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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
c. As yet but few of the human family work deliberately and consciously in mental matter only. The energy exerted by men is mostly kama-manasic or desire coupled with lower mind, with a preponderance, as might be expected, of desire force. This is to be inferred from the second statement. The whole trend of evolution is to bring about ability to build in mental matter, and two things lie ahead of the race:

First. The gradual dissipation of the indefinite masses of kama-manasic matter which surround practically every unit of the human family, producing a condition of murkiness and fog within, and around, each aura. Gradually [954] this will clear away, and men will be seen surrounded by clear-cut thought forms, characterized by a distinctive vibration, and distinguished by a particular quality incident to a man's ray and therefore to his type of mind.

Second. The aggregate of human thought forms which now are of a personal character, vibrating around each human being as the planets vibrate around the sun, will tend to approximate a group center. Thought energy, which now emanates from each human being as a comparatively weak stream of an indefinite conglomeration of mental matter, of no particular character, forming no particularly distinct forms and persisting in animating those forms for but a brief period, will be directed towards the creation of that desired by the group, and not solely towards that desired by the unit. This is the basis, very largely, for the antagonism that all constructive thinkers and group workers encounter. The stream of energy which they emanate, and which constructs vital thought forms, runs counter to that of the masses of men, awakens opposition, and produces temporary chaos. The prominent workers and thinkers of the human family, under the direction of the Lodge, are engaged in three things:

  1. The imposition of the newer and higher rhythm upon men.
  2. The dissipation of the murky clouds of half-vitalized indefinite thought forms which surround our planet, thus permitting the entry of interplanetary force, and of force from the higher mental levels.
  3. The awakening within men of the power to think clearly, to energize their thought forms accurately, and to hold in vital form those thought constructions whereby they may attain their objective, and [955] bring about desired conditions upon the physical plane.

These three objectives necessitate a clear comprehension among such vital thinkers and workers, of the power of thought; of the direction of thought currents, of the science of thought building, of the manipulation under law and order of mental matter, and of the process of thought manifestation through the two factors of sound and vitalization. It involves likewise the ability to negate or render futile all impulses arising from the lower self which are of a centralized and purely personal aspect, and the faculty of working in group form, each thought being sent upon the definite mission of adding its quota of energy and matter to some one stream which is specific and known. This last is of importance, for no worker for humanity becomes of real assistance until he (consciously and with full knowledge of his work) definitely directs his thought energy towards some particular channel of service to the race.

d. In all thought building, therefore, of a high order, men have several things to do, which might be enumerated as follows:

First, to purify their lower desires so that they are enabled to see clearly in the occult sense. No man has clear vision who is obsessed with his own needs, actions, and interests, and unconscious of that which is higher and of group activity. This clear vision brings about an ability to read, even if unconsciously at first, the akashic records, and thus ascertain the point of departure for the new and incoming thought impulses, an ability to lose sight of self interest in group interest, and thus cooperate with the plan, and a faculty that enables him to become aware of the keynote of the race, and aware of the "cry of humanity."

Next, to secure control over the mind. This involves [956] certain important things: A realization of the nature of the mind and brain through concentration, an understanding of the relation which should exist between the physical brain and Man, the real Thinker on the physical plane, an ability, gradually developed once the mind is brought under control through concentration, to meditate in the occult sense, and thus bring through the plan from higher levels, ascertain his individual share in the plan, and then cooperate in the work of some particular group of Nirmanakayas. This is succeeded by a consideration of the laws of energy. A man discovers how to build a thought form of a particular quality and tone, to energize it with his own life, and thus have - on mental levels - a small creation, the child of his will, which he can use as a messenger, or as a means for the manifestation of an idea. Students will do well to consider these points with care, if they seek to become conscious operators.

Finally, having constructed a thought form, the next thing the servant of humanity has to learn is how to send it on its mission, whatever that may be, holding it through his own vital energy in its due form, keeping it vibrating to its own measure, and eventually bringing about its destruction when it has fulfiled its mission. The average man is often the victim of his own thought forms. He constructs them, but is neither strong enough to send them out to do their work, nor wise enough to dissipate them when required. This has brought about the thick swirling fog of half-formed, semi-vitalized forms in which eighty five percent of the human race is surrounded.

In his work as thought builder, man has to show forth the characteristics of the Logos, the great Architect or Builder of the universe. He has to parallel His work as:

  • The one who conceives the idea.
  • The one who clothes the idea in matter. [957]
  • The one who energizes the idea, and thus enables the form to preserve its outline and perform its mission.
  • The one who - in time and space - through desire and love, directs that thought form, vitalizes it continuously, until the objective is attained.
  • The one who, when the desired end has been accomplished, destroys or disintegrates the thought form by withdrawing his energy (occultly, the "attention is withdrawn," or "the eye is no longer upon" it), so that the lesser lives (which had been built into the desired form) fall away and return to the general reservoir of deva substance.

Thus, in all creative work in mental matter, man is likewise to be seen as a Trinity at work; he is the creator, preserver, and destroyer.

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