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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
3. Human Manas

We are now to consider primarily man and the manasic principle, its development in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human Monads, with special reference to our Earth chain.

We have seen that, to all intents and purposes, manas is the active will of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser lives who go to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influence of the indwelling Existence. Therefore - as concerning man on this chain - he is but expressing the purpose and the will in action of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesser life.

Certain mysteries arise consequently for our consideration which are connected with the life cycles of the Heavenly Man of our scheme, and particularly in relation to that special incarnation of His which we call the cycle [356] of manifestation on the dense physical globe, the earth. He wears the planetary body as man wears the robe of the physical body, and by means of this objective form He works His purposes out on the physical plane, through the factor of mind achieving certain goals. Incidentally, the cells in His body conform to that Mind which plays upon them, just as man, the intelligent principle of incarnation on the physical plane, brings into conformity with his purpose the atoms of his body, and stimulates ever more and more the spirillae of those atoms by the force of his mind playing upon them.

Here comes the opportunity to make clear something that is oft lost sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject. The human and deva units on the upward arc, who are the cells in His body, go to the formation of the centers, and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles. Man has a body made up of matter which is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit. In this unit there are certain areas of more vital importance than other areas from the standpoint of energizing force. Such an area as the heart may, in this connection, be considered and compared (as regards force value) with such an area as the calf of the leg. The entity, man, utilizes both, but the heart center is of paramount importance. Thus is it also with a Heavenly Man. The two great Hierarchies - deva and human - are force centers in the body of a planetary Logos; the other evolutions of an involutionary nature extant within the scheme, and the remainder of the active substance of the globes, and all contained therein, go to the content of the remainder of His body.

a. Man and the Planetary Logos

With the deva evolution at this point we have nought to do. I seek to concentrate attention on man, as he functions on earth. In order to clarify the idea of manas and its relation to a human being it is necessary to point out certain things [357] in connection with a Heavenly Man which must be borne in mind.

First, that each Heavenly Man holds the position of a center in the body of a solar Logos; therefore, the Logos of a scheme will embody some outstanding characteristic. The ten schemes are the seven, and the synthesizing three - not the seven and a lower three. The lower centers were vital in the last solar system (from the esoteric standpoint), and are not counted in this; they were synthesized and absorbed during the obscuration process of System I.

Secondly, each Heavenly Man is consequently the embodiment of a particular kind of electrical force which flows through His scheme as man's force flows through some one of the etheric centers in his body. Each scheme, as each human center, will

  1. Vibrate to some one key.
  2. Have its own coloring.
  3. Resemble, when seen from the higher planes, a vast lotus.
  4. Possess, according to its vibratory capacity, a definite number of petals.
  5. Be connected in geometrical formation with certain other centers of Heavenly Men, making systemic triangles. 32
  6. Be characterized by different stages of activity according to the initiation towards which the Logos may be working. Thus, at one period one center or Heavenly Man may be the subject of logoic attention, and of specialized stimulation, and at another period a totally different scheme may be the object of vitalization. For some time the Logos has turned His attention to the Earth Scheme and to Saturn, whilst Uranus is receiving [358] stimulation. Much is therefore accentuated, and increased evolutionary development is the consequence of this divine attention.

When these facts are borne in mind it will be seen that the interaction, and the complexity, is of vast proportions, and man can do no more than accept the fact, and leave the explanation until his consciousness is of greater scope.

32 A hint of this triangle of force was conveyed in Letters on Occult Meditation, page 79-84, when speaking of man and his centers.

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