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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
(c.) Methods of Individualization

We have seen how the characteristic method of individualization in this solar system is the result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, which sweeps into activity those entities whose function it is to form the body of the ego out of their own living substance on the mental plane and thus, through their own quality and nature, endow human units on the physical plane with the faculty of self-consciousness, thus producing Man. It is their work also to energize the mental units of all men, and to coordinate, by means of the force which they embody, and to energize the sheaths of the threefold lower man, so that they may in due course of time intelligently express the will and purpose of the indwelling Thinker. Through the carrying out of this function in the case of the human family, certain planetary and systemic conditions are brought about.

The dense and etheric bodies of the Logos and of the planetary Logoi are merged, and one coherent vehicle of expression is provided for these cosmic Entities.

In the producing of self-consciousness in the human family, the full conscious occupation by the Logos involved is consummated. It is the moment of fruition, and (from a certain esoteric standpoint) marks the attainment of one perfected Septenary. The three involutionary or elemental kingdoms and the three subhuman [718] kingdoms find their seventh principle in the fourth kingdom in nature, 3 + 4 = 7. When the life of God has circled through these seven kingdoms, then full self-consciousness is achieved from a certain relative standpoint, and the Son is on the way to attainment. This relative perfection has then to be carried on to other stages, but they are stages in which the separated self-consciousness of the Identities concerned (whether human or planetary) must eventually merge itself in universal consciousness.

Certain centers in the bodies logoic and planetary are also stimulated and the Rays (if it might be so expressed) become radioactive. It is this radiation which will eventually bring about conscious group activity, which will lead to interaction between the planets, and which, under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, will bring about eventual synthesis.

On extra-systemic or cosmic levels, the individualization process produces a corresponding activity in the egoic body of the Logos, and hence increased vibration in that center in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID, which our Logos represents. It also produces a reaction or "occult recognition" in the prototype of the Septenate, or in the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and this reaction in cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvantara, when the Logos is set free (even though temporarily), from physical plane existence.

It also brings about a setting loose of force from the cosmic mental plane which is cyclic in character. In this round, the fourth, the maximum force of this cycle was felt in the third root race. In the next round, during the fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, and will again open the door of individualization in order to permit the entry of certain very advanced Egos who are seeking [719] incarnation in order to carry out a special piece of work. This round will provide no bodies adequate to their need. The next round may do so if the plans proceed as anticipated. In this case the Manasadevas concerned will not individualize animal men as in the previous round, but will stimulate the mental germ in those members of the present human family who - as H. P. B. says - though apparently men, are without the spark of mind. 40 During the next seven hundred years, these low aboriginal races will practically die out and will not - in this round - reincarnate. They will be rejected. In the next round opportunity will again occur, and the Manasadevas will again renew their work of forming individualistic nuclei for the development of self-consciousness. The Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the human type of that era is sufficiently refined for their purpose. They are concerned with the unfoldment of the sixth petal of the logoic egoic Lotus, and are of such a nature that we can scarcely conceive of them. They are on the line of the Buddhas of Activity, but the above named are free for this mahamanvantara, whereas these particular Egos have yet somewhat to work out. They could only "come in" in the middle of the fifth round, and were a group of initiates who arrested their own evolution (technically speaking) in order to take up a special piece of work on the planet Vulcan; therefore, they must return to continue and complete that which has been left undone. Owing to the results of their experience on Vulcan, the physical vehicle necessitated is of such an order that they could not at this time, and in this round, incarnate without disaster.

40 Such are the Veddhas of Ceylon, the Bushman of Australia, and certain of the lowest of the African races.

See S. D., II, 206, 300, 439.

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