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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
5. The Law of Fixation

This is the governing law of the mental plane, finding its greater correspondence in the Law of Karma on cosmic mental levels. "As a man thinks, so is he;" according to his thoughts are his desires and acts, and so results the future. He fixes for himself the resultant karma. The word "Fixation" is chosen for two purposes: First, because the word implies the capacity of the thinker to shape his own destiny, and secondly because the word implies a stabilizing idea, for as evolution progresses, the Ego evolves the faculty of forming definite concrete thought-forms, and, through these stable products, of subduing the fluctuations of the astral body.

This law of the fifth, or mental Plane is one of the most important laws with which we have to do at any time, and it will find its most complete demonstration in the next, or fifth round. In relation to this fourth round the following facts may be gathered about its working:

It is the law under which the evolving personality builds up, during the course of many lives, the causal body; it fixes the matter inhering in that body, placed there by the man as the ages slip away, and crystallizes it. Before the fourth Initiation the crystallization is complete, and the inevitable shattering that is the result of crystallization in all forms, takes place, setting the [592] indwelling life free for further progress. All forms are but hindrances and limitations, and ultimately must go, but they have their needed place in the development of the race. Eventually the causal body of the entire race itself disintegrates.

This law governs the crystallization of all forms prior to their shattering in the process of evolution.

It governs the time of rebirth, being one of the subsidiary branches of the Law of Karma. Each of the seven subsidiary laws is linked to one of the cosmic laws, or with the Sirian Law of Karma. We need always to remember that the consciousness of the cosmic mental plane is the logoic goal of attainment, and that the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego is to the personality. The Law of Karma, or cosmic Fixation, is the law of the cosmic mental plane, and controls the corresponding law in our system.

In the fifth round this law will act as the divider, temporarily crystallizing and fixing into two great classes the human Monads, as they evolve. One group then (containing those who will reach the goal), will pass gradually out from under the domination of this law, and will come under the Law of Magnetic Control. The other will remain under the law in a static condition, until in a later period a fresh opportunity will come; old forms will break, and in another mahamanvantara, and in its fifth period, will come the chance for which they will have waited, when they can again swing into the current of evolution and the imprisoned spirits may mount again towards their source.

In an occult sense this law is for us the one with which we are the most intimately concerned. It plays an important part in the hands of the Lords of Flame, and is one of Their main factors in controlling the three worlds. Note here an interesting fact, that Venus is the sixth planet (esoterically the second), and is in her [593] fifth round, and hence is ahead of us along every line. This law demonstrates the static quality of love, static temporarily, but necessarily so when viewed from the standpoint of time, the great deluder. On the path of involution this law again works with the permanent atoms in the three worlds, with the building in of material around those atoms, in connection with the building devas and the reincarnating Egos. The devas are the mother aspect, the builders of the body, and the reincarnating Jivas are the son aspect; yet the two are but one, and the result is the divine hermaphroditic man. (See page 512.)

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