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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
A Solar Logos

a. A solar Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens, is equally spheroidal in shape. His ring-pass-not comprises the entire circumference of the solar system, and all that is included within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds a position analogous to the nucleus of life at the center of the atom. This sphere comprises within its periphery the seven planetary chains with the synthesizing three, making the ten of logoic manifestation. The Sun is the physical body of the solar Logos, His body of manifestation, and His life sweeps cycling through the seven schemes in the same sense as the life of a planetary Logos sweeps seven times around His scheme of seven chains. Each chain holds a position analogous to a globe in a planetary chain. Note the beauty of the correspondence, yet withal the lack of detailed analogy. (S.D., I 136.)

b. A solar Logos contains within Himself, as the atoms in His body of manifestation, all groups of every kind, [256] from the involutionary group-soul to the egoic groups on the mental plane. He has (for the animating centers of His body) the seven major groups or the seven Heavenly Men, who ray forth Their influence to all parts of the logoic sphere, and who embody within Themselves all lesser lives, the lesser groups, human and deva units, cells atoms and molecules.

Seen from cosmic levels, the sphere of the Logos can be visualized as a vibrating ball of fire of supernal glory, containing within its circle of influence, the planetary spheres likewise vibrating balls of fire. The Grand Man of the Heavens vibrates to a steadily increasing measure; the entire system is tinctured by a certain color, - the color of the life of the Logos, the One Divine Ray; and the system rotates to a certain measure, which is the key of the great kalpa or solar cycle, and revolves around its central solar pole.

c. The solar Logos is distinguished by His activity on all the planes of the solar system; He is the sumtotal of all manifestation, from the lowest and densest physical atom up to the most radiant and cosmic ethereal Dhyan Chohan. This sevenfold vibratory measure is the key of the lowest cosmic plane, and its rate of rhythm can be felt on the cosmic astral, with a faint response on the cosmic mental. Thus the life of the logoic existence on cosmic levels, may be seen paralleling the life of a man in the three worlds, the lowest of the systemic planes.

On His own planes the Logos likewise shows forth:

  • First. Rotary motion. His life as it cycles through a day of Brahma, can be seen spiraling around His greater wheel, the ten schemes of a solar system.
  • Second. Discriminatory capacity. His first act, as we know, was to discriminate or choose the matter he needed for manifestation. That choice was controlled by: [257]
    • Cosmic Karma.
    • Vibratory capacity.
    • Responsive coloring or quality.
    • Numerical factors involved in cosmic mathematics.

    He is the embodiment of cosmic manas, and through the use of this faculty He seeks - by means of animated form - to build into His cosmic causal body, a paralleling quality of love-wisdom.

  • Third. Ability to progress, to increase vibration, and to gain full self-consciousness on cosmic levels.

d. The solar Logos contains within Himself the three major principles or aspects, and their differentiation into seven principles. These make the ten of His ultimate perfection and are eventually synthesized into the one perfected principle of love-wisdom. This ultimate principle is His primary coloring. Each principle is embodied in one of the schemes, and is being worked out through one of the Heavenly Men. Only four principles are as yet manifested to any extent, for the evolution of the Logos parallels that of the Heavenly Men.

e. The solar Logos is governed by the Law of Synthesis. He holds all in synthetic unity or homogeneity. His subjective life is governed by the Law of Attraction; His material form is governed by the Law of Economy. He is coming under another cosmic law as yet incomprehensible to men, which law is but revealed to the highest initiates.

f. The solar Logos is in process of ascertaining His place within the greater system in which He holds a place analogous to that of a Heavenly Man in a solar system. He seeks first to find the secret of His own existence, and to achieve full Self-Consciousness; secondly to ascertain the position and place of His polar opposite; thirdly to [258] merge and blend with that polar opposite. This is the cosmic marriage of the Logos.

g. A solar Logos is distinguished by His responsiveness to outer stimulation. This concerns itself with:

  • Electrical stimulation or His response to electrical fohatic force emanating from other stellar centers, and controlling largely the action of our system and its movements in space in relation to other constellations.
  • Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective Life, and emanating from certain cosmic centers hinted at in the Secret Doctrine. These find their source on cosmic buddhic levels.
  • It is their united effect which induces steady development.

The solar Logos is distinguished

  1. By the spheroidicity of His manifesting existence. His solar ring-pass-not is definite and seen. This can only be demonstrated as yet by the endeavor to ascertain the extent of the subjective control, by the measure of the solar sphere of influence, or the magnetic attraction of the Sun to other lesser bodies which it holds in circular motion around itself.
  2. By the activity of the life animating the ten schemes.
  3. By the extent of the control exerted by the Logos at any given period.
  4. By the ultimate synthesis of the seven schemes into three and thence into one. This covers the obscuration of the schemes and the unification of the seven principles which they embody.
  5. By His subjection to the Law of His Being.
  6. By His group relation.
  7. By His unfoldment of Consciousness, the time factor [259] being controlled by the measure of the unfoldment of all the conscious units in His body.

Here we have traced very briefly some of the analogies between the four factors earlier mentioned, and have in a cursory way answered the question. These points, if dwelt upon, will be found of real assistance in developing the mental appreciation of the student, and in increasing his apprehension of the beauty of the entire solar scheme.

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