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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The devas of the etheric doubles fall into two groups. They are those who are the lesser builders, and who, under direction from the greater builders, form the etheric doubles of all that can be seen and all that is tangible on the dense physical plane. They exist in vast hosts and are omnipresent; they gather and build the material needed to form the etheric double of everything, and they do this under certain laws and work under certain restrictions. They are called in occult phraseology "the listening devas," for they are the ones who pick up that particular note and tone from the transmitters of [931] the physical plane sound which is needed to gather the substance for any intended material form Again, they are spoken of as "having ears but seeing not." They work in close cooperation with the elementals of the dense physical body. This second group are spoken of as the "seeing elementals," for they exist in matter of the three lower subplanes and can therefore see on the objective plane in the occult sense which always implies an analogy between sight and knowledge. The "listening builders" gather the material; the "seeing elementals" take that gathered material, and build it into any specific form.

They exist in many groups according to their point in he evolution, and some of them might be tabulated as follows:

1. The builders of the human vehicle.

This is the highest group of lesser builders, who are highly specialized. These will be dealt with somewhat in detail later.

2. The builders of the forms in the three kingdoms of nature in their two divisions.

  • First. The builders of the mineral kingdom. These are the workers occultly called "the elemental alchemists." They are in many groups connected with the differing elements, metals, chemicals, and minerals, and with what are called active and radioactive substances. They are the custodians of two secrets, that of the immetalisation of the Monad, and the secret of the transmutation of metals.
  • Second. The builders of the vegetable kingdom. They exist in many groups and are termed "the surface alchemists" and "the bridging units." They build the doubles of every form of vegetable life, and just as the "alchemists" of the mineral kingdom are mostly concerned with the action of fire, these other alchemical workers are concerned with the liquid action of divine [932] manifestation. They work, therefore, in cooperation with the devas of the waters, or liquid substance, whilst the earlier mentioned group work with the gaseous devas. A hint is here conveyed, but greater expansion of the statement is not possible, owing to the danger of the knowledge to be reached. With them is hidden three secrets: One is concerned with the earlier solar system, or the green solar system; another deals with the laws of bridging, or the interaction between the kingdoms of nature, and the third is connected with the history of the second round; this secret when revealed will make clear why man (under the law) should be a vegetarian and not carnivorous. Scientists are learning already certain things connected with the second secret, and they may hope, as the knowledge of the significance of color is extended, to glean hints as to the first. The third secret will not be indicated more clearly till the sixth race is living upon earth.
  • Third. The builders of all animal etheric forms. These are a group closely allied with those who build the human form. They came in force from a reservoir of energy which was kept in a quiescent condition until the physical condition of any particular scheme warranted their activity. With them came in much that accounts for the present sad condition, for much of the fear, hatred, and destructive condition to be found among the animals is caused by their bodies being built, and the work of evolution carried on by the "imperfect gods" (as H. P. B. expresses it) working in imperfect matter as yet imperfectly manipulated. The secret of fear is hidden in the etheric body, and the particular type of substance out of which it may be built.

3. The builders of the planetary etheric web.

Their work is exceedingly obscure and exists in three divisions: [933]

  1. The materialization of the web. This is only perfected by the fourth round, and was purposely hurried in connection with our planet owing to karmic conditions, and under the law of spiritual necessity. A correspondence to this can be seen in the case of man himself. The etheric web was very loosely coordinated in man at the beginning of the fourth root-race. Spiritual necessity forced its rapid consolidation, and it is now so constituted that it forms a barrier between the physical and the astral plane.
  2. The preservation of the planetary web. This will be continued until the sixth round. During this period spiritual evolution proceeds with a certain degree of planetary safety, for the web protects from certain solar influences, and acts largely as a sifter and a distributor of solar forces.
  3. The destruction of the web. This takes place towards the end of planetary evolution, thus permitting the escape of the imprisoned planetary life and the absorption of the life essence into its synthesizer. The process of destruction can only be described in the words perforation and disintegration.
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