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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature
Again, the astral plane and the buddhic plane are related, as we already know; the astral is negative in relation to the buddhic plane. When the polarity of the different planes is known, when the polarity of the subplanes is comprehended, and when the interaction between them and the corresponding cosmic planes is grasped, then will man be free, but not before. When the polarity of the ethers to each other and their relationship to the whole is comprehended, human evolution will have run its course. A Master has solved the problem of electrical phenomena in the three worlds, hence His freedom. Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and their joint connection with the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved.

Perhaps in considering this abstruse matter it may [325] help to clarify the point of view if it is recollected that man is essentially positive in his own nature but his vehicles are negative; hence he is the central unit of positive electricity that draws and holds to him atoms of an opposite polarity. When he has merged and blended the two poles, and produced light of a definite magnitude during any particular incarnation (which magnitude is settled by the Ego prior to incarnation) then obscuration takes place. The electrical manifestation burns up and destroys the medium, and the light goes out; what we call physical death ensues, for the electrical current burns up that which had caused objectivity, and that which shone. Let us carry this idea further and realize that these units called men (who are positive as regards their own vehicles) are but the negative cells in the body of a Heavenly Man, and are held within His sphere of influence by the force of His electrical life. Bear in mind again that the Heavenly Men are thus positive as regards the lesser lives, but in Their turn are negative as regards the greater Life that contains Them.

Here again is demonstrated the truth of the teaching given by H. P. B.

  • Electric Fire - Positive - Spirit.
  • Fire by Friction - Negative - Matter.
  • Solar Fire - Light - The two blended and thus producing the objective blaze.

We have thus considered the question of the electrical origin of all manifestation in connection with the four higher subplanes of the solar system - those four planes which are the four cosmic ethers, and therefore form the body of objectivity of a Heavenly Man in exactly the same sense as the four physical ethers of the solar system form the etheric body of a man. I have here repeated the fact, as its importance has not yet been grasped by the average occult student; this fact - when [326] conceded and realized - serves in a wonderful way to clarify the whole subject of planetary evolution. We have now reached the three planes wherein man functions, or the gaseous, liquid, and dense subplanes of the cosmic physical.

The whole subject of the akasha will be greatly clarified as exoteric science delves into the question of the ethers. As knowledge of the four types of ethers is available, as the vibratory action of these ethers is realized, and as the details concerning their composition utilization, light-bearing capacity, and the various angles from which they may be studied become known then paralleling knowledge anent the corresponding four cosmic ethers will be forthcoming. Much concerning them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts which relate to the four solar physical ethers.

For instance, the fourth ether (which is even now being what we might call "discovered"), is at this stage characterized by certain things. I might enumerate a few of these facts with exceeding brevity, as follows:

  1. It is the ether which the violet ray uses as a medium.
  2. The fourth ether is that whereof the majority of the etheric bodies of men are made.
  3. The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of the shadows," or those violet devas which are closely concerned with the physical evolution of man.
  4. It is the etheric sphere within which, at a little later date, the human and the deva evolutions will touch.
  5. From this fourth etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created.
  6. It is the sphere of physical individualization. Only when the animal to be individualized was fully conscious on that subplane of the physical plane was it possible to coordinate the corresponding spheres on the astral and mental planes and by means of this triple coordination to effect the necessary steps which enabled the quaternary to succeed in its effort to approximate the Triad. [327]
  7. This fourth ether in this fourth round and on this fourth chain has to be completely mastered and controlled by the Human Hierarchy, the fourth creative. Every unit of the human family has to attain this mastery before the end of this round.
  8. It is the sphere wherein the initiations of the threshold are undergone, and the fivefold initiations of the physical plane are entered upon.

Much more might be further added to this list, but I have sought only to point out those which can be easily realized as having a correspondence on the buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether. It should be borne in mind that our physical plane in its subplanes has its analogy likewise to the entire cosmic physical plane.

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