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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
IV. Man and the Fire Spirits or Builders

This section we will consider in somewhat greater detail than the previous one, as it concerns much of present practical value to man. This will be seen particularly as we study the effects of speech, and the occult significance of the spoken word.

1. The Will Aspect and Creation

In a previous division, we dealt somewhat with the transmission of the will of the Ego to the physical brain, and we saw how only in those persons who (through evolutionary development) had the sutratma and the antahkarana connected, and whose three physical head centers were more or less awakened, was the will of the Ego capable of transmission. In the other cases, such as the average man and little developed man, the purpose [964] affecting the physical brain emanated from the astral or lower mental levels, and was, therefore, more likely to be the impulse of some lunar Lord, even if of a high order, than the divine will of the solar Angel, who is the true man.

a. The Condition of the Magician

It is of value to remember that when the physical head centers are awakened (through alignment of the etheric centers) we have the very lowest aspect of egoic influence. From these three centers, man on the Probationary Path, and up to the third Initiation, directs and controls his sheath, and from them spreads that illumination which will irradiate the physical plane life. By the time the third Initiation is reached, the internal triangle is in full process of circulatory transmission, and the whole life of the Personality is subjected to the will of the Ego. "The Star absorbs the light of the moon, so that the rays of the Sun may be reflected back" is the occult way of expressing the truth anent this point in evolution. It might be of value here also to point out the condition of the etheric centers during this process of direct solar control.

Before the three physical head centers awaken, man is largely subjected to force flowing through the four minor etheric centers; later the three major centers - the head, the heart, and the throat - begin to vibrate, gradually assuming a greater sweep of activity, till their energy tends to negate that of the lower centers, to absorb their vitality and deflect the direction of their vitality, until the three higher wheels are in full fourth dimensional activity. As this proceeds, the three physical head centers begin to awake from dormancy into activity, the effect being felt as follows:

  1. As the major head center awakens, the pineal gland begins to function.
  2. As the heart center becomes fully alive, the pituitary body enters into activity. [965]
  3. As the throat center assumes its right place in the process of evolution, the alta major center vibrates adequately.

When the triangle of force that these three physical centers form is in circulatory effect, the greater triangle can be seen in circulation; it then becomes a "wheel turning upon itself." The major etheric centers are in full action, and the man is nearing the moment of liberation.

In the work of creation, as occultly carried on, all these three physical centers have to be utilized, and from a consideration of the subject it will become apparent why it has been necessary to deal with them in this order.

By means of the pineal gland, 89 the organ of spiritual perception, man ascertains the will and purpose of the Ego, and from thence he draws the necessary energy [966] from the higher levels, via the head center and the sutratma.

By means of the pituitary body, the second element of desire or of the form-building energy, becomes available, and under the law of attraction he can mould, and build in deva substance.

When the alta major center, the synthesis of what might be called nervous energy, is awake, it becomes possible for him to materialize and activate the desired form which, through attractive energy, he is in process of constructing.

89 The Pineal Gland. The Third Eye. - S. D., III, 548.

  1. Goal of evolution to develop the inner vision.
  2. The occult significance of the eye. - S. D., III, 577.
  3. The "eye of Taurus the Bull." - (Compare bull's-eye.)
    The constellation of Taurus was called the Mother of Revelation and the interpreter of the divine Voice. - S. D., I, 721.
  4. The organs of inner vision:
    1. The exoteric organ - Pineal gland - physical.
    2. The esoteric organ - the third eye - etheric.
      Note: Students must be careful to distinguish between the third eye and the pineal gland. - See S. D., II, 308.
      "The third eye is dead and acts no longer." It has left behind a witness to its existence in the Pineal gland.
  5. The Pineal gland is a small pea-like mass of grey nervous matter attached to the back of the third ventricle of the brain.
  6. The Pituitary Body stands to the Pineal gland as manas does to Buddhi, or mind to wisdom. - S. D., III, 504, 505.
  7. The Pineal gland reached its highest development proportionately with the Lowest Physical development. - S. D., II, 308, 313.
  8. The third eye exists in etheric matter.
    1. In front of the head.
    2. On a level with the eyes.
  9. It is an energy center formed by a triangle of force:
    1. The Pituitary Body.
    2. The Pineal Gland.
    3. The alta major center.
  10. The opened or third eye does not convey direct clairvoyance but is the organ through which direct and certain knowledge is obtained. - S. D., I. 77.
    1. The initiate directs the eye towards the essence of things.
    2. The third eye must be acquired by the ascetic before he becomes an adept. - S. D., II, 651.
  11. Students of occultism ought to know that the third eye is indissoluble connected with karma. - S. D., II, 312, note; S. D., II, 316, 320.
    1. From its Atlantean past, the fifth root-race is working out fourth root-race causes.
    2. Because it reveals that which is its past. - S. D., II, 297, 320, 813.
  12. The third eye is the mirror of the soul. - S. D., II, 312.
  13. To the inner spiritual eye the Gods are no more abstractions than our soul and body are to us. - S. D., I, 694.
    1. The inner eye can see through the veil of matter. - S. D., I, 694.
    2. The spiritual eye reveals the super-sensual states. - S. D., II, 561
  14. In the spiritual regenerated man the third eye is active. - S. D., II, 458.
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