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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
A Heavenly Man 3

a. Each Heavenly Man is likewise to be seen as spheroidal in shape. He has His ring-pass-not as has the atom and the man. This ring-pass-not comprises the entire planetary scheme; the dense physical globe of any one chain being analogous in His case to the physical body of any man, and to the atom on the physical plane. Each scheme of seven chains is the expression of the life of an Entity, Who occupies it, as does a man his body, for purposes of manifestation and in order to gain experience. [251]

b. A Heavenly Man contains within Himself that which corresponds to the cells within the vehicles of expression of a human being. The atoms or cells in His body are made up of the aggregate of the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respond to the measure of His life. All are held together and animated by His will to be, and all vibrate according to the point achieved by Him in evolution. From the cosmic standpoint a Heavenly Man can be seen as a sphere of wondrous life, which includes within its radius of influence the vibratory capacity of an entire planetary scheme. He vibrates to a certain measure, which can be estimated by the activity of the life pulsating at the center of the sphere; the entire planetary scheme is tinctured by a certain color, is rotating to a fixed key which is the key of His life cycle within the still greater mahamanvantara or logoic cycle.

c. A Heavenly Man is distinguished by His activity on one or other of the planes which we call the Triadal, or Atma-Buddhi-Manas, in the same way as a man is distinguished by his activity on one of the planes in the three worlds, mental-astral-physical. Eventually a man is self-conscious on all three. Eventually a Heavenly Man is fully self-conscious on the higher three. Every forward movement or increased vitality in the aggregate of men in the three worlds, is paralleled by an analogous activity on the three higher planes. The action and the interaction between the life animating the groups or the Heavenly Men, and the life animating the atoms or men who form the units in groups is both mysterious and wonderful. A Heavenly Man on His own planes likewise shows forth the qualities of :

  • Rotary motion, or His particular cycling activity around His life wheel, a planetary scheme, and thus around His egoic pole. [252]
  • Discriminating capacity, or the power to choose and thereby gain experience. They are the embodiments of manas or the intelligent faculty (hence Their title of Divine Manasaputras) which comprehends, chooses and discards, thus attaining knowledge and self-consciousness. This manasic faculty They developed in earlier kalpas or solar systems. Their purpose is now to utilize that which is developed to bring about certain specific effects and to attain certain specific goals.
  • Ability to evolve, to increase vibration, to gain knowledge, and to make contact. This increased vibration is of a gradual and evolutionary order and proceeds from center to center as it does in man, and as it does in the case of the atomic spirillae. Their aim is to achieve uniformity of contact with each other, and to merge eventually Their separated identities in the One Identity, retaining simultaneously full self-consciousness or individualized self-apprehension.

d. A Heavenly Man contains within Himself three major principles - will, love-wisdom, intelligence, and their manifestation through the seven principles so often discussed in our occult literature. These make the ten of His ultimate perfection, for the seven are resolved into the three, and the three into the one.

Each Heavenly Man has, of course, His primary coloring or principle as has man and the atom. Man has for his primary coloring or principle that of the Heavenly Man in Whose body he is a unit. He has also the other two major principles (as has the Heavenly Man), and their differentiation into the seven as earlier said. The atom has for primary coloring or principle, that of the egoic ray of the human being for instance in whose body it finds place. This, of course, is in connection with the [253] physical atom in a man's body. This coloring manifests as the vibration setting the measure of the major three spirillae and the minor seven.

Only four principles in the Heavenly Men are as yet manifesting to any extent, though One of Them is rather in advance of the others, and has the fifth principle vibrating adequately, while certain others are in process of perfecting the fourth. The Heavenly Man of our chain is vibrating somewhat to the fifth principle, or rather is in process of awakening it to life. His fourth vibration or principle in this fourth round or cycle, and on this fourth globe, is awakened, though not functioning as it will in the fifth round. Much of the trouble present in the planet at this time arises from the coming into activity of the higher or fifth vibration, which will be completed and transcended in the next or fifth cycle. The analogy, as in man and the atom, again holds good but not in exact detail.

e. A Heavenly Man is governed by the Law of Attraction, has transcended the Law of Economy, and is rapidly coming under the Law of Synthesis. Note therefore the gradual stepping-up of the control and the fact that:

  • First. The Law of Economy is the primary law of the atom. The Law of Attraction is coming into control of the atom. The Law of Synthesis is but slightly felt by the life of the atom. It is the law of life.
  • Second. The Law of Attraction is the primary law of man. The Law of Economy is a secondary law for man. It governs the matter of his vehicles. The Law of Synthesis is steadily beginning to be felt.
  • Third. The Law of Synthesis is the primary law of a Heavenly Man. The Law of Attraction has full sway. The Law of Economy is transcended.

The dense physical body is not a principle for a Heavenly Man, hence the Law of Economy is transcended. [254] The Law of Attraction governs the material process of form building. The Law of Synthesis is the law of His Being.

f. A Heavenly Man is finding His place within the logoic groups, and is seeking to realize His position among the seven and by realization to approximate unity.

g. His responsiveness to outer stimulation. This viewed from the limited human standpoint touches on realms unattainable by man's intellect as yet. It deals with:

  • Electrical stimulation, and concerns the response to solar radiation, and to paralleling planetary radiation.
  • Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective life. This radiation emanates from sources outside the system altogether. We might note the following facts:
    • Magnetic stimulation of the physical atom emanates from man on astral levels, and later from buddhic levels.
    • Magnetic stimulation of man emanates from the Heavenly Men on buddhic, and later on monadic levels.
    • Magnetic stimulation of a Heavenly Man emanates extra-systemically, from the cosmic astral, the united effect of these stimulations inducing steady internal development.

A Heavenly Man is distinguished therefore by:

  1. His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not, during objectivity, is definite and seen.
  2. His internal arrangement and His sphere of influence, or that activity animating the planetary chain.
  3. His spiritual life control at any given period. It is the power whereby He animates His [255] sevenfold nature. Note the increase of influence as compared to man's threefold radius.
  4. His eventual ultimate synthesis from the seven into the three and from thence into one. This covers the obscuration of the globes, and the blending into unity of the seven principles which each globe is evolving.
  5. His evolution under Law and consequent development.
  6. His group relation.
  7. His development of consciousness and of awareness.

Finally, we must extend these ideas to a solar Logos, and see how completely the analogy persists. The paragraphs dealing with stimulation, magnetic and electric, inevitably brings us back to the contemplation of fire, the basis and source of all life.

3 These Heavenly Men are:

  1. The sumtotal of consciousness - S. D., I, 626,
  2. The Creators - S. D., I, 477, 481-485. Compare S. D., II, 244.
    1. They are the seven primary creations, or the taking of the etheric body by a Heavenly Man.
    2. They are the seven secondary creations, or the taking of the dense physical body.
      Trace this in the Microcosm, and the work of the devas of the ethers in building the body.
    3. The aggregate of divine intelligence - S. D., I, 488,
    4. The mind-born Sons of Brahma - S. D., I, 493, S. D., II, 610, 618.
      They are the logoic Quaternary, the Five, and the Seven.
    5. The seven Rays - S. D., I, 561, S. D., II, 201.
      They are the seven paths back to God - Spirit.
      They are the seven principles metaphysically.
      They are the seven races physically.
    6. The Lords of ceaseless and untiring devotion - S. D., II, 92.
    7. The failures of the last system - S.D., II, 243.
    8. The polar opposites to the Pleiades - S. D., III, 579, 581.
      Our system is masculine occultly and the Pleiades is feminine.
      A Heavenly Man in His planetary scheme creates in a similar manner. See S. D., II, 626.
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