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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
To the above realization, we must add yet the further fact that the fourth Creative Hierarchy is the one whose evolution we are considering, and it will be apparent to the most superficial student that in these thoughts lies hidden the clue, not only to man but to the entire cyclic evolution in which he is taking part.

The fourth Creative Hierarchy is essentially the Hierarchy of manas. This is no play on words, but a statement of deep occult significance. The statement has been made with entire accuracy that five Hierarchies out of the twelve have passed out and that seven remain. Of these seven, our human Hierarchy is the fourth, making it literally the ninth when counting the entire twelve. In this connection it would be well to link up the statements that have been made to the effect that the five Kumaras or Heavenly Men Who definitely embody the manasic principle (or the five Rays over which the systemic correspondence to the Mahachohan presides) [364] developed manas in an earlier system; They passed out of the wave of manasic influence as far as Their own Nature is concerned.

We must remember also that nine is the number of Initiation, or of the major Initiations of Manas, wherein man becomes a perfect Nine, or literally is the number of his Hierarchy. This is from the standpoint of the three systems, though his present systemic number may be four.

In occupying ourselves with these various statements anent our scheme and its Ruler we have seen that this particular cycle, or incarnation of His, is one of great importance, not only to Himself but to the entire system. The planetary Logos of this scheme is primarily occupied with a particular group of units, or with those Monads who vibrate to His key, are colored by the same color as Himself, answer to the same number, and are esoterically known by the same Name. One point here needs emphasis: all Monads pass at different times under the influence of the different planetary Logoi, and all are found at some time in each scheme. This does not mean that every human unit passes a period of incarnation in each scheme. It means that on some one globe in every scheme, human units will be found either prior to physical incarnation, between different egoic cycles (a totally different thing to periods between physical lives), between different rounds or manvantaras, or between the various root-races and subraces. As stated in various occult books, many of the present advanced humanity individualized on the moon chain, and only took physical bodies in the earth chain during the fourth root-race, thus escaping incarnation during the first three rounds, and the first two races of the fourth round. In the interim, they came under the planetary influence of another Logos of a scheme, and were occupied during that immense period of time in fanning the manasic flame, and developing [365] the attributes of manas, so that the Atlantean root-race found them adequately equipped to cope with life conditions.

This participation in the life and influence of the different schemes is effected in four different ways:

First, through passing the interim between egoic cycles of physical incarnation on the particular globe of their scheme, which numerically coincides with the particular other scheme whose influence is desired, either from deliberate choice or karmatically necessitated. Each globe in a chain is occultly linked with the chain of its own number, and with the scheme of a similar number. For instance: Globe 2, Chain 2, and scheme 2 during round 2 axe specially linked and vitalized, and are the focal point of peculiar attention on the part of the Logos of that scheme. Similarly (again in illustration) globe 2, chain 2 during round 2 in any scheme such as the fifth, for instance, are aligned or connected esoterically with the second scheme. This gives opportunity for the units in the body of any Logos to come under the influence of another Logos, and within his vibratory radiation.

Second, through a direct transference of the units in incarnation in any scheme (during an interlude) to some globe in another scheme where they are subjected to the stimulation and vibration peculiar to that scheme. These two methods are the most usual. This transference will seem mysteriously impossible unless the student is careful to realize that it is the transference of the individualized lives and not the transference of the forms which they occupy. The whole matter is psychic, and based on the unity of the anima mundi. It is only possible at those periods when two Heavenly Men are mutually finding each other - under the Law of Attraction - and thus swinging into the magnetic radius of each other.

Third, through a conscious passage of the initiate, [366] through initiation, from one scheme to another. This is frequently done, and hints of it have been given by different writers and thinkers, though several have confused the globes of their own chain with the scheme of the same number, or have mistaken another chain within the scheme for another scheme.

Fourth, the fourth method of transference of consciousness, and the bringing of the life units under the focal power of a Lord of a Ray, can be brought about through knowledge of certain mantrams and formulae. On this we may not enlarge as these mantrams are esoteric and the use of them is fraught with much danger to the uninitiated.

The planetary Logos of this scheme is called "the First Kumara," the One Initiator, and the statement is made that He came to this planet from Venus, Venus being "the Earth's primary." This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth. The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle. It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak.

Perhaps a hint may be given in pointing out that there is an analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods in the life of a human being. At seven years we are told the Ego "takes hold," and again at adolescence; at twenty-one that hold may be made still firmer. Again, as lives are passed, the Ego (in connection with a human being) grips its vehicles and so sways them to his purpose with more effect and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of manifestation, a scheme. It must be remembered that every scheme has seven chains; that each chain has seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes; [367] that each globe is again in turn occupied, by the life of the Logos during what we call seven rounds, making literally three hundred and forty-three incarnations, or fresh impulses to manifest. We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as those named by us root-races, and subraces, also branch races, and thus we are faced with a complexity that is enough to stagger the average student. The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of the little pilgrim we call man; as it turns, it sweeps the life of the evolving planetary Logos into ever new forms and experiences until the fire of Spirit burns up all lesser fires.

As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, which manifests so degradingly as yet upon the physical plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form. Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found between the planetary Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme. This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow, as ebbs and flows all life force. In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which brought about an incarnation on the physical planet of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, and the One Initiator. This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in a position to link up closely with ours.

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