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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The fourth point to be noted is that when these three events have occurred, the light or fire that circulates along the manasic triangle is withdrawn to the center of the lotus, and this "prototype" of the future antahkarana, if so it may be expressed, disappears. The threefold energy of the petals, the atoms and the "jewel" is now centralized, because impulse must now be generated which will produce a downflow of energy from the newly made causal vehicle into the three worlds of human endeavor.

We have dealt with the method of individualization through the coming in of the Lords of the Flame because it is the prime method in this solar system; whatever methods may be pursued in the varying schemes and chains, this - at the middle stage - is the universal rule. Karmic conditions having to do with a planetary Logos may effect modifications, and bring into action manasadevas whose activity may not be the same in working detail, but the results are ever similar, and the divine Egos in their causal bodies have analogous instruments to work through. [...]

A final point which is of profound significance is that the Agnishvattas construct the petals out of Their Own substance, which is substance energized by the principle [712] of "I-ness," or ahamkara. They proceed to energize the permanent atoms with Their own positive force, so as to bring the fifth spirilla in due course of time into full activity and usefulness. All possibility, all hopefulness and optimism, and all future success lies hid in these two points.

As we have seen, the work of the Agnishvattas on the mental plane resulted in a downflow of force or energy from the Monad (or Spirit) and this, in conjunction with the energy of the lower quaternary produced the appearance of the body of the Ego on the mental plane. In ordinary electric light, we have a faint illustration of the thought I seek to convey. By the approximation of the two polarities, light is created. By an analogous type of electrical phenomena, the light of the Monad shines forth, but we have to extend the idea to the subtler planes, and deal with seven types of force or energy in connection with the one polarity and with four in connection with the other. A scientific formula for the process of individualization conveys this dual approximation with its differing types of energy in one symbol and a number, but it cannot here be revealed.

The Manasadevas are themselves energized by force from the cosmic mental plane - a force which has been in operation ever since the individualization of the solar Logos in kalpas far distant. They, in Their corporate nature, embody the will or purpose of the Logos, and are the cosmic "prototypes" of our solar Angels. The solar Angels on the mental plane of the system embody as much of that will and purpose as the Logos can work through in one single incarnation and as They, in Their groups, can develop. They work, therefore, through egoic groups and primarily, after individualization, upon the mental units of the separated identities who go to the constituency of the groups. This is Their secondary work. Their work in part might be described as follows: [713]

Primarily, they bring about the union of the divine Ego and the lower personal self. This has been dealt with.

Secondly, they work through the mental units, impressing upon the atom that portion, microscopic as it may be, of the logoic purpose which the individual can work out on the physical plane. At first their influence is unconsciously assimilated, and the man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly. Later, as evolution proceeds, their work is recognized by the man in a conscious cooperation with the plan of evolution. 38 After the third initiation, the will or purpose aspect predominates.

It might here be noted that it is the positive force of the Manasadevas that produces initiation. Their function is embodied by the Hierophant. He, seeing before Him the vehicle for buddhi, passes the voltage from the higher planes through His body, and by means of the Rod (charged with positive manasic force) transmits this higher manasic energy to the initiate so that he is enabled to know consciously and to recognize the plan for his group-center through the immensely increased stimulation. This force descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antahkarana and is directed to whichever center the Hierophant - under the Law - sees should be stimulated. He stabilizes the force, and regulates its flow as it circulates throughout the egoic Lotus, so that when the work of unfoldment is accomplished the sixth principle at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed. After each initiation the Lotus is more [714] unfolded and light from the center begins to blaze forth - a light or fire which ultimately burns through the three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested. As this is brought about on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulation takes place in the dense substance which forms the petals or wheels of the centers on the astral and etheric levels.

38 The Sacrificer or Yajamana. The yajamana is the person who has sacrificed himself for the good of the world and who has undertaken to mould the affairs of it, in obedience to the law. If the human body be taken as the sacrificial ground, the manas in him is the yajamana. All the doings of man in all his life from birth to death, form one grand yagnic process that is conducted by the true human entity called the Manas. He, who is willing to sacrifice his body, speech, and thought to the good of all the world, is a real yagnika and all the higher lokas are reserved for him. The central keynote of yagnika's life is to do good unto all, irrespective of caste and creed even as the sun shines for all.
- Some Thoughts on the Gita, page 90.

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