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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Introductory Postulates
Introductory Postulates

The teaching which is given in this Treatise on Cosmic Fire might be formulated in the following terms. These postulates are simply extensions of the three fundamentals to be found in the Proem in the first volume of the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky (S.D., I, 42-44). Students are recommended to study them carefully; in this way their understanding of the Treatise will be greatly aided.

I. There is one Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which antecedes all manifested conditioned Being. It is beyond the range and reach of any human thought or expression.

The manifested Universe is contained within this Absolute Reality and is a conditioned symbol of it. In the totality of this manifested Universe, three aspects are to be conceived.

  1. The First Cosmic Logos, impersonal and unmanifested, the precursor of the Manifested.
  2. The Second Cosmic Logos, Spirit-Matter, Life, the Spirit of the Universe.
  3. The Third Cosmic Logos, Cosmic Ideation, the Universal World-Soul.

From these basic creative principles, in successive gradations there issue in ordered sequence the numberless Universes comprising countless Manifesting Stars and Solar Systems.

Each Solar System is the manifestation of the energy and life of a great Cosmic Existence, Whom we call, for lack of a better term, a Solar Logos. [4]

  • This Solar Logos incarnates, or comes into manifestation, through the medium of a solar system.
  • This solar system is the body, or form, of this cosmic Life, and is itself triple.
  • This triple solar system can be described in terms of three aspects, or (as the Christian theology puts it) in terms of three Persons.


1st Person - Father, Life, Will, Purpose, Positive energy.


2nd Person - Son, Consciousness, Love-Wisdom, Equilibrized energy.

FIRE BY FRICTION (Body or Matter)

3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy.

Each of these three is also triple in manifestation, making therefore

  1. The nine Potencies or Emanations.
  2. The nine Sephiroth.
  3. The nine Causes of Initiation.

These, with the totality of manifestation or the Whole, produce the ten (10) of perfect manifestation, or the perfect MAN.

These three aspects of the Whole are present in every form.

  1. The solar system is triple, manifesting through the three above mentioned.
  2. A human being is equally triple, manifesting as Spirit, Soul and Body, or Monad, Ego and Personality.
  3. The atom of the scientist is also triple, being composed of a positive nucleus, the negative electrons, and the totality of the outer [5] manifestation, the result of the relation of the other two.

The three aspects of every form are interrelated and susceptible of intercourse, because

  1. Energy is in motion and circulates.
  2. All forms in the solar system form part of the Whole, and are not isolated units.
  3. This is the basis of brotherhood, of the communion of saints, and of astrology.

These three aspects of God, the solar Logos, and the Central Energy or Force (for the terms are occultly synonymous) demonstrate through seven centers of force, - three major centers and four minor. These seven centers of logoic Force are themselves so constituted that they form corporate Entities. They are known as

  1. The seven planetary Logoi.
  2. The seven Spirits before the Throne.
  3. The seven Rays.
  4. The seven Heavenly Men.

The Seven Logoi embody seven types of differentiated force, and in this Treatise are known under the names of Lords of the Rays. The names of the Rays are

  • Ray I - Ray of Will or Power - 1st Aspect
  • Ray II - Ray of Love-Wisdom - 2nd Aspect
  • Ray III - Ray of Active Intelligence - 3rd Aspect
    (These are the major Rays.)
  • Ray IV - Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.
  • Ray V - Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science.
  • Ray VI - Ray of Devotion or of Abstract Idealism.
  • Ray VII - Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Order.
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