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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The physical plane analogy is seen at the life stimulation which is felt between the third and fourth month during the prenatal period, when the heart of the child thrills with life and individual existence becomes a possibility.

This life vibration emanates from the soul of the mother (the correspondence to the Pleroma or universal soul) and is coincident with the awakening of the third spirilla in the permanent physical atom of the infant. It must be borne in mind that just as in each round all the preceding stages are rapidly recapitulated, and just as in the prenatal period the fetus recapitulates during the formative process the history of the preceding kingdoms, so in the solar system a similar procedure can be seen. When a certain point is reached and the lower three planes are vibrating, or energized, then cosmic incarnation becomes a possibility; the "Heart" occultly awakens, and the "Son of God," the expression of the desire and love of the Logos, is born. 24, 25 The cosmic incarnation of certain exalted Beings is consummated, and one of the indications of this is the appearance of the egoic groups [686] on mental levels, and the resultant individualization. Method and time may vary according to the nature of any particular planetary Logos, but for each and all the "Heart of the Body" has to thrill with awakening life before the response comes from the lower. The lunar Pitris have to carry on their work in our scheme and system before the solar angels, thrilling with expectancy, take possession of the forms prepared through their endeavor, and stimulate them into self-conscious life and separated existence. Thus the four great schemes in the solar system, which are the vehicles for four of the planetary Logoi (Who constitute the logoic Quaternary), have to reach a certain stage of vibratory capacity, and of consciousness before a similar happening occurs in its fullness in the solar system, and the lower four and higher three are synthesized. The logoic heart is thrilling, and response comes already from all the schemes, as three spirillae are vibrating in all of them, but the Son of God is not yet fully and cosmically self-conscious. As response comes the centers awaken. One logoic center is responding fully to the heart stimulation, and that is Venus, who is passing through the final round.

If the student endeavors to dissociate our solar system from that which preceded it, and if he considers the pralaya at the close of this mahamanvantara to be a final one, and the utter consummation of all things, he errs. In the preceding system the cosmic physical plane attained a certain vibratory capacity, and the devas of the internal furnaces became (relatively speaking) highly evolved, the "fires of matter" then blazing forth. Certain Existences attained self-consciousness in that earlier system, and are the "Nirvanis" spoken of by H. P. B. (See S. D., II, 83, 84, 243.) As might be expected, they are characterized by active intelligence, achieved and developed by means of material evolution during a previous mahamanvantara. They [687] are the Manasa devas and in their totality are the vehicles of the Divine mind, the dhyan-chohanic forces, the aggregate of the Ahhi. In this solar system the vibration of the cosmic astral plane is becoming dominant, and through that vibration, travelling via the fourth cosmic ether (whereon as earlier stated are the etheric centers of the planetary Logoi) and our systemic astral plane, certain eventualities become possible. The "Sons of desire," logoic or human, can learn certain lessons, undergo certain experiences, and add the faculty of love-wisdom to the intelligence earlier gained.

Our solar Logos, and the Heavenly Men, are polarized on the cosmic astral plane, and the effect of Their life energy as it flows through the systemic "Heart" can be seen in the activity of the astral plane, and in the part sex and passion play in the development of man. At the close of this mahamanvantara there will be ready for manifestation in the coming third system nirvanis who will be, in very essence, "active intelligent love"; they will have to wait until the five lower planes of the system have reached a stage of vibratory development which will permit them to enter, as the nirvanis in this system waited until the three lower planes became adequate in vibratory response. We are here speaking in terms of the Heavenly Men. In the Earth scheme, the analogy is hidden in the advent of the Egos in the third round, in the third root race and in the third chain. Individualization, as we understand it, was not possible until the "third state of pleroma" was reached, either universally where a Heavenly Man is concerned, or relatively in connection with a human unit.

Considering the same subject from below upwards it is the animal in the third kingdom which individualizes. Viewing it from above downwards it is the fifth kingdom, the spiritual, which ensouls the third and produces the fourth, or self-conscious human kingdom. These figures [688] should be studied for they hold the mystery hid, and though the true occult meaning will not be revealed until the third major Initiation, nor fully comprehended until the fifth, yet light may stream in on a difficult point. Equally so in the next solar system, individualization (if such an inadequate term may be applied to a state of consciousness inconceivable even to an initiate of the third Initiation) will not be possible until the second or sixth stage of Pleroma. Consciousness will blaze forth then on the Monadic plane, and it will be the plane of individualization. All states of consciousness below that high level will be to the Logos what the consciousness of the three worlds is to Him now. Just as the physical body of man is not a principle, so all planes at this time below the fourth cosmic ether are not considered by the Logos to be a principle.

Our present solar Angels or fire devas will then have a position analogous to that of the lunar Pitris now, for all will form a part of the divine consciousness, and yet, will be esoterically considered as "below the threshold" of consciousness. Man has to learn to control, guide and use the deva substances of which his lower sheaths are made; this goal involves the development of full self-consciousness, which is brought about through the agency of the solar Angels or builders and vitalizers of the egoic body; they are those through whom self-consciousness becomes a fact. In the next solar system they too will no longer embody the type of consciousness towards which man aspires; he will have to rise to still greater realizations, and again by occultly "putting his foot upon" them these higher realizations will become possible. In this solar system he has to mount by the putting his foot upon the serpent of matter. He rises by domination of matter and becomes himself a serpent of wisdom. In the next solar system he will mount upward by means of the serpent of wisdom, and by the domination [689] and control of the Agnishvattas, achieve something of which even the illuminated mind of the highest Dhyan-chohan can not yet conceive.

24 Compare S. D., I, 203; II, 108, 122, 279.

25 These three planes are the correspondences to the three lower spirillae in the physical permanent atom of the solar Logos and the planetary Logos.

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