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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire
b. The Atomic Triangle

The causal sheath is to the clairvoyant therefore a sphere of vibrant living substance; within it can be seen three fiery points. At the heart of the sphere is a central blaze of light, emitting [514] rays; these rays are given as seven in number, and play upon these points or circles (analogous to the electrons in the atoms of science) and at this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanent atom. The physical permanent atom has a position relatively close to the positive center, and the force plays through it, and passes on to the astral permanent atom in the form of five rays of parti-colored light which blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astral permanent atom, and increase its intensity until the blaze is so excessive that it appears to the onlooker as if the two points blended, or the two electrons merged, and (in merging) produce such an intensity of light that they are seen as dissolving. The mental unit, having a position within the causal body analogous to the planet furthermost from the sun, becomes vibrant likewise, and the two other points (considered now as one) begin to interact with the mental unit, and a similar process is set up and is pursued until these two points - circulating around their positive center - also approach each other, blend, merge, and dissolve. The center of positive life gathers or synthesizes the three points, and thus the three fires of the personality repeat on their tiny scale the microcosmic procedure as seen in the synthesis of electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, and only a blazing unit is left. This blazing unit, through the combined heat of its being, burns up the causal body, and escapes back on to the planes of abstraction. Thus man is the Path itself, and also the pilgrim upon the Path; thus does he burn, but is also the burning-ground.

The analogy holds true in the case of the microcosm viewed from monadic levels in his manifestation as Monad, Ego and Personality, and thus the process is carried on as it concerns a Heavenly Man, and likewise a solar Logos. Should the brain suffice to hold the concept, thus [515] is the process also on cosmic levels for such high existences as the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and that still greater Being, the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID.

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