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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
Much confusion exists in the minds of students as to the distinction between the Agnishvattas who incarnated in man, and those who simply were responsible for the implanting of the manasic or mental spark in animal man. This opens up for us the entire question of individualization itself, and the incarnation of certain spiritual existences who - when in bodily form - are spoken of as Avatars, as Buddhas of Activity, or as direct manifestations of the Logos. The entire mystery is hidden in the relationship of the individual Monads who form the various centers in the body of a planetary Logos and the self-conscious Identity of that planetary Logos Himself. The student must here bear in mind the fact that the mental plane is the first aspect of the dense physical body of the planetary Logos, the buddhic plane being a cosmic etheric plane, and the one whereon are to be found the etheric centers of a Heavenly Man.

From the buddhic plane (in a planetary or solar sense) comes the vitality and impulse which galvanizes the dense physical vehicle into purposeful and coherent action; it is on the mental plane, therefore, that this impulse is first felt and the contact between the two realized. Herein lies a hint which will serve a purpose if pondered upon. The student should study the place and purpose of the mental plane, and its relation to the planetary Logos and a solar Logos. As he investigates more closely the nature of his own etheric body, he must extend that knowledge to higher levels, and must endeavor to comprehend the constitution of the greater sphere of which he is but a part. As the nature of his own centers, and their effective action upon his own dense physical body, is better understood, he will pass to a fuller comprehension of the corresponding effect in the body of the Logos.

It is on the mental plane (the reflection in the three worlds of the third and fifth states of Pleroma), that the full force of etheric vitality is felt. A hint as to the [684] significance of this may be found in the fact that the etheric body of man receives, and transmits prana directly to the physical body, and that the vitality of the physical frame is to be gauged largely by the condition and action of the heart. The heart circulates vitality to the myriads of cells that constitute the dense physical sheath; something analogous is seen in the fact that these fire devas are "the Heart of the Dhyan chohanic body," 23 for their energy comes from the spiritual sun, in the same sense that the energy of the pranic devas of the etheric body comes from the physical sun. This energy of the Agnishvattas manifests on the mental plane, the gaseous subplane of the cosmic physical just as the energy of the etheric centers on the fourth etheric subplane manifests first and potently on the gaseous matter of the physical body. This is why the Sons of Wisdom, embodying the buddhic principle, the life force, or love aspect, are nevertheless known on the fifth plane as the self-conscious principles; buddhi uses manas as a vehicle, and occult writers often speak in terms of the vehicle. The Ego, or the self-conscious Identity is in essence and in truth Love-Wisdom, but manifests primarily as intelligent consciousness.

We should endeavor to study carefully the following statement which is concerned with kama-manas, and which deals with the conditions which produce individualization, or which call forth into self-conscious Being the Monads seeking full self-expression. It is as follows:

Only as the heart center of a Heavenly Man (each in His cycle and each differing cyclically) becomes vitalized and attains a certain vibratory capacity does the individualization of the Monads become possible under the Law.

Again, it is only as the threefold dense physical body of a planetary Logos (as expressed by our three worlds, the mental, astral and dense physical planes) has reached [685] a corresponding vibration and retraced the cyclic development of the previous mahamanvantara, that there is produced that vibratory contact which causes the shining out upon the mental plane of the egoic groups. It brings forth a manifestation of the heart impulses of the Heavenly Man, and thus swings into objectivity those Monads (energized by the life of the Heart) who form various centers. The old Commentary says:

"When the Heart of the Body throbs with spiritual energy, when its sevenfold content thrills under the spiritual impulse, then the currents spread and circulate and divine manifestation becomes a Reality; the divine Man incarnates."

23 This name is given to them in the Secret Doctrine, Volume II, page 96.

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