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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire
14. It should be noted that in this solar system the following entities manifest through:
  1. One permanent atom - the physical.
    1. A solar Logos.
    2. The three major Rays, or Lords of Aspect.
    3. The seven Heavenly Men.
    4. The forty-nine Regents of the planetary chains.
  2. Two permanent atoms - the physical and the astral.
    1. The seven Lords of the globes in every chain.
    2. The forty-nine Root Manus.
    3. The seventy-seven Embodiers of form - a group of solar Lords Who are concerned with form building, working primarily on the first ray.
    4. Certain of the Avatars, Who are selected by the Logos to carry a certain type of force at stated intervals and thus further the evolution of the psyche.
  3. Three permanent atoms - physical, astral, and mental.
    1. The Lords of the third Kingdom, the animal. They are seven Entities whose bodies are made up of animal souls just as the Heavenly Men embody for man the Buddhic principle, so these lords embody for the animal kingdom the manasic principle, which is the goal of the evolutionary process for them.
    2. Certain great entities who embody a whole range of existences upon five of the planets, of which the earth is not one, but who in due course of time will come to be recognized as having a powerful effect upon man on the earth, via the three Buddhas of Activity. A hint as to this esoteric influence comes to man in the close connection existing between the Earth and Mercury. As yet it is not possible to enlarge further.
    3. The entities who are the sumtotal of those group souls who contain definite permanent triads. Nine triads constitute the body of one of these entities.
  4. Through four permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental and buddhic.
    1. Eight groups of solar Entities Who form the subjective life of the seven centers in the body of Brahma, viewing Him as a separate cosmic Entity, [534] dissociated from His two brothers. They are the seven Sons of Fohat, with the eighth Son included, and They are the final differentiation of the forty-nine fires, prior to Their union with the fire of Eros. Thus is it expressed by H. P. B. (S. D., I, 139, 144.)
    2. That Entity Who works through the FORM of a planetary occult Hierarchy, using it as His body of manifestation, and regarding it as the center through which His force can flow. It should by remembered that all such groups on every planet form a vehicle for the life of a great Individual Who gives to that Hierarchy its distinctive coloring and its unique keynote.
    3. A number of solar Deities Who are the radiators of solar magnetism, and the life of form.
    4. A peculiar group of Beings connected with a certain constellation and the lesser Dragon, who have their habitat on Neptune and work with the sixth principle in the solar system. They take physical form, animated by purified desire, controlled by mind, and are the dispensers of love-wisdom by means of certain of the "Halls of Wisdom" on the various planets. The words "Halls of Wisdom" in their esoteric significance describe a stage of consciousness not a location.
  5. Through five permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental, buddhic and atmic.
    1. The Lords of certain subplanes who work under the Raja-Lord of a plane and who are themselves vibration and activity.
    2. The lesser Heavenly Men on the buddhic level, Who reflect Their higher prototypes on the second plane of the system.
    3. The entities who are the sumtotal of group consciousness on egoic levels, remembering that these groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates of seven, until there are formed forty-nine groups of seven egoic vehicles forming one group which is the body of this lesser solar Deity. There is a multiplicity of these groups of forty-nine. This has been somewhat stated before when it has been [535] announced that a Master with His particular band of disciples and initiates form a group or force center. These groups have their permanent atoms as do all lives seeking objective expression.
    4. The entities who are the sumtotal of the vegetable kingdom in its diversity of manifestation in different globes, chains and schemes.
  6. Through six permanent atoms - physical, astral, two mental, buddhic and atmic. - MAN.

All that is here stated is an enlargement of the data given about the "Army of the Voice," (S. D, I, 121.) and an endeavor to show that many diverse lives (all embodying lesser lives, or embodied in greater ones themselves) are to be found within the various schemes. We have dealt only with those likewise which are superhuman or human, with those who have been or are MEN. We have not dealt with the subhuman, or with the lunar lords or lesser pitris, for their day is not yet, and they progress as the tide of evolution progresses, unconsciously and not self-consciously, We have dealt with these entities and their permanent atoms in connection with their manifestation in a solar system, and have not carried it beyond the solar ring-pass-not. All the permanent atoms concern physical matter and manifestation. The highest permanent atom of man, the atmic, is, after all, an atom of the third cosmic ether, and this should be pondered upon and studied. We have considered these various personalities (and the word 'personality' is chosen deliberately, for what are They but personalities, or Beings, in physical incarnation?) from the standpoint of Their lowest force point first. We have discussed the permanent atom as a point of contact with the force of a plane, of a planet, of a chain, of a scheme, or of a system. This should ever be borne in mind.

It is to be recognized that much that is written above [536] may seem incomprehensible, but when scientists come to understand and regulate force, that which is written here will become plainer; it will be seen that we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom.

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