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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
3. The Manifesting Units of Consciousness 94

If these stated aims are carefully considered, it will be seen how each has its place within the plan, and how [234] evolution is but a term used to express the gradual development in time and space of the inherent capacity of a human being, of a Heavenly Man, and of the Grand Man of the Heavens. The place and position of one and all to each other must be borne in mind, for no one can develop without the other. What, therefore, have we?

  1. The Son, the Grand Man of the Heavens. He manifests through the Sun and the seven sacred planets, each of whom embodies one of His seven principles, just as He in His totality embodies one of the principles of a greater cosmic Entity.
  2. A Heavenly Man. He manifests through a planet, and embodies one of the principles of the Son, the Logos. He Himself is likewise developing through seven principles, which are the source of His essential unity with all other Heavenly Men. Cosmically considered, the Son is developing the principle of a greater cosmic Being, that principle which we call love-wisdom. That is the fundamental characteristic He has to develop during His life cycle. Each Heavenly Man, therefore, embodies predominantly a subsidiary principle of the fundamental one. In like manner He Himself has six subsidiary principles, as has the Son.
  3. A Human Being, Man. He manifests on the physical [235] plane through form, and has also seven principles; in each life cycle he works at their development. He likewise has His primary coloring, dependent upon the fundamental principle embodied by the Heavenly Man, Who is his originating source. Thus we have:
    Father-Spirit - Mother-Matter.
  • The Son or the Grand Man of the Heavens, the conscious logoic Ego
    evolving through:
  • The Sun and the seven sacred planets
    each embodying a:
  • Cosmic principle, in six differentiations
    by method of:
  1. Expansion, vibratory stimulation, magnetic interaction, or the law of attraction and repulsion.
  2. Cyclic progress, rotary repetition, coupled to spiraling ascension, and developing:
    1. The quality of love-wisdom, through the utilization of form by the means of active intelligence.
    2. Full self-consciousness.
    3. A perfected solar system, or the form, adequate to the needs of the indwelling spirit.

Here a similar tabulation may be worked out to demonstrate the similarity of the process in the case of a Heavenly Man and a human being. If we ask why ten schemes, and in effect ten planets (seven sacred and three [236] concealed) it is because the seven sacred planets are eventually merged into the three, and finally the three are blended into the one. This can be traced along the line of analogy as we consider the seven Rays. These seven Rays, which in manifestation are diverse, are eventually synthesized. The minor four are blended, we are told, into the third major ray, and the three major rays are finally merged into the one synthetic ray, the Love-Wisdom Ray (the Dragon of Wisdom, the occult serpent swallowing its tail). 95 This has been pointed out by H. P. B. We have, therefore, the three crowning rays, but seven seen during the evolutionary process. In connection with the Heavenly Men, functioning through the planets, there are, therefore, three planets which might be considered as synthesizing planets, and four which are blended eventually, until the three have absorbed the essence of the four; finally the one absorbs the essence of the three, and the work is completed. This process lies many millennia ahead, during the inevitable period of the gradual obscuration of our system. Four of the Heavenly Men find Their magnetic opposites, and fuse and blend. First this takes place between Themselves, the negative and the positive rays merging and fusing, forming then the two from the four. Again the two merge, producing a united whole, and the one thus produced blends with the major third ray, the intelligence aspect, - the ray represented in our planetary Hierarchy by the Mahachohan. So the fusion will proceed until ultimately unity is reached in the system, and the Son has accomplished His purpose. He is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth cosmically; His magnetic radius touches the periphery of His cosmic opposite, and the marriage of the Son is effected. The two cosmic units merge.

If we here naturally ask which is the cosmic unit that is our solar opposite, we shall be told that that question [237] lies hid for the present, though it is hinted at in the Secret Doctrine, and in other sacred books. A hint lies concealed in the relationship of the Pleiades to our earth, but not until a further precession of the equinoxes will it be more fully seen what is the exact relationship involved. 96

94 "Matter, it must be remembered, is that totality of Existence in the Cosmos which falls within any of the planes of possible perception. - S. D., I, 560.

These Existences might be enumerated as follows:

  1. The Seven Heavenly Men. In their totality they make up the Body of the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos.

    Other names for these Beings:
    1. The seven planetary Logoi or Spirits.
    2. The Prajapatis.
    3. The seven Lords of the Rays.
    4. The Dyhan Chohans.
    5. The seven Spirits before the Throne.
    6. The seven Archangels.
    7. The seven Logoi.
    8. The seven Builders.

    - S. D., I, 115, 130, 152, 535.

    They are the informing Entities of the Divine Ray, the Ray of the second Logos, in much the same sense as Fohat and his seven Brothers are the totality of the Primordial Ray. - S. D., I, 100, 108, 155.

    1. Matter is fecundated by the Primordial Ray of Intelligence. This is the anima mundi, the soul of the world.
    2. The Primordial Ray is the vehicle for the Divine Ray of Love and Wisdom. The merging of these two is the aim of evolution.
    3. The Divine Ray is sevenfold. It brings in seven Entities.
    4. These seven are.
      1. The Logos of Will or Power.
      2. The Logos of Love and Wisdom.
      3. The Logos of Activity.
      4. The Logos of Harmony.
      5. The Logos of Concrete Science.
      6. The Logos of Devotion or Abstract Idealism.
      7. The Logos of Ceremonial Law or Order.
  2. Men, The Monad, The Units of Consciousness. They, in their totality, make up the Bodies of the seven Heavenly Men. Each Monad is found upon one of the seven Rays.
    - S. D., I, 197, 285, 624; S. D., II, 85, 176, 196.
  3. Devas - S. D. I, 308; S. D., II, 107.

    Such devas are, for instance:
    1. The deva Lord of a plane. The sphere of his body is the entire plane.
    2. Groups of building devas.
  4. Entities involved in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms.
    - S. D., I, 210, 298.
    1. The life of the third Logos - the atom of matter.
    2. The life of the second Logos - groups of atoms built into forms (plant, animal).
    3. The life of the first Logos - the forms indwelt by highest Spirit.
  5. The spirit of a planet. - S. D., I, 178; S. D., II, 251, 500. He is the sumtotal of the many involutionary lives upon a planet.
  6. The atom. - S. D., I, 559, 620-622.

Summing Up: For the purpose and the goal see S. D., I, 70, 132.

95 Serpent swallowing its tail. - S. D., I, 704; II, 531.

96 Students might compare the following references and then form their own conclusions. - S. D., I, 711 note, 545, 439; II, 811, 830, 581, 582, 426, 454, 654, 371.

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