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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
(b.) Individualization and the Races

If this treatise serves no other purpose than to direct the attention of the scientific and philosophic students to the study of force or energy in man and in groups, and to interpret man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena, much good will have been accomplished. The polarity of a man, of a group, and of a congery of groups, the polarity of the planets and their relationship to each other and to the Sun, the polarity of the solar system and its relationship to other systems, the polarity of one plane to another, and of one principle to another, the polarity of the subtler vehicles, and the scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totality of existence on the physical plane will bring about a revolution upon the planet second only to that effected at the time of individualization. I would point out here a certain significant fact which students will do well carefully to consider.

In the third root-race 39 individualization took place. It was an event which became possible through certain conditions and polar relationships, and because the scientific laws were understood and the Knowers took [715] advantage of a peculiar electrical condition to hasten the evolution of the race. It was electrical phenomena of a stupendous kind, and produced the "lights which ever burn." It was the result of the knowledge of natural law and its adaptation to opportunity.

In the fourth root-race another adaptation of force occurred. Again time and opportunity were taken advantage of to open the door into the fifth kingdom by the method of forced initiation. A third type of electricity played its part in bringing about this event, and it is the effect of this electrical phenomen upon the units (who are themselves centers of energy) which - scientifically viewed - indicates a man's suitability for the ceremony of initiation, and his availability as a transmitter of spiritual energy to the world. Every initiate is technically a transmitter of force and his work is consequently threefold:

  1. To provide a threefold vehicle capable of the necessary resistance to the force and able to receive and hold it.
  2. To transmit it as energy to the world which he serves.
  3. To store up a certain amount of it for a twofold purpose:
    1. To provide a reservoir of force for emergencies and for special work as required by the Great Ones.
    2. To act as a dynamo for the immediate group which all advanced souls, disciples and initiates gather around them on some one or other of the planes in the three worlds.

In the fifth root-race, another tremendous happening may be looked for, and the time lies immediately ahead. It had its beginning in the energy which eventually culminated in the world war. The first effect of the appearance of fresh electrical stimulation from extra-systemic [716] centers, is ever to bring about a primary destruction leading on to revelation. That which is imprisoned must be loosed. So it will be in this root-race, the fifth. Certain cosmic forces are at work and the full effect of their energy is not yet apparent. This incoming force, the Hierarchy will avail itself of in order to push forward the planetary plans. In every case the effect of the phenomenon is felt in some one or other of the kingdoms beside the human. In the individualization period, it is apparent that a tremendous stimulation took place in the animal kingdom - a stimulation which has persisted, and which has led to the phenomenon of "domestic animals" as we call them, and their relatively high stage of intelligence as compared to the wild animals. In Atlantean days the opening of the door into the fifth kingdom, or into the stage of buddhic consciousness, had a profound effect upon the vegetable kingdom. This effect can be seen working out in such results as are achieved by Burbank, and which are of a nature corresponding to the initiatory process in man, involving a rapid achievement of relative perfection.

In the tremendous event which is impending, in the great revelation which is near at hand, the Hierarchy will again take advantage of the time and the energy to bring about certain events which will work out primarily in the human kingdom but which will also be seen as force regeneration in the mineral kingdom. The energy, when first felt in the human kingdom, brought about the conditions which caused the tremendous activity which resulted in war, and which is causing the present world stress; in the mineral kingdom it affected certain of the minerals and elements, and the radioactive substances made their appearance. This characteristic (or radioactivity) of pitchblende and the other involved units is comparatively a new development under the evolutionary law, and one which, though latent, only [717] needed the drawing forth of the type of energy now beginning to pour in on the earth. This force began to flow in at the end of the eighteenth century, and its full effect is by no means yet felt, for it will be several hundred years before it passes away. By means of it, certain discoveries are possible, and the new order comes in upon it. The Great Ones, Who know the time and the hour, will bring about, in our root-race, that which corresponds to the occurrences in the earlier third and fourth races.

39 Root races. The Secret Doctrine teaches that these seven groups of human units inhabit seven continents during evolution. - S. D., II, 6, 7, 8.

  1. First race - The Imperishable Sacred Land.
  2. The 2nd race - The Hyperborean Land.
  3. The 3rd race - Lemurian.
  4. The 4th race - Atlantean.
  5. The 5th race - Aryan.
  6. Two more races win succeed the present one.
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