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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
II. What is Evolution and how does it proceed?

1. Life Cycles

I do not propose to deal here with the evolutionary process in any other way than briefly to indicate that the whole method of evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body of expression for the latter. The life cycle of the Son is one hundred years of Brahma in the same sense as man has a life cycle consisting of a certain number of years, dependent upon his karma. During the life cycle of a man, he expresses what is in him at his particular stage, and gradually develops from the stage of the antenatal period wherein the Self over-shadows the matter aspect until the period wherein that Higher Self takes full possession of the prepared form. This stage varies with every individual. From that time on fuller self-consciousness is sought, and the man (if proceeding normally) expresses himself through the form ever more adequately. Each life of lesser cycle in the great cycle of the Ego or Self, sees that expression more complete, brings the form more under control and develops a conscious realization of the Self until there comes a culminating cycle of lives in which the Self within rapidly dominates, and takes full authority. The form becomes wholly adequate; the fusion of the two poles of Spirit and matter is fully brought about; and the light (fire) and heat (radiation) is seen and felt systemically. Then the form is either consciously utilized for specific ends or is vacated, and the man is liberated. Electric fire and fire by friction are fused, and the consequent solar fire blazes forth in radiant glory.

Extend this idea from man, an individualized unit of [232] consciousness, to the great Heavenly Men, in one of Whose bodies a man forms a cell. The body of expression of each Heavenly Man is one of the sacred planets, and They aim at the same goal as man - the attainment, on Their own levels, of full expression, and the development of Their vehicles of consciousness to a point where the Spirit may blaze forth as light divine, and as heat. This heat radiates consciously and with intense magnetic attraction between all the seven systemic groups, or planetary schemes. Their magnetic field of action will include the planetary radius of one and all. Carry this thought still further to include the Son, and the entire solar system which He animates; His attempt is to find full expression therein, so that eventually and consciously His light may be seen and His heat, or magnetic radiation, may be felt beyond His immediate sphere of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both the light of the Son and the heat of the Son must be felt by the opposite cosmic pole, that constellation which is our system's magnetic opposite.

2. The objective of the units of consciousness

Thus, the thought of union and of fusion underlies the entire scheme of evolution; Man, the Heavenly Men, and the cosmic Man (the Son of the Father and the Mother) have to

  1. Radiate occult heat beyond their own individualized ring-pass-not.
  2. Occultly blaze forth and demonstrate light or fiery objectivity.
  3. Expand so as to include that which lies beyond their own immediate spheres.
  4. Fuse and blend the two fires so as to produce perfectly the central fire, solar fire.
  5. Blend Spirit and matter so that a body is produced that will adequately express Spirit.
  6. Merge the essence within the form, which is occultly [233] qualified during evolution, with the essence in all forms - humanly, in a planetary sense, and cosmically.
  7. Attain human, systemic and cosmic manhood.
  8. Achieve mastery on three planes of the solar system, humanly speaking.
  9. Achieve mastery on five planes of the solar system, when speaking of a Heavenly Man.
  10. Achieve mastery on three cosmic planes when speaking of the cosmic Christ, the Son, or the Logos manifesting objectively.
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