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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Laws in the Three Worlds

We will now take up and briefly study the three most important laws affecting the evolving human being, as he lives his life in the three worlds. These laws are:

  1. The Law of Fixation.
  2. The Law of Love.
  3. The Law of Sacrifice and Death.

These laws are all dominated and controlled eventually by the three higher laws in the system - the Laws of Magnetic Control, of Disintegration, and of Cohesion. There is a direct connection between these seven laws and the seven Rays or Vibrations, and if we study the correspondence we shall recognize the fact that the first law, that of Vibration, is the controlling law of the six, demonstrating through the second law, that of Cohesion, just as the solar Logos is at this time manifesting Himself through His second aspect in this the second solar system.

The first Ray of Will or Power is the first aspect of the All-self, and in the third outpouring, 83 came [587] down to the fifth plane, along with the other monads. A subtle correspondence exists between the monads of Will on the fifth plane, the fifth law, and the fifth Ray.

The second Ray or the Love-Wisdom aspect wields a control on the fourth and sixth planes, and dominates the Laws of Cohesion and Magnetic Control, and the astral Law of Love. There is a direct interlinking between the abstract Rays and the laws of the planes where they specially control.

The third Ray which is the Activity aspect, controls the Laws of Disintegration and of Death, on the third and seventh planes.

Therefore, it will be apparent to the careful student of the wisdom that:

  1. The Power-Aspect - Ray 1, Planes 1 and 5, and the Laws of Fixation and Vibration, form one interlocking whole.
  2. The Love Aspect - Ray 2, Planes 2, 4, 6, and the Laws of Cohesion, Magnetic Control, and of Love, form another unit.
  3. The Activity Aspect - Ray 3, Planes 3 and 7, and the Laws of Disintegration, Sacrifice and Death, make still another group.

It is logical for the first Ray only to have control, as yet, on two planes, for the Power Aspect waits for another system in order to demonstrate in full development. Ray two, the synthetic Ray for our system, [588] controls on three planes; it has the preponderance, for paramountly we are the Monads of Love, and Love is our synthesis. Ray three, the dominant Ray of the system which is past, its synthetic Ray, controls on two planes, and on one that is little understood, for, just as the physical body is not considered a principle, so there is a sphere of activity that is not included in our enumeration, it is past and gone. Some explanation of this lies hid in the occult words, "The Eighth Sphere."

In regard to the four minor Rays of Harmony, Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Order, their control exists in degrees on all the planes, but they have their particular emphasis in the evolution of the reincarnating ego in the three worlds at this time. These four Rays control, in a subtle and peculiar manner, the four kingdoms of nature - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - and at their merging into the three Rays of Aspect (the Activity Ray of the Mahachohan being the synthesizer of the lower four in our planetary scheme) have a correspondence with the merging of man (the product of the three kingdoms and the fourth) into the superman kingdom, the spiritual. The fourth Ray and the fourth Kingdom form a point of harmony for the lower three, and all four then pass into the major or upper three. This is worthy of our serious thought, and the analogy of the fourth plane will also be apparent. For this system, the buddhic plane, the human kingdom, and the fourth Ray of Harmony or Beauty or Synthesis, have a point of correspondence, just as the fourth root-race is the one in which the synthesis is first observed - the door into the fifth kingdom of Spirit being then opened; the fourth root-race also developed the astral capacity that made contact with the fourth or buddhic level possible.

In a subtle way too (I use the word subtle for lack of a better, meaning a statement of actuality that seems an [589] illusion), the three minor Rays, Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Law, have each a connection with the three kingdoms of nature below the human, and with the three laws of the three lower worlds.

83 The Three Outpourings. "In the diagram the symbols of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams of influence from them descend into our system of planes... They represent in due order what are commonly called the three Persons of the Trinity... It will be seen that from each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below. The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large oval which lies on our left hand - the stream which descends from the second Aspect until it has touched the lowest point in matter, and then rises again up the side on our right hand until it reaches the lower mental level. It will be noted that in both of these outpourings the divine life becomes darker and more veiled as it descends into matter, until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it rises again when it has passed its nadir it shows itself somewhat more clearly. The third outpouring which descends from the highest aspect of the Logos differs from the others in that it is in no way clouded by the matter through which it passes, but retains its virgin purity and splendor untarnished. It will be noted that this outpouring descends only to the level of the buddhic plane (the fourth plane) and that the link between the two is formed by a triangle in a circle, representing the individual soul of man - the reincarnating ego. Here the triangle is contributed by the third outpouring and the circle by the second..."
- The Christian Creed, by C. W. Leadbeater, pp. 39, 40.

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