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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Introductory Postulates
II. There is a basic law called the Law of Periodicity.
  1. This law governs all manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar Logos through the [6] medium of a solar system, or the manifestation of a human being through the medium of a form. This law controls likewise in all the kingdoms of nature.
  2. There are certain other laws in the system which are linked with this one; some of them are as follows:
    1. The Law of Economy - the law governing matter, the third aspect.
    2. The Law of Attraction - the law governing soul, the second aspect.
    3. The Law of Synthesis - the law governing spirit, or the first aspect.
  3. These three are cosmic laws. There are seven systemic laws, which govern the manifestation of our solar Logos:
    1. The Law of Vibration.
    2. The Law of Cohesion.
    3. The Law of Disintegration.
    4. The Law of Magnetic Control.
    5. The Law of Fixation.
    6. The Law of Love.
    7. The Law of Sacrifice and Death.
  4. Each of these Laws manifests primarily on one or other of the seven planes of the solar system.
  5. Each law sweeps periodically into power and each plane has its period of manifestation and its period of obscuration.
  6. Every manifested life has its three great cycles:
    Birth - Life - Death.
    Appearance - growth - disappearance. [7]
    Involution - evolution - obscuration.
    Inert motion -  activity - rhythmic motion.
    Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvic life.
  7. Knowledge of the cycles involves knowledge of number, sound and color.
  8. Full knowledge of the mystery of the cycles is the possession only of the perfected adept.
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