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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
  • The logoic Phrase - Fifth plane - The plane of the logoic mantram of 35 stanzas.
    The gaseous body.
    The gaseous form of the solar system now appears, and the energy centers become veiled and hidden. Accretion and concretion rapidly proceeds. The three groups of builders coordinate their efforts afresh and a new influx of energy - bearing devas from the logoic head center - pours in. The lesser builders respond to the logoic mantram chanted anew at each manvantara, and the seven streams of energy from the seven logoic centers are directed downwards.
  • The logoic Song of Love or Desire - The Sixth plane - A poem in forty-two verses.
    The logoic liquid body.
    This song or vibration causes the bringing in of a body of devas from the logoic heart center to swell the efforts of those already active. The liquid body of the solar Logos appears, and the form exists in its six differentiations. Concretion is very rapid, and activity is considerably more violent owing to the greater density of the accruing substance.
  • The logoic Book of Life - Seventh plane - Exists in forty-nine chapters.
    The entire form stands revealed. During evolution it must manifest its purpose and its nature. A third group [929] of devas from the logoic throat center appear, and cooperate with their brothers. All the fires are burning, all the centers are active, and every petal, forty-nine in number, on the fourth plane of Buddhi is producing a reflex activity upon the dense physical plane.

Men, when occupied in creation of any kind, and in the process of producing forms on earth which embody an idea, work along similar lines. The analogy is perfect.

In connection with those human beings who create nothing, but who are only swept into activity under the urge of circumstance - and they are the bulk of the human race - it should be pointed out that they are a part of the creative activity of some greater, and more advanced, entity. As self-conscious evolution proceeds, more and more of the human family will become creators and intelligent workers in connection with deva substance. In the initial stages, therefore, of their dissociation from a passive attitude, there will be found a revolt against law and order, a refusal to be governed, and an ability evidenced to follow out an individual concept at the expense of the group, great or small. This apparent defect, evolution itself and experience will remedy, and as the consciousness becomes alive to higher vibrations the man will become aware of the purpose and plan of the Intelligence of his group. He will awaken to the beauty of that plan and will begin to submerge his own interests in the greater, and to cooperate intelligently. The creative power which had before been of a separative nature will be offered as a willing sacrifice to the greater energy, and his small plans and ideas will be merged in the greater ones. He will no longer, however, be a passive unit, swept hither and thither by the energy of his group, but will become a positive, active potent force, self-immolated through intelligent recognition of the greater plan.

He will become alive to the fact that there are living [930] forces in nature. As the greater energy thrills through him, his own latent powers are awakened. He sees and knows the deva forces and can consequently work with them intelligently. Some he will control and manipulate, with others he will cooperate, and others still he will obey.

It is in the realization of these facts anent deva substance, the power of sound, the law of vibration, and the ability to produce forms in conformity with law, that the true magician can be seen. Herein too lies one of the distinctions to be found between magicians of the Good Law, and those of the Left-hand Path. A white magician can control and manipulate deva substance, and he proceeds to do it through an intelligent cooperation with the greater builders. Owing to the purity and holiness of his life, and the height of his own vibration, he can contact them in some one or other of their grades. The magician of the shadows controls and manipulates deva substance on the astral and physical plane and on the lower levels of the mental plane through the force of his own vibration and knowledge, but not through cooperation with the directing builders. He cannot contact them, as his character is impure through selfishness, and his vibration is too low; his power therefore is limited and destructive, yet immense within certain restrictions.

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