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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
c. Venus and the Earth Chain

This question of the coming of the Lords of Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing between the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme and the Lord of the Venus scheme. Until more detailed information is permitted publication anent these two great Entities, little more can be done beyond indicating some probabilities, and pointing out certain factors which students should carefully bear in mind. The statement [368] has been made that (owing to the Venusian scheme being in its fifth round) its humanity is consequently further advanced than ours, and can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days. This is an instance of a partial truth and its misinterpretation. The Venusian scheme is - as stated in the Secret Doctrine (S.D., I. 187. II, 33-36, 626.) - in its fifth and last round; its humanity is very far ahead of ours in certain particulars, but the momentous occurrence in the third root-race was due to the following causes, and not to the factor of the greater advancement of a certain group of human beings:

First, the Venus Scheme, viewed as a logoic center, is more active than ours, and therefore its radiatory magnetism is far more widely spread. Its radiation is such that on the buddhic plane it swept within its magnetic radius that chain in our scheme which is composed predominantly of buddhic matter. Then, via that chain, it magnetized the corresponding globe in our chain, and this resulted in a specific vitalization in the dense planet itself.

Second, just as in the case of man, certain triangles of force are found at different stages of evolution, or (to word it otherwise) different centers become geometrically linked, such as the

  1. Base of the spine,
  2. Solar plexus,
  3. Heart;

or again,

  1. Solar Plexus,
  2. Heart,
  3. Throat,

so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs. Such an event transpired in this round in relation to the center which our planetary Logos [369] embodies. It became geometrically linked with two other centers, of which Venus was one, and logoic Kundalini - circulating with tremendous force through this adjusted Triangle - brought about that intensification of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualization. We might here enumerate the schemes as a basis for our further work:

The seven planets, centers, or schemes:

  1. Vulcan (the sun, exoterically considered).
  2. Venus.
  3. Mars.
  4. Earth.
  5. Mercury.
  6. Jupiter.
  7. Saturn.

The three synthesizing planets:

  1. Uranus.
  2. Neptune.
  3. Saturn.

The One Resolver - The SUN.

I would caution you here against attaching any importance to the sequence followed in numbering these seven schemes, either in connection with their order of development or importance, or their position in relation to the central planet, the sun, or to each other. Only two are to be considered numerically accurate at this stage and in this round, i.e., our Earth, the fourth scheme, and Venus, the second. Venus is either the second or the sixth scheme, according to whether the schemes are counted mystically or occultly. Inversely, Jupiter will be either the second or the sixth, and it must be remembered that: [370]

a. The planets Venus and Jupiter are exceedingly closely connected with the Earth, and form eventually an esoteric triangle.

b. Saturn is the synthesizing scheme for the four planets which embody manas purely and simply, or is the major resolution of the minor four, and eventually for all the seven.


c. Mercury, the star of the intuition, or of transmuted manas, is, at this stage, considered as the fifth scheme.

Therefore, the Heavenly Men of Venus and Jupiter are magnetically linked with the Heavenly Man of our scheme. The relationship of the Logos of Jupiter and His influence will not be realized nor felt until the sixth [371] round is in full force, though during the sixth root-race His vibration will be acknowledged and sensed; in the middle of the fifth round the Logos of Mercury will, with the Logos of the Venus scheme, and of our Earth, form a temporary triangle of force. We have here information given that has only been hinted at hitherto but for which, in this fifth subrace and in this fourth round, the world is now ready; it holds the solution of the mystery of this round.

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