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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire
2. Their Place in the Egoic Body

a. The Importance of the Astral Permanent Atom

There is one fact to be grasped in connection with the place of the permanent atom within the causal periphery and its evolution, that needs to be emphasized with care, and that is that the astral permanent atom in this solar system is the recipient of a great flow of force or energy, and receives more stimulation and energizing than any of the others, and this for the following reasons: [511]

First. The center of polarization for the fourth, or human kingdom, is in the astral consciousness viewing this kingdom as a unity in expression. From the astral, and through the desire nature, the majority of men inevitably direct and control the physical vehicle. The astral body is in the direct line of force via the buddhic from monadic levels, 2-4-6.

Second. The goal set before humanity is that of becoming Masters of the Wisdom, or conscious units in the Body of the Dragon of Wisdom or of Love. This a man achieves when he can function consciously in the buddhic vehicle, or when the astral permanent atom is superseded by the buddhic permanent atom.

Third. The next reason is that the second aspect of the Logos (that of love or the manifestation of the love nature of the Logos through the medium of the Son) is the one demonstrated in this system. This system is:

  1. A Son of Necessity, or of desire.
  2. Vibrant to the key of the cosmic Ray of Love.
  3. The form through which this ray of cosmic Love (shown in the interrelation between the Self and the Not-Self, or through duality) is expressing itself.
  4. Governed by the cosmic Law of Attraction. The monads of love are the dominating quality. (I choose this word 'quality' specifically.)

Fourth. The center in the cosmic body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID of which our solar Logos is the embodied force is the heart center. Here we have one of the clues to the mystery of electricity. The sacred planets, with certain allied etheric spheres within the ring-pass-not, are parts of that heart center, and are 'petals in the Lotus,' or in the heart center of that great unknown Existence Who stands to the solar Logos as He in His turn stands to the Heavenly [512] Men Who are His centers, and specially as He stands to the particular Heavenly Man Who is the embodied force of the logoic Heart center. Therefore, it will be apparent to the careful student that the entire force and energy of the system and its life quality will be that which we call (having perforce to use handicapping, misleading words) LOVE. This will account for the fact that the force that plays through that cosmic heart center will be the paramount force found in the manifestation of a solar Logos, and of a Heavenly Man; it will likewise produce its microcosmic analogy, and reflective reactions; hence the relative importance of the astral permanent atom within the causal periphery. It is in the direct line of active force emanating from the cosmic existence, and passing to it in ever lessening degree, via the solar Logos in His system of love, and the planetary Logos within a scheme, the Dragon of Wisdom-Love.

This force when rightly directed and properly controlled is the great transmuting agency, which eventually will make of the human unit a Master of the Wisdom, a Lord of Love, a Dragon of Wisdom in lesser degree.

Finally: this solar system, the objective physical manifestation of the Logos, is interpenetrated by His astral body, as is the case with the human manifestation. As the Logos is polarized in His cosmic astral sheath and has not yet attained cosmic mental polarization His force or desire nature is the main incentive for the subjective Life and Eves that underlie the form.

If the student will ponder with care these five facts, he will get a clue to the problems of existence as realized around us, to the causes of the heat of the solar system, to the method of the cosmic Law of Attraction and Repulsion, which governs all atomic forms, and to the question of SEX which is apparent in every kingdom of nature. They give the clue also to the constitution of the Divine Hermaphrodite. [513]

Therefore, it is necessary to bear in mind the relative importance of the permanent atom of the second aspect of the personality within the causal periphery, and to remember that the force which flows through that atom and which is the animating force of the astral body is following the lines of least resistance and really might be considered as bearing upon his physical manifestation in a manner twice as strong as that reaching him through the other two. The Logos expresses Himself now through the Divine Ray, His second aspect, and this Ray is the sumtotal of the radiation of the Lords of Wisdom, the Heavenly Men, the Dragons Who are Unity and Who are Love. Through Them this force flows, and They in turn clothe Themselves with form, or as H. P. B. expresses it 'The primordial Ray becomes the Vahan for the Divine Ray.' 68 Their life animates every atom of substance when built into form, and Their life is the sumtotal of Logoic magnetism, or the great desire nature of the Logos going out after the Not-Self, producing the cosmic Marriage; it is the logoic demonstration of the sex appeal, His search for His polar opposite, and their mystic union.

This process is repeated by the microcosm following the line of his being, and this brings him likewise into incarnation, or into mystic union with form.

68 The Divine Ray contains within itself seven other rays.

  • It is the swan with the seven young ones.
  • It is the Logos of love-wisdom with the seven planetary Logoi.
  • It is the Grand Man of the Heavens, with the seven Heavenly Men.
  • It is the One Boundless Principle, with the seven principles. This is subjectively.
  • It is the seven planets with their informing entities.
  • It is the seven planes with their animating principles.
  • Love-Wisdom is the manifestation of the astral (or desire) nature of the Solar Logos. - S. D., I, 103.
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