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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
A Man
  1. A man is spheroidal in form, he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with a nucleus [248] of life at the center. In predicating this we are considering the true man in his fundamental position as the Ego, with his sphere of manifestation, the causal body, - that body which forms the middle point between Spirit and matter.
  2. A man contains within himself differentiated atoms, which in their totality make up the objective form of the man on the planes of his manifestation. All are animated by his life, by his persistent will-to-be; all vibrate according to the point reached by the man in evolution. As seen from the higher planes man demonstrates as a sphere (or spheres) of differentiated matter, vibrating to a certain measure, tinctured by a certain color, and rotating to a fixed key - the key of his life cycle.
  3. A man is distinguished by activity on one or more planes in the three worlds, and shows forth the qualities of:
    1. Rotary motion, or his particular cycling on the wheel of life, around his egoic pole.
    2. Discriminative capacity, or the power to choose and gain experience.
    3. Ability to evolve, to increase vibration and to make contact.
  4. A man contains within himself three major principles, - will, love-wisdom, active intelligence or adaptability - and their differentiation into the seven principles. These, making the eventual ten of perfected manifestation, are in process of vitalization, but have not yet attained full expression. Only four principles in man are active, and he is in process of developing the fifth, or manasic principle. Note how perfect is the analogy between man, viewed as the lower quaternary developing the principle of mind, and the atom with its four spirillae active, and the fifth in process of stimulation.
  5. A man is governed by the Law of Attraction, is [249] evolved through the Law of Economy, and is coming under the Law of Synthesis. Economy governs the material process with which he is not so much consciously concerned; attraction governs his connection with other units or groups, and synthesis is the law of his inner Self, of the life within the form.
  6. Man finds his place within the group form. Egoic groups and the Heavenly Men are formed by the aggregate of human and of deva units.
  7. His responsiveness to outer stimulation:
    1. Electrical stimulation, affecting the outer form, or pranic response.
    2. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon his subjective life. This emanates from his egoic group, and later from the Heavenly Man, in Whose body he is a cell.
    3. The united effect of these two stimulations, inducing steady growth and development.

A man is distinguished therefore by:

  1. His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not is definite and seen.
  2. His internal arrangement; his entire sphere of influence is in process of development. At present that sphere is limited and his range of activity is small. As the body egoic is developed, the nucleus of life at the center increases its radius of control until the whole is brought under rule and government.
  3. His life activity or the extent to which at any given time he demonstrates self-consciousness, or controls his threefold lower nature.
  4. His sevenfold inner economy; the development of his seven principles. [250]
  5. His eventual internal synthesis under the working of the three laws from the seven into the three and later into the one.
  6. His group relation.
  7. His development of consciousness, of responsiveness to contact, involving therefore the growth of awareness.
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