Sexual Addiction Blockage - but Sexual Ritual, hetero, homo, pedo or Pornography or even the company of Implant Addiction Blockage Sexual Addicts can implant you - which like Satanism itself, Implant Addiction Blockages are used to control the elite...

There is no escape.

Only the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course to Open the Third Eye can remove these Implant Addiction Blockages.

Only the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course to Open the Third Eye can remove All Energy Blockages.

This practice is also called Spermatophagia or the Tantric Eucharist and it reminds one of new priests ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood, offering up their manhood by making a vow of celibacy.

It is believed that by relinquishing their manhood priests will have access to the secret mysteries and powers, which will take the place of their male sexual urges.

The other most important aspect of the Galla - the priests of the ancient system Of Cybele and Adonis, The State Religion of the Roman Empire - Roman Catholic priests and their continuation of the worship of Cybele, is the distinction between celibacy and an abstinence of sex. The Galla ritually cut off their genitals so they could no longer perform sexual acts as men.

This, however, did not preclude them from having sex - quite the opposite. It opened the door for ‘sacred’ homosexual acts where the Galla were sodomized during various rituals and celebrations as Dog Priests.

Such homosexuality was considered so sacred that the promotion and practice of homosexuality outside of a religious context, was frowned upon by the priests and supporters of Cybele - open homosexuality was considered an affront to its sacred and ancient nature.

Today, there is a secret group, of which some are members of the Catholic hierarchy, known as The Ninth (9th) Satanic Circle. The Ninth (9th) Satanic Circle is a cult, requiring mandatory entry into the Circle, of every new pope before their assumption of office. At Circle rituals, Satanic sacrifices called the Magisterial Privilege are made that involve the ceremonial killing of newborns, children and the consumption of their flesh and blood by the members of this cult.[54]

The Venetian Molech Satanic Cult was founded by AntiPope Innocent III around 1198 during his reign as AntiPope and head of the Roman Death Cult.

Unlike previous members of the Roman Death Cult, AntiPope Innocent did not worship Magna Mater (Cybele) and the ancient demon gods of the Vatican. Instead, Innocent introduced a whole new religion based on Molech, the most ancient and escoteric knowledge of the Sadducee High Priests who ruled such temples as Baalbek and Jerusalem over 1,800 years prior.

Instead of worshipping Cybele, members of the Venetian Satanic Cult worship Child Burning Moloch and the demons of the underworld.

The son of Innocent III, AntiPope Honorius III was instrumental in introducing a completely new liturgy through his Grand Grimoire - the first genuine book of Witchcraft of Western Philosophy. In fact Honorius is the father of Witchraft, modern Wicca and the Inquisition.

Before the liturgy of Honorius and the invention of the Inquisition, Europeans had largely never heard of witches, witchcraft or any of the "foreign" concepts of damning people's souls. The Inquisition was brilliantly designed to "educate" people on the black arts, demons, pentagrams and other symbols while claiming to be searching for witches.

Thus the behind the scenes battle between the Religions of Cybele and Attis and that of Baal/Moloch. Between Eastern Orthodoxy Greece/Russia and Catholic Rome, between Israel and Islam. Thus Napoleon attacks Russia, Russian Revolution - WWI, WW2 - Germany against Russia and the creation of Israel, Ukraine setting Europe/NATO against Russia.

So, all these egotistical narcissist Illuminati - like drug and sex addicted Aleister Crowley - who are taught they are so superior because they do Sex and Drug Rituals, because they, "Choose to be Enlightened" or "Enlightenment comes only because I choose it and believe I am already there.." in reality are filled with negativity, filled with Implant Addiction energy Blockages which drain their psychic energy, vampirise their psychic energy back to their demonic Masters.

The Dutroux affair in Belgium pointed to the Elite of Belgium, including Royalty, being involved in pedophilia, human sacrifice and cannibalism - with links to similar covens Worldwide!!

The 6000 Superclass Billionaires are all atheist, superstitious and classical european black magicians who believe all this - a psychopathic religion created by their myth making masters.

As I said before.., "Totally Fucked!!"

Ritual Homosexuality and Pedophilia are symptoms of the Satanic Religion and the Satanic Sex Addiction Blockages in Society. It was the arrest of the notorious Jewish born child serial killer Mr Dutroux in August 1996 that brought the Belgium Paedophile scandal to light.

The rescue of the last Two young girls he kidnapped lead to an investigation of Dutroux. Five women who testified anonymously in Belgium under the code name ”X” described a generational family underworld of Satanism, where Satanic Families pimped out their children for rape, pedophilia, sadomasochism, torture, cannibalism, snuff movies, and murder. They said that Satanic politicians, Bilderbuggers and other high placed members of society were involved.

The Psychological aspect of Satanism is a very important and severely underestimated aspect of the occult because it is the power of these myths, the manipulation of belief systems and the ability to propel someone or group of people to perform insane psychopathic activities based on these beliefs that give the occultists such power.

This is the purpose of these consciously created Pagan, Satanic, Psychopathic Religions..

Remember The Catholic Church Inquisition? Religious Jihadists? The effects of "small" changes to Islam - Only worship God, do not worship Relics and Saints as the Venetian Empire did when Cardinal Contarini paid Agent Martin Luther to create Protestantism - created by British MI6 in Wahabism and Salafism - the source of Alqaeda and ISIS? Who blow up Relics and the Mosques of Saints and the enormous Buddha statues in Afghanistan - Charles Manson?

They are able to get others to commit insanely violent acts because they consciously manipulate their belief system in some way. See..

THE SATANIC INFILTRATION OF RELIGIOUS CULTS TO CREATE POVERTY AND CONTROL HUMANITY The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians and the Satanic Infiltration of the Goddess Isis, Horus, Osiris and Dionysius; Wahabism and Salafism and the creation of Freemasonic Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Jihadi Caliphate.

This is where the occult and occultists get so much of their power. Beliefs and belief systems alone are what give people any impetus for outrageous, insane, psychopathic actions like Inquisition. Torquemada's (Tortura y Quemada) torture and burning people alive or cutting out their hearts and eating them raw - as we saw on a recent Jihadi video, or just going to War...

The element that occultism focuses on are both perceptions and belief systems. There is nothing mystical about it, but the power of the occult rests very much on this and the power to deceive - google, "false flags" - by manipulating perceptions - which is why Movies, Universities, Education, Common Core Curriculum, and the mainstream media is so crucial to their power.


Sustainability, Agenda 21, Global Warming, and Climate Change as instruments for an Austrian Economics, Global Depopulation, Genocide Agenda

It is their ability to deceive, in either making someone believe something is true when it is not or to believe that something is false when it is in fact, true. This may sound almost too juvenile an analysis but all Occultism is based on the power to deceive from the Father of Lies one into service of some sort.

"Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air" - The Witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth

How to know what is Foul and what is Fair?

The Buddha said, "If I form a Religion, it will be Infil-Traitored, if I write a book, it will be changed"

And so, throughout history there are many Black Popes and many Cardinals who were known as Necromancers and Black Magicians.

The Dalai Lama sent Lama Zopa to investigate a Tibetan Buddhist sect who worshipped a Demon, and he excommunicated that sect.

And many Gods, and many Religions, many Symbols and many Myths.

And all the Gods, Religions, Symbols, Myths have at their heart something good.

And all the Gods, Religions, Symbols, Myths can be interpreted in a good way.

And all the Gods, Religions, Symbols, Myths can be interpreted in a Satanic way which leads to ritual sex, human sacrifice and death etc.

As Father Bede Griffiths said, "It's all in the explanation"

It is all in the source of that explanation.

Is the source Satanically Psychopathically Demonic or does it come from the One True Good God?

Is the person interpreting Psychopathically Satanic or is he truly good, at One with the One True Good God?

Does it come from a Satanic Psychopathic Chakra energetically blocked, cut off from God, or does it come from Truth an infinity of chakras above the head, from the One True Good God?

How to know that which is Foul and that which is Fair?

Goodness Does Exist, Truth Exists, the One True Good God Exists.

"False Gold is Created to fool you because Real Gold Exists" - Tamil Siddar, Thiruvalluvar

"Gold, The More you Heat it, the More it Shines" - Tamil Siddar, Thiruvalluvar

Well, it is the evolution of every human being to arrive at the state of Enlightenment, at one with the One True God, Endless Endlessness, Nothing, Nirvana, Purity, Truth.

It is Only Using the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course to Open the Third Eye and gain Super Psychic Powers can you See the Truth, in Samadhi, in Viveka, in Samyama, in Kaivalya where we can get in Touch with that Truth, See the Truth, Be Changed by it.

That State where, "You don't get fooled again"

When you open the Third Eye with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course you can see the Implant Blockage Demon of Sexual Addiction in the Base Chakra which when watered and grown by Pornography and Sex will quickly take you to Pedophilia, Bondage and Sado Masochism, Ritual Murder and Sacrifice.

When you open the Third Eye with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course  you can see the energy cords connecting Base Chakra to Base Chakra creating Lust between two people which is the method of seduction of women who "Hook", and men who "Pull".

And the childish subpersonalities or demons who are in charge of that Base Chakra to Base Chakra connection of energy cords - a seduction which creates Lust.

And the childish subpersonalities or demons who are in charge of that disconnection of those cords of energy by the childish subpersonalities or demons who are in charge of that disconnection creating divorce - when your sabotage blockages are in charge of your life and you ask, “what happened?”

When you open the Third Eye with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course and are taught the Seven Step Process to Remove the Lilith Implant Blockage Succubus/Incubus Demon of Sexual Addiction in the Base Chakra.

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Reconnect to the Source of Infinite Energy. Find Flow and Direction in Life. Lost or unfulfilled Love. Sexuality and how to use it rightly. Wounds from sexual abuse. Isolation and abandonment. Powerlessness. Fears. Depression, grief, and suicidal thoughts. Guilt, anxiety, and anger. Repressed emotions/memories. Fears/phobias. Low self-esteem. Obsessive thoughts. Healing the inner child. Brain plasticity - Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience. It is an umbrella term referring to the brain's ability to change, reorganize, or grow neural networks when connected to higher spiritual energies and the removal of Energy Blockages. Emptying the mind of useless recurring memories to speedily recover the brain faster.

Energy Enhancement Level 0 Super Chi Prana, Spinal Electricity!! Power, Strength, and Immortality given Free! with Level 1

Energy Enhancement LEVEL 1 Immortality - Activate the Antahkarana! Gain Infinite Energy from the Chakras above the Head - Power UP!! Gain Psychic Powers! Open Your Third Eye, Gain Super Samadhi Kundalini Alchemical VITRIOL Energy. The Star Tantra Union of Shiva and Shakti, Ground All Negative Energies. Access Quantum Immortality. The Projection of Energy from the Third Eye and the Heart. Psychic Protection.

Energy Enhancement LEVEL 2 - The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to Totally Remove Energy Blockages, Totally expnge Demons, Totally Remove All Problems, Totally Remove Negative Emotions, Remove Energy Blockages from the Body, from the Chakras, from the Infinity of Chakras above the Head, from the Infinity of Chakras below the base, Heal Your DNA, Remove your Karma - OPEN YOUR LIFE!!

Energy Enhancement LEVEL 3 - Eliminate even Deeper Energy Blockages - The Removal of Strategies. Remove Subpersonalities. Quantum Integration. The Karma Cleaning Process to Totally Eliminate All Your Karma, all your Trauma, all your Energy Blockages from All your Past Lifetimes!!

Energy Enhancement LEVEL 4 - Stop the Suck!! Master Energy Vampires. Heal All your Relationships!! Open your Heart, Remove Negativity from all your Relationships, Star Tantra, Find Your Twin Flame!! MASTER ENERGY CONNECTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS - Star Tantra Horizontal Energy Cord cleaning and chakra cleaning therapy for couples - create and remove powerful connections; no sex involved. Master the Psychic Sexual Connection. Master Hookers and Pullers. Master Psychic Sexual Addiction Demons. Master All Relationships!

Just imagine spending years of your time meditating with lesser courses yet getting nowhere!

With Energy Enhancement you will Speed to your goal, Superfast! Self Realization is attained effortlessly in Energy Enhancement by the grace of the Gnani (spiritual master). Many have experienced this eternal happiness! You, too, can attain this bliss!

Come and attain Self Realization in the Buddhafield of the living Spiritual Masters, Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani.

You can buy the Full Online Course from us here or our Streaming Video Website This foundational course includes a Fantastic Reduction of the cost of the Foundation Course from the cost of the Online Course should you with to proceed with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Online with email support. Then choose to finish off your course with a reduced price Three Month Immersion Course with us in Goa or Iguazu.


FREE! With the 4 Night and 6 Night Course - Level 0 of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Online Course THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SUPER CHI IMMORTALITY PRANA COURSE - LEVEL 0 - the First of SIX! Powerful Meditational Levels! PLUS! LEVELS ONE AND TWO!!



Without Yoga, no Meditation!

Without Meditation, no Yoga!!

Yoga is bottom up.

Meditation is top down.

Here is Yoga, Plus!!

Practise these techniques

Initiation 1 Agnisar Kriya to strengthen your Core

Initiation 2 Hatha Yoga Video session given by Satchidanand

Initiation 3 Pranayama 1 - alternate nostril breathing to harmonise the nervous system

Initiation 4 Bandhas

Initiation 5 Pranayama 2 - Kumbhaka

Initiation 6 Nauli after mastering Agnisar Kriya

Initiation 7 Bhastrika

Initiation 8 Pawan Muktasanas Video 

Initiation 9 Meditation Video Initiation 1 (of Eight Initiations) Of Level 1 of the Energy Enhancement Course

Initiation 10 Devi Dhyani's Four Open the Third Eye Classes

Initiation 11 Sambhavi Mudra

Initiation 12 The Yogic Fat Burning Diet

Initiation 13 Diet Supplementation


Start with the good health of diet supplementation, organic food and filtered water.

Start with Agnisar Kriya and Alternate nostril breathing for several months twice per day to harmonise the nervous system and increase strength.

Start the Hatha Yoga DVD once or twice per week.

Start Pawanmuktasanas to improve sitting position.

Start the Meditation video and practise once or twice per day.

When Agnisar Kriya is mastered start Nauli and the Pranayama Bandhas and Kumbhaka.

When Kumbhaka is mastered start Bhastrika and Sambhavi Mudra

Use the yogic fat burning diet at any time.

Start Energy Enhancement Levels 1 - 4 during or after starting Meditation.

Strong practise will bring fast results.




See the Sacred Dance Video by Devi Dhyani of David Gilmour from On an Island - Click below…


Sri Yogendra

Both of us were present at Osho’s last public meditation - The White Robe Brotherhood 16 January 1990 in the Buddhafield in Pune, 3 days before he entered into Mahasamadhi 19 January 1990.

See the videos of Osho commenting on Bodhidharma…






The 3 and 6 Day Courses are for intense and serious people ready to see their life with direct perspective. It is specially made for those who are working in a corporate or stressful environment and want to live and sustain freely in this chaotic and competitive world.

In competitive societies, we overuse our minds which makes it dull and fosters depression.

For those who have been searching for solutions to reappearing issues in their lives and now seeking to leave behind the turmoil, Satchidanand supports you to unfold your wisdom and intelligence according to your nature and need of the moment.

Some issues that can be addressed:

Life Coaching, spiritual, and business counselling

Find Flow and Direction in Life

Lost or unfulfilled Love

Sexuality and how to use it rightly

Wounds from sexual abuse

Isolation and abandonment



Depression, grief, and suicidal thoughts

Guilt, anxiety, and anger

Repressed emotions/memories


Low self-esteem

Obsessive thoughts

Healing the inner child

Brain plasticity - Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience. It is an umbrella term referring to the brain's ability to change, reorganize, or grow neural networks when connected to higher energies and the removal of blockages.

Emptying the mind of useless recurring memories to recover the brain faster

Working with our combined kundalini energies is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Energy Enhancement's methods are deeply complementary and their feminine and masculine, Shiva and Shakti's Star Tantra energies augment each other.


Deep transformative retreat & life changing experience!

Receive unique spiritual teaching from two modern spiritual masters Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani

The most magical location and accommodation right next to the beach in the land of spirituality

A unique program tailor made retreat program

4 nights 3 days or 6 Nights, 5 days in deluxe accommodation with breakfast close to the beach in Palolem.

Fast track growth on all levels for those who have limited time and ready to go beyond all limitations, not looking for just temporary fix or escape.

Recover from a long period of stressful work or family situations

Restore your mind, body, and soul

Return home at peace and feeling refreshed in your body

Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected from God

Break through and free yourself from Energy Blockages past conditioning of your personality Limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self living your dreams, and the deepest calling of your heart and Soul.

Become Enlightened!