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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature
1. Adi 1st cosmic ether 1. Atomic subplane 1st ether.
2. Monadic 2nd cosmic ether 2. Subatomic 2nd ether.
3. Atmic 3rd cosmic ether 3. Super-etheric 3rd ether.
4. Buddhic 4th cosmic ether 4. Etheric 4th ether.
5. Mental Cosmic gaseous 5. Gaseous
6. Astral Cosmic liquid 6. Liquid
7. Physical Cosmic dense 7. Dense physical
The solar physical plane might also be expressed accurately as follows, working out the analogy to the major planes:


1st subplane atomic 1st ether physical adi.
2nd subplane subatomic 2nd ether physical anupadaka.
3rd subplane super-etheric 3rd ether physical atmic.
4th subplane etheric 4th ether physical buddhic.
5th subplane gaseous physical mental.
6th subplane liquid physical astral.
7th subplane dense physical dense.
[328] In both the cosmic and solar physical planes, the plane of buddhi is ever the plane of at-one-ment, or the meeting ground of diversities, and of their blending - not into a fundamental unity - but into group unity. This is owing to the fact that the buddhic plane is pre-eminently the plane most concerned with the evolution of the Heavenly Men. What I have therefore predicated anent the fourth physical ether can likewise be extended to the fourth cosmic ether, and find its analogy on the buddhic plane. The place, for instance, of violet in the spectrum is of prime importance in connection with the greater cycles, and marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The buddhic plane is peculiarly the plane of violet, even though all the colors find their place there; the Lord of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic, Who embodies the violet ray or hierarchy, has a special relationship to the buddhic plane. It must be borne in mind that each planetary Logos works primarily on one of the seven planes; from this we can infer that His influence finds its line of least resistance on some one plane, even though it be exerted on all planes.

Again, extend the second statement anent the etheric composition of the bodies of men to Those of the Heavenly Men, and it will be found that just as the majority of human etheric bodies are built of matter of the fourth ether, so it may also be said that four of the Heavenly Men have Their etheric vehicles composed of this fourth cosmic ether (buddhic matter).

Further, the two great evolutions (human and deva) find their group unity on the buddhic plane, and portions of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of the divine Hermaphrodite. 24, 25 Earlier, at certain fixed points, they may temporarily approximate each [329] other. On the buddhic plane definite and permanent alliance may be seen. On this plane also the "devas of the shadows" who are concerned in the building of the planetary scheme, pursue their work, and thus parallel the work done in the three worlds by the lesser builders who work with the etheric body of man. So can the analogies be worked out, for ever this Law of Resemblance holds good; yet ever must it be remembered that the analogy is of a psychic nature, and demonstrates in work, activity, and quality, and not in literal identity of form.

As time elapses the work of the Heavenly Men in the cosmic etheric spheres will be better comprehended, and assisted intelligently by those lesser intelligences who - by the study of the physical ethers - will eventually hold the key of the greater manifestation. Science is the handmaiden of wisdom, and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmic expanses, where stand Those vaster Intelligences, Who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not. Automatically then all lesser lives and all the denser materials are swept and carried into the needed channels and forms. Vibration or initial activity, light, or activity taking form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionary process, and color the sevenfold differentiation - thus is the work carried on. We have been dealing with these four in connection with a solar Logos, and equally with the work of a Heavenly Man and of Man, of, the human monad.

24 The Pairs of Opposites:
- From The Science of Social Organization, by Bhagavan Das.

25 The Divine Hermaphrodite - this is the great Being, planetary or solar, who manifests in Himself the pair of opposites.

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