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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Ray of Ceremonial Order has special significance at this time; it controls life in the mineral world, and in the final stages of involutionary life at the point where the upward turn of evolution is made. Through Ceremonial Order comes the control of the lesser builders, the elemental forces, the point of synthesis in the lowest plane of all, the period of transition. In all such periods the seventh Ray comes in (as now) the Ray of Law and Order, of accurate arrangement and formation. It is the reflection on the physical plane of the Power and Activity Aspects working in synthesis. Rays 1, 3, 7, have an interplay, as we know. Ray seven is the appearance in combination of the forces of evolution. It is the manifestation of Power and Activity on the lowest plane of all. It is allied to the laws of the third and seventh planes, Disintegration and Death, for all periods of transition are periods of the destruction and building of forms, and the shattering of the old in order that newer and better chalices of life may be constructed.

The Ray of Devotion has a definite though little known connection with the vegetable kingdom. We must remember that it is linked to a subsidiary law of the cosmic Law of Attraction. It is in the vegetable kingdom that we find one of the first and temporary approximations between the evolving human Monad, and the evolving deva Monad. The two parallel evolutions touch in that kingdom, and then again follow their own paths, finding their next point of contact on the fourth or buddhic level, and a final merging on the second.

The concrete Rays have an especial effect on the negative evolution of the devas, who form the feminine aspect of the divine hermaphroditic Man, working along [590] the lines of more positive development. The abstract Rays do a similar work on the positive human hierarchy, tending towards a more receptive attitude. This hierarchy forms the masculine aspect of the divine Hermaphrodite. But at three points on the path of evolution the Monads of Love, working on the abstract qualities, touch the devas of activity working on concrete faculty. The perfection of the two evolutions marks the point of attainment of the divine Heavenly Man; it is the perfecting of the two major centers, creative activity and love, of the Logos. In their lower aspect these centers are known as the centers of generation and the solar plexus, but are transmuted, as evolution proceeds, into the throat and heart centers. Then, in a dual synthesis, they will pass on into the third system, that in which the Power aspect is developed, and the head centers will be complete. This achieved, our Logos has triumphed, and measured up to the sixth cosmic Initiation, just as He should measure up in this system to the fourth.

The Ray of Concrete Science has a peculiar relationship to the animal kingdom, in that it is the Ray that governs the merging of that kingdom into the human. The planet, Venus, in her fifth round, gave the impetus which produced the spark of mind in animal man - a fact well known. It is also the fifth Ray, and has an interesting connection with the fifth Law of Fixation. We might study, too, with profit, the analogy that can be seen between these factors and the fifth root-race, the race of peculiarly strong development of the concrete mind. The Law of Analogy always holds good.

With this as a basis, the three laws of the personality become replete with life, and can be summed up in the well-known term, "The Law of Rebirth and Death in the three worlds." The fifth law governs a fixed point in the personality, that of the fifth principle. [591]

The Law of Love in the astral body also has its points for consideration. There is a direct link between the astral body (love in the personality), the buddhic vehicle (love in the Triad), and the Monads of Love. Later on, this will be understood more fully, but it is the main channel for the basic law of the system, Love. These three points mark periods of completion, and likewise starting-points for fresh endeavor in the life of the evolving Monad - from the personality to the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad, from the Monad back again to its source.

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