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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
e. In all occult work in mental matter which has to manifest upon the physical plane, and thus achieve objectivity, man has to work as a unit. This infers the ability, therefore, of the threefold lower man to be subordinated to the Ego, so that the dynamic will of the Ego may be imposed upon the physical brain.

The method of the man on the physical plane who is engaged in conscious work in mental matter is to be considered in two divisions: first, the initial process of alignment with the Ego, so that the plan, purpose and method of achievement may be impressed upon the physical brain, and then a secondary process in which the man, using the physical brain consciously, proceeds to carry out the plan, construct through will and purpose the necessitated form, and then, having built and energized the form, to "keep his eye upon it." This is stating occultly the great truth back of all processes of energizing. "The eye of the Lord" is much referred to in the Christian Bible, and occultly understood, the eye is that which brings power to its servant, the thought form. Scientists [958] are becoming interested in the power of the human eye, and that faculty of control and of recognition which is everywhere seen as existing will have its scientific and occult explanation when it is studied as an instrument of initiatory energy.

Therefore, it will be apparent that a thought form is the result of two types of energy:

  • That emanating in the first instance from the Ego on abstract levels.
  • That originating in a secondary sense from the man on the physical plane through the medium of the brain.

That men do not recognize the first factor as a general rule is that which is responsible for much that is evil. When the "Science of the Self" has assumed due proportions men will be careful to ascertain the egoic impulses in all thought process, and to utilize true egoic energy before they begin manipulating deva substance, and building forms of deva lives.

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