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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
Group C. Agnichaitans

In considering these groups of Agnichaitans, we must remember that we are dealing with that manifestation of the Logos with which exoteric science is dealing, and that as regards Group C, science is already making fair progress in the accumulation of knowledge; it remains yet for science to [638] acknowledge the "entified" nature of substance, 8, 9 and thus account for the life that energizes the substance of the three lower subplanes. This recognition by science that all forms are built of intelligent lives will come about when the science of magic begins again to come to the fore, and when the laws of being are better understood. Magic concerns itself with the manipulation of the lesser lives by a greater life; when the scientist begins to work with the consciousness that animates substance (atomic or electronic), and when he brings under his conscious control the forms built of this substance, he will gradually become cognizant of the fact that all entities of all grades and of varying constitutions go to the construction of that which is seen. This will not be until science has definitely admitted the existence of etheric matter as understood by the occultist, and until it has developed the hypothesis that this ether is in differing vibrations. When the etheric counterpart of all that exists is allocated to its rightful place, and known to be of more importance in the scale of being than the dense vehicle, being essentially the body of the [639] life, or vitality, then the rôle of the scientist and the occultist will merge.

H. P. B. has said (See S. D., II, 621.) that the dense physical is not a principle, and this point is frequently overlooked in connection with man and the Logos. Its importance cannot be too strongly realized for it has the effect of transferring the point of centralization, or of polarization in the case of man into his etheric body, composed of matter of the four higher subplanes of the systemic physical plane, and in the case of the Logos, of the four higher subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The point is one of a very real complexity, for it involves the realization that, from the standpoint of the occultist, the lowest vibration with which he may concern himself is that of the systemic etheric in its four lesser allied vibrations; similarly macrocosmically the lowest logoic vibration with which the greater Adepts are concerned is the cosmic etheric. The three lowest systemic and cosmic vibrations are the result of:

  • Reflex action on the part of negative substance for the lower three are negative to the higher four.
  • Synchronous vibration, inherent in negative substance, the residue of an earlier system, and embodying therefore past karma for the Logos and for man.
  • Vibrations that are gradually being superseded by the imposition of a higher note; therefore for both man and the Logos, they occultly form the "body of death."

This brings us to the point which we are seeking to make anent this third group of the lowest devas. They are very destructive where man is concerned, for they embody the final and therefore powerful vibration of the past system, the conscious activity of dense matter. Hence there is consequently a profound truth in the [640] statement that man is at the "mercy of the elements." Man can physically be burned and destroyed by fire; he is helpless before volcanic action, and cannot protect himself from the ravages of fire, unless in the initial stages of such deva endeavor. The occult importance of the war man wages on the fire devas for instance is very real in connection with the fire department in any city. The time lies far ahead as yet, but it will surely come, when the personnel of these departments will be chosen for their ability to control the agnichaitans when manifesting destructively, and their methods will no longer be that of water (or the calling in of the water devas to neutralize the fire devas), but that of incantation, and a knowledge of the sounds that will swing into action forces which will control the fiery destructive elements.

8 The "entified" nature of all substance is technically known as Hylozoism. H. P. B. says:

"Hylozoism, when philosophically understood, is the highest aspect of Pantheism. It is the only possible escape from idiotic Atheism based on lethal materiality, and the still more idiotic anthropomorphic conceptions of the Monotheists; between which it stands on its own entirely neutral ground. Hylozoism demands absolute Divine Thought, which would pervade the numberless active creating Forces, or "Creators," which Entities are moved by, and have their being in, from and through that Divine Thought... Such active "Creators" are known to exist and are believed in because perceived and sensed by the Inner Man in the Occultist." - S. D., II, 167, 168.

9 An atom is an entified abstraction. - S. D., I, 559-560.

  1. The informing entity of the system is the Logos.
  2. The informing entity of a plane is its raja-Lord.
    Such as Indra, Agni, Varuna, Kshiti.
  3. The informing entity of a planet is its planetary Logos.
  4. The informing entity in the Microcosm is a Dhyan Chohan.
  5. The informing entity in the causal body is the Divine Thinker.
  6. The informing entity in a physical atom is an elemental life.

Fire is in all things. - S. D., I, 146; II, 258.

  1. The informing entity is Fire - S. D., I, 145, 146.
  2. The matter of the form is permeated with fire. - S. D., I, 112.
  3. The developing mind is cosmic fire. - S. D., I, 114.
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