The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Satchidanand

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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali talks about Illumination as being Nirbija Samadhi. This word is a teaching as to what exactly enlightenment is. Nir means no, and Bija means seed. The seeds of desires which have not yet come to fruition. These Seeds are Energy Blockages. This is the Karma which is yet to come. And as it says in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, "The Karma, the Pain, that is to come can be averted" - Book 2 Sutra 16. The removal of Energy Blockages, Grounding their Negative Karmic Mass, is an Energy Enhancement Process called, "Karma Cleaning" - The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 3 of Energy Enhancement.

Each desire seed when watered can addict us to the desire it contains.

In the Yoga Sutras they talk of the method of roasting the seeds - removing the addiction, the slavery to your desires (When you slaver your saliva over something the desire drips out of your mouth) - so that the life they contain is extinguished, they can not germinate even with all the correct conditions, ever again to bring us to Painful Karma. And what roasts the seeds?

This is the concentration of the Light of the Soul in Samadhi, the next highest energy to the mind and there are higher energies still we can contact on the path of Energy Enhancement, as light is concentrated through a lens, as it is focused through the Brow Chakra, Ajna Chakra or through any of the chakras of which the Brow chakra is the Master - this is called Samyama...

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Swami Vivekananda tells a story from Hindu mythology about the higher levels of evolution prevented by any addiction. The sex addiction blockage. The Drug addiction blockage.


Yes, they say Satanism is defined by Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

Human beings are of all levels of evolution. After many hundreds of lifetimes we become more and more evolved, we develop psychic powers including the opening of the third eye. We begin to see the Satanic management of energy blockages of Drugs and Sex which vampirise your Energy System, Steal your Spiritual Energy and prevent further evolution.

All sages and Saints recommend the test of the ability to be celibate and the avoidance of the marriage trap as a necessity for enlightenment. Unless you master sex. Unless you master the removal of sexual addiction blockages. The mastery of the psychic sexual connections. The total mastery of energy connections. Then you cannot become enlightened.

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And here I am not mandating celibacy. Just the ABILITY to manage Sex and Drug addiction blockages. Yourself and your partners being implanted with Sex and Drug addiction blockages which like all Energy Blockages need to be removed. You need the mastery of the psychic sexual connections, the total mastery of energy connections, without which you will destroy your lives.

At one time Indra, the king of the gods, was forced to descend from his high position and take the body of a pig.

Pigs, as you know, live in mud. So Indra got into the mire, rolled around and eventually found a female pig with whom he mated.

The outcome of their love was a number of young piglets.

They were all very happy. But the gods in heaven, seeing the plight of their king, were horrified.

When the gods could no longer tolerate it, they came down and said, "You are Indra, our king. What are you doing here? You have a higher work to do. We are ashamed of your present habits."

Indra replied, "Who says I am unhappy like this? You live up there and say I don't have a happy life here. What fools you are. You should become pigs. Then you'll really appreciate the joy of it. Come on. Don't waste another minute. Get into pigs' bodies. Then you'll see how wonderful it is."

"Sir," the devas said, "we can't let you go on like this You are wasting your time. You must come out."

"Don't disturb me," Indra replied. "I have to take care of my young ones. They are waiting for me to play with them."

The devas went wild. "All right," they decided. "Since he's so attached to his children, we'll have to take them all away." One after another they killed the piglets.

Indra began crying and wailing.

"What are you doing?" When he calmed down he went to the she-pig and clung to her, saying, "All right. I'll just have more babies." But the devas were adamant.

They pulled the she-pig from Indra and killed her.

When Indra continued to moan and cry, they decided to get rid of his body as well. As soon as they pierced open his pig body, Indra's soul came out and looked at the dead body on the ground.

"Not only were you in that body, sir, but you wanted to stay there."

"I don't want any more of this," Indra said. "Come. Let's go back."

That is how nature works.

As long as we enjoy experiencing nature, holding onto the negativity, no matter what those who understand the truth tell us, we will answer, "Oh, you just don't know how to enjoy the world.

You don't have enough education, enough money, enough power. You people come and tell us nonsense. You want us to become celibate also. Get out. We want to enjoy all our luxuries."

And because the enlightened can't tear out your pig's body, rip up your checkbooks and finish up your bank balance, they say, "We'll wait. One day you'll learn your lesson."

All sages and Saints recommend the ability to be celibate and the avoidance of the marriage trap - partnering with people addicted to, implanted with the Lillith Succubus sexual energy blockage leading to divorce - as a necessity for enlightenment.

Unless you master sex. Unless you master the removal of sexual addiction blockages. The mastery of the psychic sexual connections. The total mastery of energy connections. Then you cannot become enlightened.

When all the entanglements tie you down, when you see you have no room to move about any longer, then you will realise the truth of their words.

Its like you do not understand the, "After all that" of the first Sutra of Patanjali "Here are complete instructions on Enlightenment".

It is impossible to enjoy negativity.

When we try to do that, the result is certain Karma, certain pain.

The next step of evolution for all Humanity is the Ancient Transmutative Processes of Samadhi and Samyama, to Open the Third Eye, to create Psychic Powers talked about in these Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for 5000 years and now taught in the Energy Enhancement Course.

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And when I say celibacy I mean the ability to become celibate which is the ability to heal your partners of all seduction, hooker, Lillith Demon Sexual Addiction Blockages and thus have a happy marriage.

Celibacy is impossible unless you manage to remove the sexual addiction blockages and the mastery of the psychic sexual connections.

Without these psychic powers you are doomed to fail the celibacy test.

Satanism advocates celibacy and androgeny symbolised by the image of Baphomet and the internal spiritual marriage but their Satanic Rituals are examples of how they fail these tests.

Instead of Energy Enhancement created psychic powers they recommend indulgence to get sick of sex, thus the pornography and Sexual rituals with the Whore of Babalon. The desire for sex continues..

Instead of Energy Enhancement created psychic powers they recommend the Satanic Castration Ritual but even this fails as the sexual addiction blockages continue within the body even though the genitals, breasts and uterus have been ripped from the body especially to trans kids. The desire for sex continues..

Thus the Satanic Sodomy Ritual to inject Energy Blockage Demons and split the mind for perfect mind control..

As mandated by Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis and the Nazis, from Satanic Sodomy Rituals created 10,000 years ago used by the Sacred Band of Thebes Fierce Gay Warriors who because they were so successful Sodomy was the template for all armies since that time in the Holy Roman Empire Prussians, the British Empire top level Politicians, Generals, Priests, Police, Secret Services like MI6, World Economic Forum Rothschild Scion Klaus Schwab and the Bohemian Grove, and Yale Skull and Bones Satanic Sodomy Rituals...

Here we have a Video from Jay Dyer about Witchcraft and New Age Religions…

Note the Satanic and Trans Clothing Target Corporation Symbol is that of the Ancient Symbol of the Sun but Perverted to mean the Sodomy Ritual Anus


In Britain the Sodomy Band of Thebes program was started by the King in 1438 at all boys, "Whipping and fagging" Eton whose template was expanded to all boys schools.

An Alumni of these sodomy mind control programs was Queen Elizabeth the first's Secret Agent, Cryptographer, Alchemist, Sodomite, Dr Dee - the first 007 whose Sodomite Masonic Credentials was proven by the 00 - two ball, 7 - cane or penis, Tubal Cane and his Sodomy Ritual Book, Monas Hieroglyphica - Wikipedia

Monas Hieroglyphica (or The Hieroglyphic Monad) is a book by John Dee, the Elizabethan magus and court astrologer of Elizabeth I of England, published in Antwerp in 1564. It is an exposition of the meaning of an sodomite esoteric symbol that he invented.…

The higher levels of Armies of Hitler, his Nazi SS which with Operation Paperclip took over the CIA the USA, Army and Navy and NATO and the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion.

Instead of Energy Enhancement created psychic powers they recommend Pornography and indulgence in Sex to get sick of sex, thus the Sexual Palladian rituals with the Whore of Babalon. The desire for sex continues..

And not only the desire for sex continues.. the desire for sex gets worse and moves on from vanilla sex to pain. It moves on to Bondage and Sado Masochism and Satanic Murder Human Sacrifice all addictions incorporated into the Implant Sexual Addiction Blockage Demon.

As Marquis de Sade said, "I don't want partners, I want victims"

And all sex and masturbation and BDSM is part of the Vampirisation of Energy Program whereby Black Magicians steal the Spiritual Energy of Humanity.

More? See..

The Removal of Sin, its Demon Implant Energy Blockages and its condign karmic consequences through the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process. .

THE BHAGAVAD GITA AND THE DEMON QUALITIES OF THE SELFISH COMPETITIVE PSYCHOPATHIC EGO,-Psychic-Sex-Connections,-Energy-Vampires,-Implants-and-Meditation-Part-One.htm Purity - The Reason why Every Man wants to Marry a Virgin is because of Syphilis and other diseases of Venus.htm CHRIST-ENERGY-THE-MEROVINGIANS-AND-SEXUA- RITUALS.htm,-Relationships,-Sex,-Adultery---Should-You-Forgive-Infidelity-PART-1.htm,-Relationships,-Sex,-Adultery,-Should-You-Forgive-Infidelity-Part-2.htm,-Psychic-Sex-Connections,-Energy-Vampires,-Implants-and-Meditation-Part-One.htm[[firstname]], How are they Stealing your Spiritual Energy - The Energy Vampirisation of Orgasm Energy from Sex Workers Sex Addiction Implant Energy Blockages at a Strip Club.htm[[firstname]], SEXUAL VAMPIRISM GOOD.htm

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