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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
Third, one of the mysteries revealed at initiation is that of the logoic center which our scheme represents, and the type of electrical fire which is flowing through it. The "Seven Brothers," or the seven types of fohatic force, express Themselves through the seven centers, and the One Who is animating our scheme stands revealed at the third Initiation. It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of our center, and by realization of the place our center holds in the body logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims of evolution. It will be obvious that the Heavenly Man Who stands for the kundalini center, for instance, will work differently, and have a different purpose and method, from His Brother Who stands for the heart center in the body logoic, or to the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoic solar plexus. From this it is apparent that:
  1. The type of electrical force
  2. The vibratory action
  3. The purpose
  4. The evolutionary development
  5. The dual and triangular interaction

of all the Heavenly Men will differ, and so will the evolutions that form the cells in Their Bodies differ likewise. Little has as yet been revealed anent the types of evolutions which are to be found in the other schemes of our system. Suffice it to say that in all the schemes, on some [359] globe in the scheme, human beings or self-conscious units, are to be found. Conditions of life, environment and form may differ, but the human Hierarchy works in all schemes.

It must also be borne in mind that just as all seven Heavenly Men are found in the body logoic, and are Themselves under the influence of seven solar Logoi (using the word "influence" in its astrological sense), so in a planetary scheme with its seven globes each is astrologically under the influence of all the seven Heavenly Men. A scheme is but a replica of a system. Each of the Heavenly Men pours forth His radiation or influence, and stimulates in some way some other center or globe. To word it otherwise, His magnetism is felt by His Brothers in a greater or less degree according to the work being undertaken at any one time. At present the Heavenly Men, representing centers at different stages of stimulation, being not all equally developed and being not as yet psychically unified, this magnetic interplay is little realized, and the psychic flow from one scheme to another is little utilized or comprehended. As time elapses this interplay of force will become more evident and the force will be consciously employed. When men, for instance, know

  • The quality of the force flowing through their particular scheme;
  • The purpose and name of the center they stand within;
  • The center or Heavenly Man with Whom the Logos of their scheme is allied;
  • Which two schemes form, with their own, a triangle for logoic force at a certain stage of evolutionary development;
  • The secret of the cycles, or the periods of stimulation or obscuration;

then will the body logoic begin to achieve its purpose; [360] then will the Logos of our system begin to blend and merge and coordinate all His vehicles; then will the force flow through all the centers unimpeded; and then will the glory shine out, and each cell in every body - logoic, planetary, deva and human, blaze forth with perfected glory, vibrate with adjusted accuracy, and a major cosmic initiation be taken.

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