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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
b. The Logos of our Scheme

The Heavenly Man or planetary Logos of the Earth scheme can be considered in various ways, and as is our custom we will simply tabulate the statements anent Him which, when considered at length by the individual student, should serve to make the FACT of the essential Personality of this great Entity, the work that He is endeavoring to accomplish, and the relationship of the human Hierarchy to Him, a greater reality. We must bear in mind in studying this matter that it will not be possible to reveal for general publication details as to His specific Identity, His number and His scope of conscious development. Such mysteries, as earlier pointed out, are reserved for those who are pledged to keep silent. But some general idea may be conveyed before we take up specifically this chain and round.

It might be asked wherein all this information is of use, and what purpose it serves in this hour of the world's need. Apart from the fact that the cyclic giving out of the truth works under the law, and may not be gainsaid, it is suggested for consideration that much advantage will be felt when men in large numbers conceive of the purpose of specific manifestations, when they realize that all forms are but the modes of expression of certain Entities or Beings, Who occupy them for cycles of definite duration in order to attain a purpose, and that each life - great or small - serves its own ends, yet subserves the greater ends of the Being in Whose body it is a corporate part. The details of the plan may not be given. [361] The general outline - solar, planetary, and hierarchical - may be suggested, and by the very suggestion, bring order into the thoughts of men as they view the apparent chaos of the moment. Let us not forget, that when order is brought about, and united thought produced on the mental plane, then order transpires eventually on the physical plane.

The planetary Logos of this scheme is one of the four minor Logoi, or Lords of the Rays, and is specially concerned therefore with the development of one attribute of manas. Each of the four minor Rays is, as we know, eventually synthesized, or absorbed into that Ray which is represented on our earth by the Mahachohan. He is the Lord of the third major Ray or Aspect, and synthesizes the four. These four Rays with their synthesizing Ray make the five rays of Manas or Mind. We can consider them as:

  1. The fivefold Brahma Aspect.
  2. They were the five Rays of prime importance in the first solar system, and were the five individualized Heavenly Men, called the Mind-born Sons of Brahma. Through the individualization of the four in that system the individualization of the great cosmic Entity we call Brahma was brought about. He individualized and the four go to the content of His body.
  3. They are represented on our earth by the five Kumaras Who obeyed the Law, and took human form, as H. P. B. hints in several passages in the Secret Doctrine. (S. D., I, 493.)

This scheme is considered as the fourth and the one of the most importance in the system during this particular cycle for the following reasons:

  • Our solar system, being considered as of the fourth [362] order, and our scheme being the fourth in order, there is consequently a moment of special opportunity afforded our planetary Logos through the alignment brought about. It eventuates in the turning of the attention of the logoic kundalini fire towards this center, our scheme, and the subsequent results are in process of working out.
  • Within the scheme the chain that concerns us the most, and which is temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary Logos, is the Earth chain, the fourth in order again, thus bringing about another alignment of very grave moment. This carries with it special opportunity, and permits of the entry of force from the cosmos itself, or of extra-systemic electrical vitality. This super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendous shattering of forms, but it is simply the necessary sequence to the vitalization of the life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action.
  • Again within the chain, the globe at present receiving planetary polarization, or at present embodying in a special sense the life of the planetary Logos is the Earth, the fourth in order. This brings about a still further alignment.
  • Add to the above facts the accepted knowledge that this is the fourth round and we have a fivefold alignment which is of paramount significance to us all, though it had even greater significance and force in the fourth root-race, and brought about that stupendous psychic event - the opening of the door of Initiation to the human Hierarchy.

These very important facts merit close attention, and the consideration of all occult students. They hold the key whereby some comprehension of manas and of planetary evolution may come about. What have we, therefore, in this special cyclic alignment? [363]

  1. A solar system of the fourth order.
  2. The fourth scheme in the system.
  3. The fourth chain in the scheme.
  4. The fourth globe in the chain.
  5. The fourth round. 34

All these are found active within the same cycle, and all therefore bring about a simultaneous alignment which results in the clearing of a channel direct from the heart of our scheme through every ring-pass-not to the cosmic correspondence, found outside the solar sphere.

34 Compare also the following correspondences:

  • The sacred Tetraktys - The manifested Logos.
  • The Fourth Creative Hierarchy - The Human.
  • The Fourth Principle - Lower Mind.
  • The Fourth Race - Kama-manas.
  • The Fourth Element - Water, S. D., I, 95. I, 640.
  • The Four Truths - S. D., I, 70.
  • The Four Propositions - S. D., I, 107.
  • The Four Initiations - S. D., I, 227.
  • The Fourth Plane - Buddhi, fourth cosmic ether.
  • The Fourth physical subplane - The Fourth Ether.
  • The Fourth Round - The Present.
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