Satchidanand talks about Energy Blockages creating the Shadow, Revenge and Ghosts and the Removal of the Energy Blockages creating Detachment, Forgiveness and Peace

The Mastery of Relationships – Ahimsa, Detachment, Ghosts, Revenge, Forgiveness and the Shadow


Watch the video – Click Here –

Watch the video – Click Here –


So I will give a little a talk, in honor of this birthday of Hanumananda with his nice beautiful shirt. And I would like to reiterate what we talked about this morning because I think everybody has problems in life and they are very general in nature, like, everybody has the same problems but with just with a few variations of a theme, a general theme, which is normal.

Hanumananda – all six foot nine of him! and Satchidanand


I think it was Alice Bailey, let me just check my notes, I made some notes for this, yea a little bit off target but there we go, yea Alice Bailey it was that said there were initiations before the enlightenment initiation. And the first is The Opening of the Heart, because in general most people don’t think of others, they only think about themselves.

And the initiation of the opening of the heart is a very important one for humanity. Because with the opening of the heart, we have a person who thinks about other people as well as themselves, on the way toward thinking about other people instead of themselves. Yea. Basically if you don’t think about other people, if you cannot place yourselves in the feet of another person, if you cannot put yourselves in their place, then you don’t have a heart.

Gurdjieff used to say “the ability to put yourself in place of the other person, to think of the other person as yourself”. Once you start thinking about other people then you get ten times more problems because you got the problems of everybody around you.

You know, it’s very much more simple just to think about yourself and be entirely selfish, its an easy job, because you just don’t care what you do to other people, you can rob, you can steal, you can kill, and it doesn’t really matter the only thing that stops you is that you might get caught. That’s what the police are for.

But once you start thinking about other people then all the problems come in. You know. Putting yourself in their place, I don’t want to hurt that other person.

And this really is one of the first Niyamas I think in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, not to hurt another person by word, by thought or by deed. I always think that’s in the wrong order, it should be we shouldn’t be thinking of hurting another person by thought, even thinking about doing something bad about them, or by word, You know, sticks or stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, but words can hurt, you can hurt another person so therefore you have this whole idea of white lies, You know to keep things on an even keel.

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There’s a story about a young girl accosted by dacoits, robbers who want to rob her and rape her. And she’s running through the forest and she comes to hut of a holy man, his temple in the background. And she says “holy man holy man, these dacoits want to murder and rape me, what can I do”. And he says, “go hide in the temple” and when the dacoits come, there’s a holy man sitting there, and they say “there’s a girl passed by here, where did she go?” and he says “she went in that direction” and his student who is there at the time says “master, master, you are supposed to only speak the truth” yea, you are only supposed to speak the truth “why are you telling them these white lies” it’s because of Ahimsa, no harm, by word. He didn’t give any harm by speaking these words, he saved the girl and the dacoits went off in another direction.

And then after that its by deed, guns, swords, knives, blunt objects to the skull, the burning of property, all of those things, so we can say deeds are worse than thoughts, and words are worse than thoughts. But all these words and deeds start with thoughts!

I was in a Tibetan Gompa and that day Lama Zopa was to visit us and give us a talk. Lama Zopa is the Spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama is the Political head. So we were very lucky. And to be Spiritual, you have to be lucky!

As he walked down the center towards the front of the Gompa, he passed me. And I was aware of a torrent of energy, a tornado of hissing, buzzing, fizzing energy in his aura. And I started to get visions of my past lifetimes in Tibet. This is the sort of thing which happens when you meditate.

When you Meditate with Energy Enhancement Meditation. With Alchemical VITRIOL. With the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process, you Open the Third Eye. You become psychic. You see visions. You know the Truth!

I remember the last thing Lama Zopa said in his talk, “If you start to tell the truth they will say bad things about you. If you continue they will come at you with knives and guns. But what can they do? They can only kill you!”

But where does it all start from. Where does it all start from. It all starts from thoughts. That’s where it starts, you have a thought and then you decide you want to give a word, you want to tell the truth about somebody, (laughs) that’s one of the worst things you can do, because who is telling the truth? It ends up hurting people.

Ahimsa, the Niyama, takes precedence, no harm by thought, by word or by deed. No harm. Harmlessness, Ahimsa, exemplified by Gandhi, no harm, You know, giving pain to another person is the very worst thing you can do, so it takes precedence over telling the truth in some occasions, you need to hold yourself back by telling the truth because you might hurt somebody.

In matter of fact, there is only one occasion when you can tell the truth and hurt somebody and that’s when you’re teaching them at least that’s what Swami Satchitananda taught to me, you’re not doing it to hurt the other person, you’re doing it to teach them something. Perhaps they can take some benefit from the harm you’re doing to them by telling them the truth.

As with this talk, this page, because it’s tough!

And after the Initiation of Opening of the Heart then the field of human endeavor becomes the Second Initiation The Mastery of Relationships, this is the next initiation, after the opening of the heart, the mastery of which, enables enlightenment, which is the third initiation.

The Mastery of Relationships Initiation.

How can you tell if you, if in this lifetime, you are here to master relationships?

Well, that relationships have really hurt you in this lifetime, you know. Like if I meet somebody who’s dad died when he was god knows how old, knee high to a grasshopper, he’s grown a lot since then (laughs – Hanumananda is 1 meter 98cm tall!), then you can tell that person is on this planet, in this lifetime, in order to go through, the mastery of relationships, the initiation.

Hanumananda – all six foot nine of him! and Satchidanand
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To pass the initiation of the Mastery of Relationships, to have learn all the, to master all the problems with relationships, and the major one is when people leave you, You know. My dad died. You’re on the path of the mastery of relationships in this lifetime. That’s what you’re doing.

Not only do we have the Psychic Shock when the abdominal Energy Cords are cut, terminated, on the death of your loved one but they snap back into the abdomen like cut elastic bands causing untold damage to the abdominal chakras which power the throat.

But I think I was talking this morning about my experience with relationships in this lifetime. And I think the first person who left me was my grandfather and I remember him in the front room of my uncles house, in a coffin, ivory white, because that’s what happens when people die, they sort of lose their colour, he was ivory white. And as I was sitting there my cousin, a young lady, she started telling ghost stories (laughs) that’s what cousins and relatives do, anyway, that didn’t bother me in the slightest, but I think from that experience, I absorbed some of the psychic parts of my grandfather, his Ghost if you wish, which I had to learn to get rid of over the next few years, and the experience of having a sort of morass coming into you causing depression, You know, how to explain the feeling of the energy that comes over you and takes you over and you just feel this weight, of grey negative energy that sucks every joy of life out of you and just leaves you in a depressed state.

Meinertzhagen himself traced the “evil” side of his personality to a period during his childhood when he was subjected to severe physical abuse at the hands of a sadistic schoolmaster when he was at Fonthill boarding school in Sussex:

“Even now I feel the pain of that moment, when something seemed to leave me, something good; and something evil entered into my soul. Was it God who forsook me, and the devil took his place. But whatever left me has never returned, neither have I been able to entirely cast out the evil which entered me at that moment…. The undeserved beatings and sadistic treatment which were my lot in childhood so upset my mind that much of my present murderous character can be traced to Fonthill”

Well, thankfully these energies didn’t last too long, but You know that’s another part of the mastery of relationships when people die, if they’ve done too many bad things, if too many things have been done to them in this life time then they’re a little bit heavy to go up to heaven, and because they need to exist and they, to have energy, then they go to the brightest light in the room which is usually the black sheep of the family, and the black sheep absorbs all the energy and is parasitized by this energy which usually makes you depressed or angry or emotional and so part of the mastery of relationships is the ability to remove these energies from yourself and get to the state of being happy again and being normal, being in contact with god and everything alright with the world. Hello clouds, hello sky, its Fotherington Thomas.

We need to be in that innocent, happy, normal state, not thinking bad things about other people, just being happy with existence, and I think the very next thing that happened to me, I was slightly older, I was living in this house, and next door was this old lady, and we sort of just like a normal neighbor, we talked to each other, found each other’s histories and things like that and eventually we find her on the couch and she’s dying, and we get the ambulance and go to the hospital and she’s there sort of on her death bed and we got to the hospital to visit her and as I’m going out of the lift into the ward where she is I feel this enormous release of energy going up towards heaven and a great happiness, You know, finally I’m outta here, You know really happy, and she’s just dead, she just died, she’s in the bed You know, dead, and I sort of think to myself, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to die, but dying is a natural end to a life well lived, and that there’s no problem with it, You know and you get people who are tremendously unhappy in anguish when their loved ones die.

And the ability to not have that anguish, and the ability to not have that pain that comes when the loved ones die is part of the mastery of relationships and it comes by means of the mastery of energy connections between you and your loved one it comes from the deep internal knowledge not from reading a book, but from the deep internal knowledge that you have had of feeling of seeing what happens when a person dies.

The reality of it. The happiness of it.

And that’s not to say when you go to a funeral or when you’re talking to people about their loss, and about their anguish when somebody dies that you shouldn’t be compassionate with those people, that you shouldn’t make them unhappy by saying “oh there’s nothing to worry about, they’re in a better place”.

You’ve got to be compassionate with people. Ahimsa. By thought or by word or by deed.

Ahimsa takes precedence. You don’t try to hurt people that are in that state. You try to do all things to help them get over that pain, that anguish that they feel when their loved ones die.

Because the mastery of relationships initiation is a very tough initiation. It’s very difficult to master it. To be happy under all circumstances of relationships. So that just a few years ago, how many years is it now that my mother died? 2011 yea, and my father 2010.

You know, just a few years ago. But I was having these talks with my mother on the telephone, because here I am in Brazil, and she’s over there In England, and she said, “well your father’s gone really weird” he was getting a little bit of dementia, well I wasn’t sure if it was dementia, perhaps the psychic faculties open up, who knows. Anyway he was acting a little bit strange, and he was telling my mum when he woke up one day “oh I had a very strange dream last night, this bus came up onto the grass in front of me, and in the bus were all my brothers who are dead, because there were five brothers in the family and they all died before my dad, and they were saying “come on George, we’re going to heaven” and he didn’t go with them, “oh and he’s a bit weird” (laughs)

But when I looked deeply into my father with my Third Eye, I saw there was a tremendous amount of fear that was preventing the normal easy facile passage way of death, no-one gets out of here alive, sort of thing, everybody’s going to die, you’re going to die, I’m going to die, everybody’s going to die, nobody’s going to get out of this.

So what I did was, I spent a little bit of time removing this blockage of fear in my father, and I sent him up to heaven, which is what you normally do with these sorts of energies, just like Ramana Maharshi did with the Energy Blockages of his Mother before she died, and the next day, my mum rings up and says “your dads just dead”.

So it’s a joke, I know it’s a pretty awful joke, “I killed my father” (laughs)

But if you understand that death is normal and natural and a fast quick death is preferable lying in bed fighting off the idea that you’re going to die, I mean I thought it was quite compassionate to help him by removing the energy blockage causing fear in that way, and then he died.

And it was a lot easier for him, and he went to heaven straight away, he didn’t hang around, creating problems for the people down here.

Well you know when people die, they hang around because they were too heavy to go to heaven and they make all sorts of problems, and I described what happened when my grandfather died. I had another experience which impinges upon relationships, it was when I was a member of the National Federation of British Healers, and you had to go on a training course to find out about healing people, because I’ve always had a lot of energy in my hands, so you’re healing people by a laying on of the hands sort of thing.

And there was one of my students of yoga friends, meditation friends and she had just lost her husband from cancer, and he had a very horrible form of cancer which was called cancer of the face, so she had a terrible time.

You know what it’s like, when someone you really love dies, you gotta have compassion don’t you. Well I didn’t know anything about that (laughs) . I was just laying on hands of my friend here and as I was laying my hands on her she was going through all the normal kundalini energies so she was seeing all of her past lives, which again is quite normal, when you have somebody competent putting her hands on you, channeling energy into you.

So I’m doing this for about half an hour to an hour and she was begging me to continue with it because there was a lot of energy flowing through the hands and she was feeling the benefit of it, “don’t stop don’t stop” so in the end it finished and she went off home, and the very next day, I felt that old familiar grey life-sucking energy all over me, and it was actually painful to live, I think it’s the worst depression that’s ever come on me in my life, because it wasn’t just the fact that I was depressed, it was also the fact that I could feel people, I could feel their energies and that energy was painful, it was actually painful to me so that when I was actually talking to people they were being angry with me or something, I could feel it and it was just so horrible.

Another friend came to me with a lump of crystal and she set it in front of me and she did some healing on me and the energy lifted, and I think went back to my friend, from whom I had taken this energy. I’m not saying it was her husband that I took from her, but you know when people die and they’re a bit heavy, most people who die from cancer and they’re a bit heavy, because it’s the energy that kills them, they can’t go to heaven, they stick around, and they go to the brightest person in the room, the black sheep. And they cause all sorts of emotional problems, to those people because they need their energy to live, to stay on this plane.

So I was very lucky I had somebody who come to me and who helped me with that energy, and it went back to my friend, and she died 5 years later with cancer herself. Because in those days I didn’t really know what I was doing.

This is my mastery of relationships, my path, learning how to master relationships. Because the psychic part of relationships is even more important than not giving harm, pain, by thought word or deed its learning how to take the pain, purify it and send it on so that it doesn’t cause any problems. And what happened with this student friend of mine was a preliminary to learning what to do with these energies, because as a part as a member of the national federation of spiritual healers I went to all of my national federation of spiritual healer friends and said look “ this happened to me with this girl, this energy came to me and it went, what the fvck was it” and they couldn’t answer me.

So that was part of my teaching, what was it. How to manage these energies, which led me to yoga, which led me to meditation, which led me to Energy Enhancement, which led me to the 7step process for the removal of energy blockages, and these energy blockages have got lots of different names, like ghosts, that’s what we call them, so I suppose Energy Enhancement should be called Ghostbusters, sings the tune.

That’s just one of the different types of energy blockages you can get, implants, blockbusters, I wont go into them, I will probably scare everyone, You know as soon as you start mentioning things like ghosts, people go oooooooo, but when you have dealt with many, many, ghosts, and when you have dealt with many, many, people dying, and you know it from balls to bones, from A-Z then there is nothing to fear because you can handle it, because you have the techniques, you have the energy, you have the ability to help everybody on this planet.

There are people in England who go around battlefields, and they take all the fallen warriors and they send them up to heaven, they don’t talk about it because people get afraid. I remember me and Devi going to visit my parents, and we are in the front room and we feel a passage of hundreds of ghosts, and one by one as they marched through, we sent them all to heaven, it happened over 3 days, we sent them up to heaven. And when I asked my mother, “has anybody died around here “, did anybody die around here, and she said “oh yes this is the Durham Coal Fields”, and underneath this house, many hundreds of feet down, there was an accident in a coal mine, and five hundreds of people died, “oh so that’s what it was”.

So we just sent them up for 3 days. In an orderly fashion, they were just tramping through and we were sending them up to heaven.

And as I was driving down the M1, in England, I passed by this car, which was surrounded by police cars, looks like there was an accident, and as I’m going past the car, something hops onto my shoulder, he says “what happened?” and I said “ I think you’re dead mate” (laughs). “oh” he said, “what do I do now”. I said “ I’ll send you up to heaven” so I sent him up to heaven.

And you know, it sounds a bit weird, it sounds a bit strange, because where do you get the evidence for this, I could just be talking a heap of nonsense, but what can you do, it happened, so now we know what we’re doing.

So that is what happened on my passage to the mastery of relationships, now I obviously didn’t have much trouble with the mastery of relationships. No member of my close family died when I was young, and really fvcked me up, but when you meet up with people that have had these horrible experiences where somebody has died, at an early age in their life, you know that person has opened the heart because a person that hasn’t opened the heart would not care a jot of their parents died or not. Its only the people who care, who have opened the heart, who care, so you know they’re on the next initiation which is the mastery of relationships.

So what more can I say, I mean, I can lecture for 2 hours on the mastery of relationships, because it’s a big initiation.

And the very next part of the mastery of relationships that I want to talk about at this time is what Zen Master Hogen used to say in the meditation sessions that we did with him, “When I wake up in the morning, when I see you in front of me, it is as if I am seeing you for the very first time”.

Now what did he mean by that because this is a major part of the mastery of relationships. When we are normal, when we don’t have any blockages inside, we do not take offence.

No matter what people do to us, we forgive. And as a matter of fact, there’s a process that goes on within, you go to sleep and the sleep of forgetfulness, the water of Lethe which causes you to forget everything between lifetimes. What happens with me, I go to sleep and I forget, so that sometimes I cannot remember what people have done to me.

I know lots of people and they can through a whole list of the things that you’ve done to them. “Oh on that date you did this” and they know the actual dates and things, “you did that, you did that, you did that, you did that, you bastard” (laughs) so when Hogen says, “when I wake up, when I see you in front of me, it’s as if I see you for the very first time”.

The history of the badness has just gone, it disappears as if it’s not existed. Now that’s on Hogen’s side, but I bet you there’s lots of people in the audience going “you bastard” (laughs). So what is it that counts, that remembers, that wants revenge, that remembers every little detail of what everyone has done to them?

With these black books full of, “he did that to me and I’m gonna take revenge, you bastard, you’re gonna rot in hell and I’m gonna be there kicking You into the fire” (laughs) good eh, you like that.

So what is it inside that causes that? What I want to say is..

Is it an illness, an illness that counts, that wants to take revenge, that remembers every slight, every bad word, that causes all the problems in relationships, that absolutely in the end fvcks all relationship so nobody can stay together for a certain length of time, which is why we have serial monogamy? Have you ever heard of that before?.

Its where you remember everything the person did and becomes too much, right get them out, get a new one in, lets count, come on those as well, get them out, get another one in. Yea, so its just serial counting, all the bad things people have ever done to you, that so eventually it just fvcks everything up.

What is it inside that causes all those problems? And to me it’s not natural for a human being to remember all the bad things that have been done to them, and to me there’s something inside that causes this and I give them the name of the shadow, I think that Carl Jung, Nietzsche, Abraham Maslow, every psychotherapist psychologist worth his salt, they write books about the shadow, (laughs) and they go, “we can’t do anything about the shadow” it means the hole in psychotherapy and psychology that we just can’t get over. Because the shadow is what causes all psychological problems.

You name me one psychological problem, it’s the shadow. It’s just a blanket name for all the bad things that we know about in humanity. It’s the cause of everything bad.

And the Shadow is the one thing that Psychologists can not cure! Read my book – Eliminate the Shadow, because Energy Enhancement Meditation can cure the Shadow.

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And I was just counting one thing, and people count all the bad things people have done to you wanting revenge.

There’s all these movies from Hong Kong and they want their revenge, they’re actually teaching you that it’s a good thing to get revenge.

So what is it inside, we mentioned the shadow . And I give it a name, energy blockages but as we’ve seen before ghosts are energy blockages. What type of energy blockage is it that counts the revenge and wants to know all these things and I give them the name “inner children” because they’re childish, because who else but a child would take revenge?

No adult would take notice of what the little children do him. Because we’re all children.

Every relationship we have is with a child. And when the children want to kick you or hurt you or cry or scream, there, there, little child, be calm, don’t worry, daddy’s here. (laughs).

Inner children, and we have another name for them. Because these inner children don’t just start in this lifetime, they probably started in many past lifetimes and they pass along lifetime to lifetime, all the time getting stronger, all the time getting filled with more and more negative energy, all the time being wanting to take more and more deep and horrible revenge on everybody around them, as we gather more and more negative energy, as we gather more, and more slights come into the black book, each page in the black book, gets longer and longer, filled with revenge, which is to come.

And it is this negative energy which I call evil. It is a pertinence to evil, it is truly evil because it is waiting for the opportunity for all of that bile to be spewed out in an interaction of revenge, for everything that’s ever happened to them.

Another name for these inner children is subpersonalities. They are virtual machines, within the mind computer. They have these in the computer, they’re when the computer gets split up into VPS’s and into virtual machines and everybody has a part of the mind which the computer.

I think if you’ve watched Shyamalaman’s Split or Glass or any of those multiple movies that are being made about subpersonalities which exist where you’ve got 6 or 7 or 23 different personalities existing within the one mind and they just come in through the side… oomph front and center, I’m that subpersonality and then another one comes in and I’ve changed my personality, and I’ve got another one coming in front of me.

Well I want to say that this is not unusual except that in most people they are a little bit circumspect, they don’t just come in and take you over, and you can tell the difference, these are subtle subpersonalities, that seem to be a part of the main personality and yet they totally change the way you think.

We talk about them using the strategies of the poor me, “oh I’m so sad today I’ve got a pain in the diodes all down my left side” and everybody goes “oh there, there, you poor thing” getting a load of energy and it’s the subpersonalities that want the energy from everybody else .

Or you have the subpersonality of the violator, you get this bondage and sadomasochism. And you’ve got this poor sub going, beat me, beat me, and the sadist comes by and goes “no”. That’s my favourite joke, on BDSM.

But when you beat another person, you take their energy. And one person enjoys giving the energy and one person enjoys receiving the energy and the poor person who has been beating dies, and the person who was beating them goes “you bastard you died on me I better go find someone else to go beat”.

Subpersonalities, they take you over, there are all sorts of emotions and desires, evil desires that can take a human being over if we allow it to happen, and most people know about this therefore they keep themselves in the center, away from the drugs and the sex and the violence which is inherent in subpersonalities which are entirely Satanically Evil.

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Because they are not part of the soul.

We have a soul infused personality, which says, “when I wake up and see you in front of me, its as if I am seeing you for the very first time”, that is normal, and all the other things come from the shadow, from subpersonalities, they come from lifetimes of counting the hurts, the spew, the bile, the revenge that wants to hit and hurt and destroy and kill.

So when we are talking about the mastery of relationships first of all we have to clean ourselves of all these lifetimes of spew and bile and pain and revenge, and Energy Enhancement Meditation will help you do that by teaching how to drain the pain, the trauma, the Evil from the Subs and then fusing, integrating, the sub back into the Soul.

But when it comes to mastery of relationships, it means that if you have close friends around you or personal relationships, you have to expect that these people have all of that stuff fulminating inside of them.

And you can either treat them like a child or if it gets too bad they can’t stay with you or you have to teach them how to how to remove all of that stuff within themselves or they can’t stay with you.

The mastery of relationships mean that you understand all of that and you can handle it, it means you have to be compassionate even with Genghis Khan. You have to be compassionate even with Hitler.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it says stay away from evil, and what I am telling you is that every person on this planet is evil, some have more evil than others, but everybody is evil, everybody has that shadow, everybody has those subpersonalities, everybody has those little black books, if you wake up in the morning and you feel I said something bad to you (laughs) “ that bastard Satchidanand, he did that to me” (laughs) you have not yet mastered relationships in yourself.

How can anybody think bad thoughts about me?

How can anybody have evil thoughts about me?

It’s just not possible.

Nail him up, get him on that cross, you bastard. I suppose you think you’re better than me? (laughs).

So there you go.

What else was I going to say…

You might think you are ok, but at the heart of you is a sub personality. We are filled with many of these subs, these people who have come down to us from many past lifetimes.

We are filled with Karma from all the bad things we have done in this and previous lifetimes.

This time it’s a little boy who is sad his father died. More than that, he is angry his father left him.

This little boy needs to be grounded and fused into your soul again.

We will teach you how to do this on the Energy Enhancement Meditation course.

I think that’s enough for today.
I think it was very good, I enjoyed that. I enjoy getting it all out.
Oh does anybody have any questions before we finish? Any questions?

Oh I must have done well.
I think its because we all want to go to the Indian restaurant and have some nice Indian food.

Because it is the birthday of Hanumanananda and we’re all going to celebrate.


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