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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The third group of these devas is very definitely connected with the control of the Manu's department, and of the great devas associated with that department on this planet. Through their activity during certain cycles the entire surface of the Earth is changed through the medium of volcanic action; continents are raised and submerged; volcanoes are active or quiescent, and thus the world is purified by fire. In their own department these Agnichaitans are kept busy building the mineral forms through the agency of fire; they are the alchemists of the lower regions, and through contact with them, and through the knowledge of "the words" by which they are controlled, the future scientific alchemists (I use this expression in contradistinction to the idealistic alchemists of the past) will work with minerals and with the lives embodied in all mineral forms.

The secret of the transmutation of the baser metals into gold will be revealed when world conditions are such that gold is no longer the standard and hence the free manufacture of gold will not lead to disaster, and [641] when scientists work with the life aspect, or with positive electrical life, and not with the substance or form aspect.

We have seen that the work of the lowest group of Agnichaitans is to build continents by fire, to purify by fire during alternate cycles, and to construct the metals and the minerals. It is also concerned with the tending of the fires of the hearth, or those fires which warm, cheer and produce livable conditions in a planet, and incidentally in a home. This is of very vital import, for it means that they are connected with the central basic fires in the bowels of the Earth, with the central basic fire that nourishes and warms the physical forms of all the kingdoms of nature, and consequently with the kundalini fire at the base of the spine in individual man.

It is not advisable for us further to enlarge upon their functions. It should be noted that in connection with the matter aspect there is less to be said than on consciousness, and on the hylozoistic aspect of manifestation. The reason lies in the fact that exoteric science is slowly, yet steadily, finding out the nature of phenomena, and discovering for itself the character of electrical manifestation. In their slowness of discovery lies safety. It is not wise nor right yet for the true nature of these different forces and powers to be fully known; therefore, it is not possible for us to do more than indicate certain broad general lines. In due course of time, as the human family becomes centered in the higher, and not in the lower nature, and as the force from the higher planes can more easily impose itself on the lower, the facts concerning these Lives and Builders, their methods of work, and the laws of their being will be known. Knowledge at this time would be productive of two results. It would first of all bring the human family into the power (as yet blind and destructive) of [642] certain elementals, who are of a nature analogous to that of the physical body. Hence destruction of the form would ensue, or paralysis and insanity on a large scale would eventuate. Secondly, it would put power into the hands of certain of the Brothers of the Left Hand Path 11 and of a number of unconscious magicians (of whom there are quite a number) who would use it only for selfish, evil and material ends. Hence no more can be said anent dense physical substance and its embodiers. The Agnichaitans of the third group are as yet a menace to man, and are only handled in group formation, and on a large scale by the head of the Manu's department through their own rulers - certain devas of a development equal to that of the sixth Initiation.

The occult Hierarchy of our planet is primarily concerned with the development of self-consciousness in man, and with the intelligent interpretation of the happenings of Nature; it is concerned with a wise cooperation with the building Forces of nature; and the object of its main endeavor is the vitalization and activity of the centers in the Heavenly Man of our planet, and in the individual units of the human family.

The occult Hierarchy is a great force center, the heart, head, and throat of the Heavenly Man as these three centers function in a triple coordination. Paralleling their activities along the line of consciousness (and primarily consciousness or intelligence as it demonstrates through the third and fourth kingdoms) is to be found a great hierarchy of devas who concern themselves with the development of that portion of the body of a Heavenly Man which is not included in the active centers. Perhaps some idea of what I seek to convey [643] may be gathered from an illustration. The occult Hierarchy is concerned with the unfoldment of the nine-petalled Lotus in the Heavenly Man, and in man (the former through reflex action between the cosmic physical and the cosmic mental), while the great deva Hierarchy is concerned with the permanent atoms, with the egoic body, and with the development of the spirillae. Thus the function of the Agnichaitans of the lowest furnaces - macrocosmically and microcosmically - will be seen and comprehended by the wise student.

11 The Left-hand Path is that followed by the Black Magician, and by the Brothers of the Shadows. It originates in the use of the forces of nature for selfish ends; it is characterized by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends in Avitchi, the 8th sphere, the home of lost souls, or those shells of the lower man which have become separated from their egoic or individual life principle.

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